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Try our trading bot to improve your trading experience | Posted 2 years, 1 month ago
Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) is a fintech organization that provides cryptocurrency traders with a suite of trading tools to better achieve their goals.Our Telegram-based informative bot will keep you updated on what’s happening in the crypto markets, so you can take advantage of trading opportunities and protect your downside risk.The bot is currently in Beta and and you can get access to it for free here: http://intelligenttrading.org/get-started/Here’s a quick overview of what the ITF Bot can do…Customize Your Trading ProfileSetup your trading profile to match your specific trading needs. Then receive customized alerts based on that trading profile.Choose your risk level and trading horizon:Investor: Long term trade signals. Exit and entry points for HODL. (Low risk)Swingtrader: Short/near term trade signals. Profit from volatility. (Medium risk)Daytrader: Very short term trade signals. Getting in and out trades. (High risk)
Choose the alt-coins you want to follow:All coins listed on Poloniex exchangeA custom selection of coins on Poloniex exchange
Receive AlertsBased on your trading profile and the coins you selected, our bot will automatically send you relevant alerts.Get the following alerts for each coin you are following:Coin priceRelative Strength Index (RSI)Ichimoku Cloud BreakoutITF BiasIf a bull or bear trend continuation is likely
Get Crowd Sentiment alerts to keep you updated on what’s happening in the crypto world:Recent news posted to CryptoPanic and a link back to that articleIndicators showing if the general public thinks this news is Bullish, Bearish, or ImportantYou can even respond with your feelings about that article (Bullish, Bearish, or Important)
Receive Quick InfoYou can also send commands to the Telegram bot to receive data about a specific coin anytime you want.Get quick coin info:Coin volumeCoin priceWhat do you think?We would love for you to try out the ITF Telegram Bot and let us know what you think of it.Which features do you like the most? Why? Is there anything else you would like to see as a trader? Why?Is there anything challenging or confusing about the bot? Why?
We look forward to your feedback.The bot is currently in Beta and and you can get access to it for free here: http://intelligenttrading.org/get-started/.*Depending on your initial settings, you may not immediately receive alerts and it may take a few hours.
Project: Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) | Rewards: 800 YUP and 500.0 ITT
Introducing Crypto souk: Your gateway to the crypto world | Posted 1 year, 7 months ago
Hello Crowdholders,  Problem of existing market Buying, selling, holding and trading cryptocurrency is hard. We are excited about the various new decentralized exchange ideas being developed but they ofen suffer from a severe lack of liquidity and market making. In the middle east, however, we think that more actve traders and investors are looking for a higher touch, and easier to use trading partner that more matches their existng expectatons of partcipatng in financial markets. Our customers also want to know that there are local people in the region that they can reach out to who speak their language and understand their customs. Our solution CryptoSouk has launched a cryptocurrency trading platorm from ST Vincent & the Grenadines and Kuwait. The exchange shall be launched at the beginning of Q3 2018 with trading pairs supportng Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The company plans to contnue to add trading support for additonal crypto assets that the company feels exceed certain diligence minimums. Our exchange also allows for account loading by cryptocurrency or fiat payments. Based on the founding teams expertse, we have chosen partners to help us deliver both the exchange platorm, liquidity on our exchange and a breadth of funding optons. For more information about Crypto souk, please read our whitepaper and visit our ICO page. What do you think about this our project? Are there any problems/alternative ideas that could happen/improve to be (in)competitive? We appreciate all your constructive opinion/suggestions/recommendations. Please make sure go through provided whitepaper before giving us feedback. Thank you so much!
Project: CryptoSouk | Rewards: 800 YUP and 1000.0 SOUK