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Introducing Pynk Prediction Challenge | Posted 8 months ago
    Hello Crowdholders, Today I’d like to invite you to take part in a fun, interactive and rewarding Challenge with the Pynk Beta Prediction tool 📢📢 But let’s start at the beginning…..   What is Pynk?  For those of you that didn’t participate in Pynks earlier tasks a good place to start would be with the White paper (A.K.A Pynk paper) here, but in brief…. Pynk is the world’s first people powered investment platform. It uses a combination of crowd wisdom, revolutionary A.I. and in-house traders to make smarter trading decisions on behalf of its investors.   Wisdom of the crowd? What’s that? 🧐 By using Pinks beta prediction tool Pynk crowd members (or Pynksters as we like to be known!) make daily price predictions. Pynks proprietary A.I. then pools the information from it’s 10k members to create market beating returns for its investors. Predicting every day and completing various social tasks lets Pynksters earn Wisdom Points (WP) which will, in turn, be transferrable for a stake in Pynks trading fund meaning Pynksters can earn by investing time or money!     So how do I participate in this contest?? 🤔 Simple! Sign up to Pynk here (you must sign up via the link if you wish to participate in the contest) Make predictions on the price of Bitcoin using their prediction tool or complete various social tasks to earn Wisdom Points The top 10 points earners at the end of October win a share of the prize pool! (you’ll also earn lots of wisdom points even if you don’t win, so really you can’t lose!) Remember to post your Pynk username in the comments box so we can track your earnings! You can also sign up to the telegram group if you want to stay in touch here   Winners will be announced on Crowdholding at Competition close! Good Luck! 🤓🤓              
Project: Pynk Prediction Challenge | Rewards: 20000 YUP and 0.1 USDC