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Introducing TeamMate: A 3.0 health & fitness network | Posted 1 year ago
We are witnessing an evolution in healthcare: the emergence of fitness-related data as a vital sign. This is a natural evolution, as fitness-related data is more closely correlated with true health and wellness than traditional health data.TeamMate will optimize this market category by creating an e-commerce ecosystem that plugs into the mobile health & fitness landscape of the future - while providing meaningful improvement in the quality of human life. This ecosystem is built on incentive and verification systems that utilize three powerfulmechanisms to achieve transparency and athletic evolution: gamification via the TeamMate Protocol, consensus algorithms via smart contracts, and human verification via social athletic activity.This gamified digital universe allows TeamMate to generate, collect, organize and share data in such a way as to maximize its utility to both the users who provide the data, and a health & fitness industry that depends on it to make informed business decisions.Please read our Whitepaper for more details: http://teammate.ai/TeamMate_Whitepaper.pdf Please answer the following questions to complete the task:What are your thoughts about the TeamMate solution for healthcare & fitness?What advantages do we have, and what difficulties & challenges we might have to face?Please give us feedback, and provide explanations.We are looking forward to your contribution!
Project: TeamMate | Rewards: 800 YUP and 50.0 TMP
Introducing Colibra: Decentralizing insurance to make it fair | Posted 9 months, 1 week ago
Dear Crowdholders,  Today we'd like to introduce a startup called Colibra.io and to get your opinion on the issues of modern insurance. CoLibra is a new type of insurance company that uses 21st century technology to make insurance fair and transparent. A recent survey by PwC in the UK found that more than 70% of people distrust traditional insurance companies, the main reasons being the bad user-experience and the lack of transparency in their prices, terms and conditions.The result is that young people rarely use insurance which leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of risks they could otherwise easily mitigate. An especially serious concern with insurance today is the conflict of interest that claim handling creates in the case of an insurance event. Traditional insurers regard every claim payout as a loss of profit, which logically makes them seek ways to avoid it. To change that broken model, Colibra is building a decentralized platform that will use blockchain-based smart contracts and advanced AI to decentralize the claim handling process. A crowd jury, independent from Colibra, will use detailed data to decide whether a claim is eligible or not. If they vote YES, a smart contract will automatically trigger a payment to the claimant. Colibra will be a fully digital, decentralized insurance app and will have a user-friendly, chat-like interface. Their first domain will be travel insurance, to give young people peace of mind when they hit the road. To find more info about their project, see their One-Pager / Whitepaper. What do you think of Colibra's idea? Can you think of any obstacles for making their plan come true, or perhaps of alternative business models that could make / brake their business? All of your suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Project: Colibra | Rewards: 800 YUP and 100.0 TBA
Verasity: A next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate Creators and benefit Viewers | Posted 1 year, 1 month ago
Current video platforms usually force users to watch ads to generate revenues for the platforms. Platform businesses need to generate profits for the technical and operating expenses, and an extremely low share to the creator.In a race to replace lost revenues, creators publish a higher volume of content. This creates a total oversupply of content, that there are more videos on the platform than is humanly possible to watch, and there are insufficient ad revenues to satisfy all creators.Verasity is a disruptive new video sharing platform that rewards the entire community for their activity in the platform.In the Verasity ecosystem, our patent pending “Proof of View” blockchain-based technology guarantees accurate audience metrics, ensuring the true value of content.Video Creators earn directly from Viewers who use VERA coins to purchase pay-per-view videos, subscriptions, or donate.Community members transact directly with each other using Verasity’s VERA coins. VERA is either bought or earned as a reward for watching and sharing videos.Creators can use the innovative “Spark Marketplace” to fund development of their channel. Community members who buy and hold these “VeraSparks” receive a share of a channel’s future revenue.Read our White-paper for more details: https://verasity.io/documents/verasity_whitepaper_eng.pdf Please answer questions below to complete the task:What are your thoughts about the Verasity ecosystem?What advantages does Verasity have to compete with current video platforms?What difficulties and challenges we might have?Please give us feedback and explaining “why”. We are looking forward to your contribution.
Project: Verasity | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 50.0 VERA
How do we prevent hyperdeflation? | Posted 1 year, 4 months ago
In a deflationary environment, when speculators hold majority of the total token supply, velocity of Yupie transactions could get low, that it could be better to hold the token, thus tasks and our ecosystem gets stuck.To prevent this, we want to introduce what we call the Yupie Stimpack system. We need to set parameters for this to happen and these are the first suggestions, which would utilize a two trigger system. Velocity of the Yupie will be our first trigger warning which will be announced publicly. As you see from the equation below, is a simple way to monitor when the velocity (is number of transactions compared to tokens within system). As the number of transaction decreases, velocity slows down. We need to set precise thresholds together with you, on what is considered as too slow.Velocity = Number of transactions/CS*CS - Circulation SupplyThis is a precursor warning before hyperdeflation occurs. Why did the DAO fail? It’s because of exactly this. Users wanted to hold so no token movement occurred. Learning from their mistakes we must present a solution. Thus, why we have trigger two in place. Trigger two will go into effect when Yupie becomes hyperdeflationary. Below shows a hyperdeflation line drawing. The graph to the right shows ideal Yupie deflationary growth we want.How the Yupie Stimpack works? After trigger 2 occurs, from our own Company Yupie pool, we present a lower price than the exchange for a specific period of time as agreed upon with the community. The ETH that goes into purchasing from the Yupie Stimpack becomes a pool of ETH that goes to our businesses for funding which will be chosen by the crowd. This in turn will stop the hyperdeflation and restart the economy, thus thriving Yupie movement. The only way in the future to create a truly decentralized community we must invent and test policies for a true economy in a deflationary market. Give us your feedback on our two trigger system. Do you have ideas that could shape this? Research is needed on exactly when to act on trigger two. Do you have suggestions? When would be the right time for the trigger? We look forward to your feedback.
Project: Crowdholding | Rewards: 1600 YUP