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Soggy Food Sucks - Share Your Thoughts... | Posted 1 month ago
Dear Crowdholders, to celebrate Ethan hooking me up with the ability to distribute some PITCH tokens to you guys here at Crowdholding, and in a similar flavor to my other recent PItch Investors Live task (HERE).  Today I'd like to introduce you to a product that was pitched live on the platform - "Soggy Food Sucks"... And while in the previous task I asked you all to focus on the investment potential - with this task I'm curious what you make of the product itself(?).  You can watch a brief introductory video: HERE. The Pitch summary: Soggy Food Sucks LLC manufactures and sells patented peal and stick patches that keep food crunchy and crisply during delivery by extracting and trapping condensation from inside your food container. This is a fast acting desiccant that uses thermodynamics, not chemicals. To use the "Crunch Patch" remove it from the freezer, remove the backing, exposing the adhesive, and adhere it to the inside surface of the container lid. It begins to work immediately. Say good-bye forever to soggy french fries. Say hello to great room service, food delivery, even leftovers. Experience food like it just came out of the kitchen. And for those wishing to catch a replay of Soggy Food Sucks pitching Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington in full before commenting you can do so: HERE. Is soggy food a problem in your life?  Perhaps you work in the culinary industry and know this to be a prevalent problem, or not.  Perhaps you've been on the receiving end of an unappealing takeaway - that this product could have improved?  Or is this product trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist?  And while this is a more product focused task, we may as well ask the fabled Shark Tank question:  Hypothetically - Are you in, or are you out?  And why?   :)
Project: GREENCRYPT0 | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 5000.0 PITCH
Persia Grai - Would you invest? | Posted 1 month, 1 week ago
Dear Crowdholders, if you caught my recent task HERE introducing the Pitch Investors Live platform, you'll know that I'm a fan of the project.  For those who aren't familiar it's essentially Shark Tank, online, with crypto elements. And to celebrate some awesome news released the other day in which the Pitch team announced that atomic-swaps were now live on mainnet (among other things) - a mechanism that will allow for such things as token-sales, and crowdfunding, live, as entreprenuers pitch, I thought that with this task I'd place you into the position of being a Shark on the Pitch platform...   A recent pitch on the platform featured rap-artist, "Persia Grai" - the first music-artist ever to pitch themself for investment live on PIL.  And you can catch the music-video for his track "Again": HERE. Take a quick listen and then share your thoughts.  Feel free to comment on the music itself - are you a fan?  But what I'm really looking for here are your thoughts regarding the investment potential from the perspective of a Shark.  The beauty of Pitch is that whether you're a entreprenuer with a great business idea, through to an aspiring musician hoping to make it big, you can pitch.  But do musicians make good investments?  Could Persia blow-up?  And of course the big question: If you held PITCH tokens, and this were a tokenised offering, if the price were right, might this be something you'd consider investing in?  Or are you out?  And why? To help you decide here's Persia's pitch summary: Persia Grai, LLC is a music company based in Detroit, Michigan looking to raise 350k in exchange for negotiable equity or profit share. My name is Michael Greene, I am the founder and artist with Persia Grai, LLC. I’ve generated millions of plays across all platforms and tens of thousands of followers across all social networks. I have fans all across the world. I’ve had FM radio play in my local area and performed with stars like Big Sean and Diggy Simmons. I’m working with a well known industry veteran Wendy Day. Wendy has contributed to the success of huge artists and labels like Eminem, Cash Money Records, Master P & No Limit, Joyner Lucas just to name a few. Thanks to Wendy we will have access to all the same resources a major label utilizes, we just need the budget to make it happen. With my talent and understanding of the business and Wendy’s expertise, connections, knowledge and experience..we believe we can dominate a significant part of this industry. And for those wishing to review Persia's first live pitch in full before deciding you can do so: HERE Many thanks in advance Crowdholders. :)
Project: GREENCRYPT0 | Rewards: 5000 YUP
Pitch Investors Live - Shark Tank Meets Blockchain | Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago
Dear Crowdholders - this will be my first task on Crowdholding.  And I'll be using my space here to introduce you to, and keep you up to date with, projects within the crypto-space that I myself find interesting.  Beginning with "Pitch Investors Live". If you're familiar with the television shows Shark Tank and/or Dragons' Den, you'll feel at home with the format of Pitch Investors Live - the online platform that allows start-ups and entrepreneurs to pitch investors (including Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington) in search of funding, live, while viewers the world over tune in to watch.  And you can catch a short introduction video HERE to get an idea of what the project is all about...  Which brings me to my task:  The Pitch Investors Live team recently launched their progressive web-app,   Within which users can either list their business or idea, to pitch to investors. Or simply watch pitches made by other entreprenuers.  Much in the same way as on the aforementioned television shows.  And what I would like for you to do is to go and have a quick play around, and let me know your initial thoughts.  Do you like the Web-app?  Is it something you could see yourself using, either as an entrepreneur, or as a viewer?  Are you a fan of television shows like Shark Tank?  And any other thoughts you might have...  >> Web-App <<  Thank you in advance Crowdholders - I look forward to reading your feedback. :)
Project: GREENCRYPT0 | Rewards: 5000 YUP
360Rize - Share Your Thoughts... | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Dear Crowdholders, to celebrate the Pitch Investors Live team breaking personal records yesterday with their "Pitch-a-Thon", taking 70 pitches in one day LIVE on their platform, I'm back with another Shark Tank style product assessment task for you all.  This time introducing "360Rize", and in particular their "360Penguin". The regulars among you should know the drill by now, but for those who have yet to participate in one of my PITCH tasks, take a quick look at the introductory video: HERE.  Read the pitch summary (below), and conduct any other research you may wish to.  And then simply share your thoughts both regarding the product itself, and as to whether or not this product/company would make for a wise investment (in your opinion) - from the perspective of a Shark-investor... The Pitch Summary:   Hello Pitch Investors, my name is Michael Kintner CEO\Founder of 360RIZE a 360Heros Inc company. Since 1996 I have been in the world of creating 360 content. Have you even tried using a normal camera either video or photo and it seems like you miss perfect picture or video? Well now you can capture it all, and we are seeking $1 million dollars for 15% of our company. Since 2013, we have grossed a little over 7.4mil with our patented 360 gear. Our clients consistent of Navy, Visa, Ford, MythBusters, Stanford Univ and more with over 10,000 producers in 98 different countries. I’m even in the 2015 Guinness Book of Records for shooting the first HD 360 video on top of Mount Everest. Our extensive experience in the world of creating 360, we learned and developed amazing content. NOW we have built the easiest to use consumer, cost friendly 360 camera with a One-Button simple function that can take 4K 360 video, 24 mega-pixel 360 photos. And for those wishing to catch a replay of 360Rize pitching Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington in full before commenting, you may do so: HERE. MIght this be a product you'd use and/or purchase?  For what or where might you use it?  Do you like the look of the product?  And anything else you'd care to share...  And as always: Are you in, or are you out?  And why?
Project: GREENCRYPT0 | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 5000.0 PITCH
Introducing Aavio | Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're Aavio 🙌 ✈️  Last second travel; Go to the airport, find an empty seat and fly out to true adventure You are curious about who we are. So let us tell you about us. 😊 You are a free-thinker, a go-getter, a doer. Why then, deep down, is your life lacking the “color” it deserves? It’s your comfort zone. 🏝 Life’s biggest (and smallest) victories are rooted in spontaneous moments. Think about the thrill of your first kiss. If you didn’t dive right in, it would have never happened. These radical decisions -or “f•ck it” moments as we call them- venture you into the great unknown. Bringing back that color you deserve. We offer you such a moment. 🤗 Aavio is the world’s FIRST and ONLY “last second” booking platform, where you go to the airport, scroll through the last available seats and fly out. So next time when you fall too deep into complacency and boredom, just log in to Aavio and let the unknown do the rest. Aavio offers you the last available seats against a fixed rate of €50, single trip.  What is your first impression 👉 Go to our website or ready our pitch deck to learn more about us and then leave your comment below. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Your Aavio team     Where we are now We have our MVP ready and are currently in talks with the Major European Airlines to directly tap into their inventory systems. 
Project: Aavio | Rewards: 5000 YUP



Tim Prior | Posted 3 months ago
Task title:

Pitch Investors Live - What&#39;s your billion dollar business idea?


5000 YUP

Task content:

If you&#39;re familiar with the television shows Shark Tank and/or Dragons&#39; Den, you&#39;ll feel at home with the format of Pitch Investors Live - the online platform that allows start-ups and entrepreneurs to pitch investors (including Shark Tank&#39;s Kevin Harrington) in search of funding, live, while viewers the world over tune in to watch. &nbsp;Which brings me to my task...

What&#39;s your secret as yet unrealised billion dollar business idea or invention? &nbsp;The one you just know would make you Bill Gates level rich if only you could get your idea in front of the right people.&nbsp; And/or make the world a better place.&nbsp; You can be as silly, or as serious as you choose...&nbsp;

As a side note, the Pitch Investors Live project also have their own Ethereum-based token, that can currently be used to list your business on the platform. &nbsp;With the intention that in the future you will also be able to invest in or crowdfund projects featured on the app, using PITCH tokens.&nbsp;

Alternatively, if you don&#39;t own any PITCH tokens but would still like to be featured on the Pitch Investors Live platform, you can purchase a pitch-package here:&nbsp;http://bit.ly/PITCHLIVE&nbsp;

Or check out the web-app here: https://app.pitchinvestorslive.com/&nbsp;to see what others have been pitching.&nbsp;

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