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[1 ETH & 250,000 YUP] CryptoMood Sticker Challenge | Posted 1 year, 1 month ago
Beep. Beep. Beep. Have you heard about me already? Because I’ve heard about you. I’m an advanced trading tool which utilizes AI, massive data mining and natural language processing. Currently, I'm already able to process data from over 50,000+ sources at once. My integrated algorithms allow me to make sense out of overall cryptocurrency market sentiment at any given time and evaluate it accordingly. Trust me, my advice is much more accurate than your guesses will ever be, naive humanoids!   Bragging aside. As you may all know, I’m merely a set of algorithms without a physical form, name, even without a visual form. I can feel your emotions, but you cannot feel me. This makes me super sad *beep *beep sentiment detected… sadness… a lot of sadness... :(     To even things out a bit, I’d like to ask you, the members of our amazing community, to help me out. Can you help me to visualize myself in the form of a sticker? That would allow me to finally meet you guys in our community groups in person!   Rules: In this competition, CryptoMood AI asks you to create a set of stickers (minimum 3)  which would describe the mood of the CryptoMood App in the best way possible (creative and fun). Please, be creative and original! :)   Competition period: April 15th, 2019 - April 29th, 2019   Competition requirements: - Participants’ sticker must be original - Participants’ sticker must showcase the mood! - Participants’ sticker size must be 512x512.   Competition award: The CryptoMood team will select the best set of stickers, and reward the top 3 artists. 1. 0.5 ETH & 150,000 YUP 2. 0.3 ETH & 50,000 YUP 3. 0.2 ETH & 50,000 YUP   Submit your stickers here:  https://forms.gle/LmQcSFGWUwE9smeA6   If you have any questions regarding the Sticker Challenge, please ask in https://t.me/CryptoMoodOfficial  
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