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ITF Facebook Sharing Bounty | Posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago
  Join us in spreading the word about cryptocurrencies and crypto trading.    Our team has put together a variety of resources to help people understand the complex and sometimes confusing market.    Share these resources with your friends/followers on Facebook and be rewarded with ITT tokens.    Whether your Facebook friends/followers are seasoned traders or beginners, we guarantee they'll discover something new and interesting.      Cryptocurrency 101 Articles New to cryptocurrency? Our 101 articles cover the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency industry and trading.   Cryptocurrency Research Reports Each month we release detailed reports on specific cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry. You can use the valuable insights inside these reports to give yourself an advantage when trading the highlighted coins.     --- Bounty Rules ---   Your Facebook account must have a minimum of 100 friends/followers, and post publishing must be set to "public". Participants will receive ITT Tokens for sharing Intelligent Trading Foundation posts on Facebook. Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. The limits of the stakes will vary between 5 and 50 ITT per stake. A maximum of 5,000 ITT tokens will distributed between all community supporters who share the articles and research reports listed below.      
Project: Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) | Rewards: 40000 YUP and 5000.0 ITT
Week in a Nutshell & Smart Contract | Posted 1 year, 3 months ago
  This week we brought on board one new startup, Oporty, a decentralized, self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform and service marketplace with an Escrow system and blockchain-powered contracts. We also completed a referral system that will be imbedded for users to refer friends to sign up, in return to earn bonus Yupies that will support and increase our user growth. This will be pushed on CH soon as we are testing it on our test server first.    Blockchain Hub Event     Yesterday, we had a successful blockchain meet up organized by us and ITT out of our work space, Blockchain Hub. We had 50+ international people join the event with interesting presentations regarding different startups within the scene and including a workshop on how to be responsible with using and holding crypto. At CH it is important we give back to the community by educating and promoting blockchain and crypto. It’s important to promote locally in Prague and encourage the local community to support our projects. We will be having monthly meet ups to share what we’ve learned throughout this year. If you are ever in Prague, come join us. Keep up to date with our upcoming events by liking our Facebook page. Soon we will be sharing the recorded video from the event on our Youtube channel.       Smart Contract Distribution   We apologize for the delay regarding the timeframe of the Smart Contract, but it’s important we make sure the Smart contract is secure thus the auditing process should not be rushed. Right now we are presenting you with the distribution amounts that will be sent once the distribution will be initiated. For more info about the process you can read from our previous article here.       As you see from the chart. We are showing you an example of two investors that put in the same amount, 10 ETH. One in Pre-ICO and the other in ICO at specific dates to represent time bonus. Both include amount bonus of 10%. With a total supply of 445 million and the crowdsale representing 200,250,000 Yupies (45%), the multiplier for your new Yupies (including bonuses) from the Old Yupie’s amount is 49.65.   Log into Crowdholding and join the co-creation revolution or drop in for a chat with us on telegram.
Project: Crowdholding Blog | Rewards: 0 YUP