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What questions would you ask with owning a url? | Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello Crowdholders,    We are happy to announce that in the second half of January we will be launching our MVP 1.0. The MVP will be the following:    Full interface for publishers and users. Publishers can create tasks assigning a reward and create a multiple-choice question. User can choose tasks, go to the website URL and answer the question.    Metamask signup to identify you as a user. This will allow you to connect to become a user on our Web 3 application    The next release MVP 2.0 will be roughly a month later. This will involve connecting to Matic's side chain on testnet where test ETH will be used. MVP 1.0 will showcase rewards as virtual. MVP 3.0 will be real ETH by moving onto Matic's mainnet.    Now for the task:   Place your self in the shoes of a publisher. If you own a URL website you are a specific candidate. If not, no worries, choose a URL you like. In the comment section, fill in these requirements.    1) Project title (name of the url project)   example: Crowdholding    2) Project description (max 100 characters)   example: Crowdholding is a reward-based feedback application   3) Project URL   example: www.crowdholding.com   4) Reward per click in $ (be honest as if you were seriously considering placing some money on CC to use)   example: $0.01    5) Place multiple choice question (can add as many answers as you like)   example: Have you ever earned crypto before without investing?                  A. Yes, I currently make a salary in crypto                            B. Some times, I have done bounties or received some from a friend or other means                C. Only recently by using CrowdClick    This will help us with assessing creativity as well as what type of questions could benefit publishers. By analyzing your answers this can help us predict but also educate. We look forward to seeing what URL's you choose and what answers you come up with.   Feel free to add any thoughts as well. Thanks!   Cheers,  CrowdClick Team
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