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Introducing Yanda | Posted 3 months ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're Yanda. Currently we are in early stage and we can't wait to work more with you to improve our product. You are curious about who we are. So let us tell you about our vision:  💡  Yanda allows cryptocurrency traders to run automatic trading strategies across multiple exchanges without the need to code. You are curious about who we are and what’s our business about? Since 2016, crypto exchanges grew exponentially. Coinbase users are now estimated at over 13 million, and the overall cryptocurrency market is projected to reach USD 1.40 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 6.18% during the forecast period. As the crypto industry grows, both newcomers and seasoned investors are looking for tools that can help them manage their investments more effectively. That's why we have created Yanda.io. With more than 9,200 users, Yanda integrates multiple crypto exchanges via API keys to provide a cloud-based Personal Automated Trading Software that allows the creation of automated trading strategies with no coding and no deposit required. Traders can also share their creations to the other users of the platform for a reward. The team put its primary focus on the security of the platform; that's why Yanda will never ask for API keys generated with withdrawal permissions. Therefore, traders funds will always stay securely stored in the wallets of the exchanges connected. Traders have already created more than 17,000 trading strategies with Yanda, and the recent partnerships agreed with BitMart.com (digital exchange) and with Crown.tech put our software in front of new traders. Since our official launch to the public in January 2019, after the beta period, Yanda experienced a users growth of 77%, signing up nearly 2,000 new users to the end of March 2019.   What are your first impression ❔ 👉 Go to our website to learn more about us and then leave your comment below. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Your Yanda team  
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Signup To Become A Referrer - Plus Give Your BEST Strategy Ideas. | Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago
Hey Crowdholders,   Firstly, we want to thank all you who took the time to check out our platform and gave us feedback. We were greatly surprised at the responses and how helpful and detailed you were. We are now taking all of your comments on board and making changes to improve our user experience.    The Tasks Background Story...   You may or may not know but we are currently Equity Crowdfunding on CrowdCube to raise a minimum of £100k and a £240k max cap.   So far we have raised approx 25% in 9 days and we have 20 days to go...  We would love your help in driving potential investors to check out the company pitch page and become our next equity investors.    We have opportunity task for you.   Because of the great job you all did contributing to our first task, we would like to offer the whole Crowdholding community the chance to work with us in raising investment funds.  This gives you the opportunity to not only to earn some more YUP but also FIAT £. If you are interested in driving traffic and raising interest in our campaign you can complete the survey form at the bottom of this page. All you need to do is fill it out and we will send you a message via Telegram or email with your own unique personal referral link.  Simply explained - For every person that contributes through your link, you will earn 3% of what they invest.    NOTE: All that we ask is that you don't go spamming your link everywhere! if you are in forums, Facebook groups or any other form of media, please give some value to that community with an explanation to who we are and why YOU think they should invest in us.    Task Question: With a referral link give us your best ideas for a successful strategy for driving traffic through that link?   Example: 1. Post on crowdfunding groups on FB (using bitly if you want to track) link by joining the group and writing about how Yanda works and about the campaign. 2. You have an email list and following you would promote to 3. You make a video talking about Yanda and promote it on YouTube, Snapchat, TicTok etc.  4. Invite friends to join that are into crypto technology   These are just 4 quick ideas, but what would you do? Comment below as this will also give the rest of the community ideas on how to promote.   Interesting tip: Did you know that on average crowdfunding campaign conversion investing from traffic is 1 to 2%. Meaning if 100 people click the link, one will buy. (This is also true on our campaign so far with a 1.7% conversion rate.)   Check out our CrowdCube investor page here  Thanks for reading and we can't wait for your feedback!  Yours truly, Yanda Team    
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Our product is bolder and better: Sign up, check it out, and give us feedback! | Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago
Hello Crowdholders,    A lot of developments since we last spoke. We currently have 502 active traders on our platform with many traders also sharing their trading strategies that you can select and copy. Our results so far? We have a 97% success rate from the strategies that our traders have provided so far which is over 18,000 for 2019.    So why is this?    Our unique platform allows the trader to easily create automated trading strategies without the need to code! And it also allows our top traders to be transparent. If they decide that they would like to share their trading strategies with other traders, they will earn 30% profits from those who copy them. Thus, if you want to either create your trading strategy or copy someone else, your success supports our platform.    Our new Business Model:    For newcomers, we only make revenue if you profit, thus no costs upfront, your money is your money. So people who want to participate with low starting amounts, no worries. Just top up your credit, connected to one or all of the 5 of the most popular exchanges (Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase & Bitmart) and start trading. ONLY pay if your strategy makes you profits!    However, if you are dealing with larger investment and returns, you can simply signup to our monthly membership.   Here is a sneak peek on how it works:      This screenshot shows you how to create your own strategy pair. On the left side, you can choose your stop/loss, sell order, buy order, lock in profits, and upper restart level. If you want to be even more technical just click the add parameters button. Once done you start your strategy.      Here is the screenshot of our top users. These are some smart people who have done very well on Yanda.io. And you can have the chance to copy them!        Next, once you click the exchange you are connected to, you can view all the strategies that are happening in real-time. It’s as simple to just click copy and voila! You are copying that trader's strategy.    If you are a smart trader, you can earn from people copying you! If you’re into crypto investing but don’t have the time to strategize, just copy the best traders! We are very proud of our most recent developments and results. So now on to the task:    Instructions:    Support Crowdholding and Yanda by using this referral link to signup.      1. If a first time user, you will receive 10 USD for free credit from that referral link. This credit is only so you can test Yanda for free. You will still need to have available funds in your trading exchange. 2. Connect to your exchange of choice (by having an account on one of the listed exchanges). If you do not have an account, no worries. We have instructions to help you signup during this process.  3. Now, your job is to give it a try, either create your own strategy or copy someone else.    Some questions to consider:    How was the flow, do you understand the process of signing up and attaching an account? Was it simple to “copy” a strategy? Did you make your own?  If you didn’t decide to try it out, what prevented you?   We look forward to your feedback and excited to see how you like our upgraded product.    Best,    Yanda Team  ------------------------- Note: Don't forget to check out our Telegram channel for all our updates and if you have any trouble fill free to contact @Chriswyatt via Telegram message.
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