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Help SM@RT Secure Government Clients | Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello Crowdholders, We are happy ❤️ with your previous interaction with our project and today, we're seeking help from you once again. ....................................... TASK CONTEXT After three years of networking globally at various private Family Office and HNWI investment events, SM@RT has now secured working relationships with a few major infrastructure development funders (Family Offices) that fund large infrastructure projects. These funders fund large scale “infrastructure development projects” from US$100M and up; they do NOT fund (invest in) startup companies like SM@RT. Having been approved to work with these funders, our role in this working relationship with the funders, is:  a) to function as the EPC contractor for multi-component “Smart City” projects which our company designs for countries in the Caribbean and Central America, where our projects would include specific infrastructure “sub-projects” that the local governments need to get done, such as Road/Highway Upgrades, new Sewage Systems or Waste Treatment Plants, etc. These smart city projects are not necessarily the building of a new city, but will often simply be the “addition” of several different “smart infrastructure solutions” into an existing city or town.   b) to consult with governments to help them understand and leverage the infrastructure funding capital resources of the funders. This means meeting with government ministers and making presentations on a specific “smart city” infrastructure development plan for their country, using smart technologies and sustainable solutions. These presentations are what we call our “SM@RT CITY” Economic Development Plans. If the governments we present to, like what we are offering and agree to move forward to access the available infrastructure funding, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company is formed  to execute the SM@RT CITY development project, with SM@RT functioning as the EPC Contractor for execution of the project. EPC means “Engineering, Procurement and Construction”. We are now preparing to meet with the first three governments in the Caribbean and Central America, which we have identified as strong candidates for the funding program.  … Our FIRST OBJECTIVE, therefore, is to actually get an appointment with the minister in each country, who we have identified as the best one to meet with. To get the appointment, we have to provide the ministers with preliminary information that will clearly outline what we want to meet about and the value we have to offer them/their country. We have created a 10-page brochure targeted specifically at government ministers, which we believe is compelling enough to cause them to agree to meet with us. Getting the meeting is a critical first step, as nothing happens without that “opportunity meeting”, so we have to make sure that our brochure is going to get us the meeting every time we send it to a government minister. Once we get the meeting, our SECOND OBJECTIVE is to make a very inspiring presentation to the ministers, of our vision for infrastructure development in their country that would create employment, improve social services and drive economic growth. For these critical presentations, we plan to produce Architectural Flyover Animation Videos, which visually depict our “SM@RT CITY” development vision for the country, incorporating a number of different infrastructure “sub-projects” which from research, we know are important to the specific government we are meeting with. Here is an "EXAMPLE" of the kind of Architectural Flyover Animation Videos we need to produce for the countries (governments) we will be presenting to: ...   THE TASK - Help SM@RT Secure Government Clients This task has TWO parts;  part "2" is optional. .... Part 1: SM@RT Presentation REVIEWER We'd like your opinion... here's the Big Question: How likely do you think it is that our recently produced Promotional Brochure for circulation to Government Ministers, will deliver the results we need, which is getting confirmed exploratory meetings/appointments with most if not all of the government ministers it is sent to and viewed by.   WHAT TO DO: (A) FIRST, use the link and password provided below, to view the Brochure we have created for government ministers, to be sent to those in the Caribbean and Central American countries first. (B) NEXT, write a brief assessment of the brochure, what you like or don’t like and why; (C) FINALLY, give us your considered opinion on a scale of 1 to 10, whether or not you think the overall info in the brochure is strong enough and convincing enough, to motivate a government minister who needs to find funding for his ministry’s projects, to agree to meet with us. Scale: 1 = Very Unlikely; 10 = Very Likely. ... BROCHURE LINK: http://online.fliphtml5.com/btyu/soii ACCESS AUTHORIZATION ID:  Crowdholding ....   Part 2 (Optional): SM@RT Presentation SUPPORTER Since the project funders we are working with are only funding the infrastructure development projects and are not funding SM@RT, we have to fund the cost of preparing the presentations for the government ministers ourselves. Thease include summary project feasibility documentation as well as the production of visually impactful Architectural Flyover Animation Videos explaining the impact we can help them deliver in their country. We are currently doing a private share offering to assist with funding these activities, but would like to see if the crypto community would be willing to become our “Presentation Supporters” and help fund the presentations by purchasing Sm@rtVouchers™, IN RETURN FOR generous "STZ" CryptoCashBack™ rewards. Sm@rtVouchers™ are digital vouchers, which will be redeemable from January 1, 2020:  a) for certain SM@RT Consumer Merchandise Products, b) for SM@RT Sustainability Consulting Services, or c) for SM@RT Web/Digital Voucher Development Services.    CryptoCashBack™ Rewards We will provide generous STZ CryptoCashBack™ Bonus Rewards, for every Sm@rtVoucher™ you purchase to help fund our government presentation development work. These STZ rewards are separate from the STZ rewards you can earn directly here on Crowdholding for Part 1 of this task. The STZ rewards we are offering for this optional Part 2 component of this task, are as follows: Rewards for purchase of a $100 Sm@rtVoucher™: 1,250 STZ CryptoCashBack™ Rewards for purchase of a $1,000 Sm@rtVoucher™: 25,000 STZ CryptoCashBack™ Rewards for purchase of a $10,000 Sm@rtVoucher™: 500,000 STZ CryptoCashBack™   STZ is the only crypto asset in the world that only increases in its FIAT Redemption Value (FRV), never decreasing. Exclusively within the SM@RT Sustainability Ecosystem and Economy, the FIAT Redemption Value of STZ will computationally increase DAILY by exactly US$0.071917808219178082191780821917808219178082191780821917808219178082191780821917808219178 08219178082191780821917808219178082191780821917808219178082191780821917808219178082191780821 9178082191780821917808 ...starting January 21, 2020. This equates to an annual FRV increase of exactly US$26.25. That means that 1000 units of STZ today, will have a FIAT Redemption Value (within the SM@RT ecosystem) of US$26,250 by January, 2021. We will accept Sm@rtVoucher-based contributions in USD, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH or BNB, which we will use to help cover the production costs of our government-focused multimedia presentation/pitch materials.    WHAT TO DO: If you would like to support the production of our various country-specific Architectural Flyover Animation Videos for regional governments as a SM@RT Presentation Supporter (SPS), please use the link below to access the Sm@rtVoucher™ page and purchase one or more Sm@rtVouchers™, then email the following information to this address: admin@smart-dac.com Full Name  Date & Time of Sm@rtVoucher™ Purchase Payment method used (Credit/Debit Card, or BTC, ETH etc.) ERC-20 Wallet Address You Submitted at checkout Learn more about STZ on the official cryptocurrency webpage. The link is provided below. ... STZ WEBPAGE:  https://stz.smart-dac.tech   ANTI-SCAM REVIEW: NB. You will only receive the STZ rewards once we match the info you provide VIA EMAIL, with the "automated" Sm@rtVoucher™ purchase notification email we receive from our e-commerce system. This helps to ensure we are not sending STZ to any scammers and fraudsters.   RULES: 📝   Your review submission must be unique and original. No copy-paste or “good luck” comments allowed. Must answer in English.   We look forward to your engagement once again. The SM@RT team  
Project: SM@RT | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 4000.0 STZ
Would You Support SM@RT's Consortium Subscription Membership ARR Business Model? | Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago
ASSESSING BUSINESS MODEL POTENCY AND INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVENESS (ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue) ....... Given that we're building a sustainability ecosystem, there are many components and revenue streams comprising our business model, which will be activated over time. For this task, we want to get your feedback on ONE aspect of our business model which is what has generated our initial revenue to date. This aspect of our business model has TWO key components/parts, as follows:   PT 1: SMART CITY/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (PROJECTS) We are designing and preparing to execute significant economic development project within small island developing states, leveraging innovative sustainability technology solutions and best practice sustainability management practice. Revenue will be derived from property sales, property rentals, property management, product sales and other related means.   PT 2: SUSTAINABILITY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (PARTNERS) We are building a consortium of global partner companies, some startups, some more established, which have developed technology solutions in different sectors like Transportation, Renewable Energy, Aquaculture, Indoor Farming, Freight Management and others, that we can deploy in the sustainable economic development projects we undertake. These companies pay an annual membership fee to join our SM@RT DAC CONSORTIUM, in the same way that companies pay a membership fee to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The top 3 benefits to the companies who join our consortium, are: 1) They get to have their technology used in our smart city/community development projects, which means they get high volume orders of their sustainability product (whch is significant "traction" for their business) 2) They get the "enhanced market positioning" and exposure that comes from being involved in a high profile development project 3) They get access to major alternative funding in the form of "fractional presales" of their technology product/service solution, through inclusion in our 2020 Security Token Offering (STO). We will leverage a portion of our equity in the smart city/community development project, to facilitate "discounted" preorders of our partner companies' products and services. ................................................................. STO POINTS OF NOTE NB. During our STO, in order to get "Revenue Share" security tokens for our development projet, the STO investors will have to pre-order $X,000 worth of one or more partner companies' tech solutions, whether that is a new kind of Wind Turbine, a Shipping Container Farming System, an Electric Pickup Truck, a Sustainable Modular Tiny Home, or some other sustainability tech solution. The STO investors don't have to pre-order the full product, they can purchase a "tokenized fraction" of it. So if For Example, an investor bought say $10,000 worth of the Container Farming System which sells for $100,000, they would receive security tokens that gives them TWO OPTIONAL rights as follows: - the RIGHT to redeem the tokens against the purchase of the container farming system in the future. This means that in the future if they want to get the container farming system, they would redeem the $10,000 worth of STO tokens,  then pay the difference of $90,000 in order to complete the purchase and take possession of the container farming system - the RIGHT to receive quarterly or 6-month interval revenue share payouts from our sustainable econmic development project, over a period of X years The key thing to note here is that the STO Investor would not be able to redeem an STO token for BOTH benefits. If he/she chooses to start accepting the revenue share payouts from our development project for their total STO token holding, then they would automatically forfeit the right to redeem those STO tokens for purchase of the partner company's product (in this example, the container farming system) and that product redemption right automatically transfers to OUR company SM@RT. However, if an STO investor holds 10,000 STO tokens, they could for example, choose to stake 6,000 of their STO tokens to obtain the revenue share from our development project, leaving 4,000 STO tokens available to redeem against the purchase of the partner/consortium member company's product. They just can't exercise/activate both rights for any of the STO tokens, they have to choose one or the other. We will be selling the STO tokens to raise US$1Billion in capital and the consortium companies will receive some of those funds as the pre-order sales revenue, ranging from US$1M to $37M depending on which consortium membership subscription they have and how many tokens were bought to pre-order their specific product/service. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Security Token Offering is not required to fund the smart city development project/s. We already have a major Funding Partner that will fund the development projects. The STO fundraise will allow us to buyout some or all of our Funding Partner's equity shareholding in the smart city development project, as they do not wish to retain the equity in the project long term. They have a "mass/global" social impact focus and mandate, so their strategy is to invest and sell out their equity within a year or two and re-invest those funds into the next social impact project. From an STO marketing standpoint, having a major funder and a sovereign government on board with our development project, will very likely attract many institutional and HNWI investors to our STO. ................................................................. Here are the SPECIFIC FEEDBACK QUESTIONS we would like you to answer for this task: FIRST, please review the full SM@RT DAC consortium value proposition and membership pricing on the Consortium promotional website here: https://www.smart-dac.tech. Then please answer the following questions: (PS. Feel free to be quite frank and direct, no offense will be taken. This is a learning exercise for us and we can't learn what we need to learn if you "sugar coat" your responses.) ....... (1.) For the various sustainability focused companies globally that are trying to get their new sustainability technology solutions into the global marketplace...  WOULD YOU consider our Consortium Membership Value Proposition to be a compelling one for them? If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (2.) If you yourself were one of the owners of a sustainability startup with an innovative new sustainability technology solution of some kind...  WOULD YOU be interested in purchasing a consortium membership based on the total value proposition explained on the consortium website and membership brochure, and the available "business" membership pricing/options offered?  If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (3.) As a serious blockchain/crypto enthusiast, knowing what you know about SM@RT's business development plans, our consortium membership revenue model, or sharp focus on accelerating sustainability transformation, and our strategic smart city development projects... IF YOU WERE UNEXPECTEDLY GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to privately acquire as little as US$100 worth of shares in SM@RT (or optionally more) at this early stage of the company's development (revenue traction of just over $140K in consortium membership sales to date), where you could "optionally" resell those shares to the company in 6 months for a 50% return or in 12 months for a 100% return (share buyback), and where the company's ability to buyback the shares in 6 or 12 months comes from new sales of consortium member subscriptions... WOULD YOU be inclined to purchase at least $100 worth of shares? If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (4.) We would like to have follow up Email or Skype dialogue with some of you regarding your feedback.  WOULD YOU be open to that? If you would, please send an email with your real name and email contact details to admin@smart-dac.com, then simply type "YES, COMPLETED" as your answer to this question. If not, simply type NO. (There is no penalty for saying no, in terms of the rewards you will receive here on Crowdholding). ....... Thank You, The SM@RT Team ...................................................... SM@RT INC is a Blockchain and Sustainability Focused, Business/Economic Development Company, working to accelerate sustainability transformation globally. This is being pursued within the ambit of our corporate mandate and mission as follows: "Financing and Accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" ........................................................
Project: SM@RT | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 1000.0 STZ
TailoredInk ICO Community Management | Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago
TailoredInk is a content-creation and lead-generation agency. They have a broad range of clients, including companies in the blockchain industry such as Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. TailoredInk knew that community for ICO/STO projects in the blockchain industry is a key activity that no project can go without. This case study gives examples of the ICO community management strategies created by Crowdholding for Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. We hope our readers will find some bright ideas to take away and apply to their own brand’s ICO community management tactics.   When we started working with TailoredInk on their new projects, their overall community barely exceeded 1,000 people for all three companies: Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. Working closely with TailoreInk, we managed to create an engaging strategy for increasing their community size. We created a series of tasks for user-generated content to improve communication and crowd-engagement. The continuous monitoring of their telegram channels and constant interaction with their community members resulted in several highly-effective social media posts as well as an increase of the community to over 40,000 people.   Another professional advice for their ICO community management strategy was to join facebook groups for professionals. The commonality that such groups provide serve as an opportunity to pitch the projects. Crowdholding pre-selected the relevant groups, gave directions on branding within those groups, made sure that the personal profiles used in the process are of an adequate quality. At the same time, to support the core membership in the groups, we’ve devised a strategy for inviting friends to join these groups and engage where appropriate. These ICO community management efforts resulted in hundreds of new investor leads.   It is not uncommon that many projects in the blockchain industry struggle with customer support and responding to the community’s queries adequately. Crowdholding supported TailoredInk’s project by building a community strategy for dealing with legitimate criticism as well as the structure for their FAQ. Few brands are able to handle negativity within their community, but with our help, Xmat, Xres and NYcrec had a strategy in place for handling complaints and negative comments.   We recommend to any ICO/STO project to build the right processes for publicly handling legitimate complaints in order to keep their community in good health. Speak to our team to figure out what ICO community management strategy to use in order to build a loyal crowd of supporters.   You can keep up to date with what is happening at Crowdholding by following us at Facebook, or chatting with us on telegram.
Project: Crowdholding Blog | Rewards: 0 YUP
Introducing Liberbeer: First business under Liberland Chamber of Commerce | Posted 8 months, 1 week ago
Hello community,   We would like to introduce our first project to the Chamber of Commerce - Liberbeer.   Liberbeer was founded in 2016 by brewer Jaroslav Falta as a brand for the 600,000 Liberland community. There is a future contract in place on merging with Krusohor Brewery, backed by hard assets valued at 1m€ and annual profit 150k€+.   Crafted to perfection, Liberbeer is made with selected flower cones of hops, and water coming from Rudna Gora of the Czech-German border. Liberbeer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains no artificial additives blending the best traditions of Czech brewers with the global trend of craft beer.   Inspired by Brewdog story, Jaroslav with support of Liberland established a vision for a global network of small breweries with local distribution. With interest in the new trends of digitalize assets being used with blockchain technology, Krushoho brewery is interested in creating a token that would be used as a company asset. Not only does this give opportunities for the Liberland community to become stakeholders, but also could benefit their buying customers. The main portion of fund allocation would go to the acquisition of 51% in Krusnohor and expansion both of production capacities and for token’s infrastructure (beer consumers and distributors rewarded by tokens for each beer)   In this task, we want to dive into a tokenenomic model that would work well for a network of breweries. Assets could be a profit share, revenue share, loyalty or even a utility. This topic is, however, a bit tricky due to regulatory restrictions on these types of tokens (STO).   Here are our questions:   What type of asset should be used? What type of business model do you see? In other words, what would stakeholders do in order to earn this asset? Shall each batch of beer (1000 liters) or project as a whole be tokenized? How to distribute the tokens? What distribution model would you find most efficient?   Cheers, Liberland- Chamber of Commerce  
Project: Liberland - Chamber of Commerce | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 1000.0 CBR
Feedback on UX and UI | Posted 1 year ago
Hello Crowdholding! We need your feedback yet again. This time, on the most exciting part of any project (in our opinion…) - UX and UI! As you may know from previous tasks, we are a deeply user-centric project,  that allows anyone to create their own customizable financial hub. By using our wallet and exchange, you can store all your assets, use them as a payment method, lend them, or simply trade them for other tokenized assets. Our solution includes multiples products (our wallet, exchange and trading platform among them) and enables interoperability of assets together with other incredible use cases. We want to start by presenting you the interface of the exchange. The Jarvis Exchange is a licensed exchange, enabling transactions across asset classes and blockchains, as well as between on-chain and off-chain assets.This means that you will be able to collateralize your apartment, get a loan of ETH,  or even invest in an STO, in just a few clicks, all on the same platform! Pretty cool, right? However, given the complexity and variety of options, we want to deliver an intuitive and fast UX, to make the process as smooth as possible! In this task, we present you two key features of the Jarvis Exchange interface: Position and Risk Management Mouse Trading   Please, watch the videos above and let us know what you think: Did you enjoy the  aforementioned features? Did you like the UI? What would you improve? Which features would you like to see on our exchange? Extra JRT Tips are available for the best comments! Looking forward to your feedback, The Jarvis team  
Project: Jarvis | Rewards: 1000 YUP and 2500.0 JRT



SM@RT INC. | Posted 5 months ago
Thanks for your contribution De Gem.
It is indeed unfortunate that bribes/kickbacks is so prevalent in Africa. One of our funders attempted to work with a few governments on the continent but ran into that issue every time. We can only that every major corporation with major investments in the continent has been willing to "grease the wheels" as the saying goes. The problem is, most of those corporations are not focused on uplifting humanity or preserving the environment as we are, its mostly all about making as much money as possible.
We reinforce the point about not being the funder because based on our market "positioning" online (LinkedIn etc), people always seem to assume that we are direct funders in alternative funding. While we do have the ability to fund projects on our own, that will only be as "secondary/derivative" funding AFTER we have a tripartite agreement between one of our primary HNWI/Family Office funders and a government, where SM@RT has an equity position in the funded project. At that point we will have the ability to leverage our equity to raise significant funds to invest directly into promising sustainability solution startups.
Thanks for your confidence in the efficacy of the document to achieve its objective.
Unfortunately yes, the Part 2 component ends when this task ends. It will be possible to purchase SM@RT Vouchers in the future, but they will not come with the very high level of STZ CCB rewards that we have made available for Part 2 of this task. The voucher quantities have been limited because of the very high CCB rewards, to preserve the high value positioning of STZ. That high value is legitimate, however, because 1250 STZ acquired today will have a "redemption" USD value of $32,812.50 by January 21, 2021 and can be redeemed for SM@RT products and services soon thereafter, as we complete build out of our first "smart city" project with one-of-a-kind "SM@RT HOMES" and sustainable/tech experiences. For these SM@RT HOMES (apartments, condos and villas), no-one with FIAT money will be able to rent them; that privilege will be reserved exclusively for persons who possess our STZ cryptocurrency which is the only currency we will be accepting as payment for rental of the properties. This STZ-only access limitation, forces people who want to enjoy our SM@RT HOME holiday experiences to EARN STZ, by taking Sm@rtActions™ that are positive sustainability-focused actions that are good for the planet.
Thanks again for taking the time to review the document and share your thoughts.
Grace Lo Porto | Posted 6 months ago
I would consider this...a somewhat compelling offer.  However, there are a number of questions that I would need to have answered before I could consider it a good idea to join.  For one thing, STZ.  How will the value of STZ be determined?  Will it fluctuate like most cryptos, or be a stablecoin?  Will it be available on exchanges?  You say in the Affiliate program picture that 5000 STZ is "Like $5,000".  If that is true, if 1 STZ is approximately one dollar (and stable), the crypto cashback you offer to companies is worth 10% of what they invest yearly in membership.  Is that correct?  If so, it seems like an OK deal from that angle, but not great. Furthermore, if one dollar is the target value, then the amount paid to CEOs is, in my opinion, too small.  And it takes a bit of legwork to figure out the value of the crypto, when viewing the page; I'd make it clearer, if one dollar is, in fact, the target value.  Also, what are companies supposed to do with this currency?  How will it help them?  Can they use it to grow their businesses?  Will they be able to, or have to, use it to incentivize purchases from them in the marketplace?  That point is not too clear either.  Also, what is your customer service like?  How will companies contact you after joining?  And also, how will they have to pay back the funding you acquire for them?  Will they have to pay back the entire amount, including your share? 

I foresee problems with STZ if it is not a stablecoin.  If the value goes up, and then down, customers who receive crypto cashback when buying from your marketplace when the value is up will feel cheated when it goes down.  If the value just goes down, your member companies will feel cheated.  And if they, in fact, need to use it to incentivize purchases in the marketplace, they will not get enough purchase volume for the crypto they provide if the value of the coin goes down. A few more questions--how is STZ created?  Is it on a blockchain?  If it is created by mining, who will mine?  If you create it out of thin air, instead, when purchases are made in the marketplace or you're paying affiliates or when companies join and you need to pay them their STZ, how will you prevent inflation?  

I would need to have these questions answered before deciding whether to recommend joining, or whether I myself would join.  I would be somewhat interested in the $100 investment offer you outlined, but you say we would be receiving "shares" in the company.  I would rather receive STZ..., IF you can convince me the value will go up.  

As for your last question...YES, COMPLETED.