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[650,000 MRP] MoneyRebel Bounty Program Instruction | Posted 1 year, 4 months ago
Dear Crowdholding & MoneyRebel Community, we are happy to announce the successful completion of the MoneyRebel ICO. The smart contract has been audited and the MoneyRebel token ( MRP ) will be available on exchanges within the next 2 weeks. Stakes are counted and a stake worth has been determined at 65 MRP a stake. All bounty participants who used their CH wallet address will receive the token over the platform, the rest will be distributed manually. Final token distribution has been set to start by the end of this month. Thank you! 21st May 2018   MoneyRebel is proudly introducing the last round of the Ambassador Bounty Program to reward our supporters with MRP tokens. Maximum 650,000 MRP tokens will be will be allocated to the Bounty Program. The program will run from May 2nd 2018 until May 15th 2018. Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. A Stake is determined individually depending on each Bounty Program.   GENERAL RULE: All bounty participants are required to join the Crowdholding platform. (You can register on Crowdholding with your Facebook or Google account)   Please note: The bounty is paid in MoneyRebel ERC20-based tokens, MRP, you need an ETH address. You can only submit one form per program. Please use edit function to update your progress. You need a Google account to participate in the bounty program.   The Ambassador Bounty Program:  1)Twitter Bounty Program 2) Facebook Bounty Program 3) LinkedIn Bounty Program 4) Reddit Bounty Program 5) Medium Bounty Program
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