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Introducing MSM Moore Foundation | Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we are happy to introduce you MSM Moore Foundation, the first charity organization to ever join Crowdholding! We are very excited to be able to support such a noble cause, so please read carefully about their organization and consider helping them if you can. Even a simple like or follow on their facebook, twitter or Instagram pages can make a big difference. 👍   🔴  WHO  The MSM Moore foundation (MSMMF) is a nonprofit, independent professional association that represents a diverse membership of nearly 400 health education professionals and students. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   🔴  WHEN  MSMMF was created in 2018 by CEO Maximoore Owusu.   🔴  WHY “Back in my childhood I was homeless and seriously sick but there was nobody to assist me medically or financially. Only with the help of a dear friend I was finally rescued from the street, and allowed to be the master of my destiny again. That’s why I decided to put all my energy and resources into the MSM Moore Foundation: to help children in the rural areas of Ghana receive health and financial assistance as well as proper education. I want to save them from the hard knock life many of them are simply born into.”  -  Maximoore Owusu   🔴  WHERE MSMMF is based in Kumasi, Ghana.  🌍 Its members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, worksites, and in local, state and federal government agencies.   🔴  WHAT Raise awareness of the connection between behavioral sciences, health education, health promotion, and the surrounding environment. Build knowledge and skills to help health educators respond to public health emergencies. Foster family, school and community partnerships to reduce risks associated with chronic disease among school-aged children. Reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. Educate policymakers and provide training and resources to public health workers.   👉  What’s your first impression of MSMMF and their mission? 👉  How can Crowdholding help them? Let us know in the comments.
Project: MSM Moore Foundation | Rewards: 5000 YUP
Helping Primary School Children | Posted 3 months, 1 week ago
Every child has the right to an education. But because of poverty, 58 million primary-school-age children around the world — more than half of them girls — are not enrolled in school. Being out of school puts these children at greater risk of exploitation, child marriage, and lower income-earning potential. In Kumasi, Ghana we experience this reality every day, that's why we are committed to helping primary schools 🏫 and change lives for the better.   Our Mission With your help, MSM can do more than simply get kids in the classroom — we can empower them 💪 to step out of poverty. Equipped with literacy and other life skills, they can grow into adults who earn higher wages, educate their own children, and have a voice in their community.   Our Strategy Create teaching and learning materials 📖 in local languages Set-up and facilitate early education centers and after-school clubs Buy and distribute supplies and books to local schools   How YOU can help Giving is the most effective way to help the children and families who need it most. Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity 🙏 and use your donation in the most effective way possible. On top of that, you’ll get to see the power of your generosity through quarterly updates from the MSM Moore Foundation team. You can donate your YUPs to this address: 0xD08bAC650c7db350Cb5448708301C61D64CA9567 Check out our previous collaboration with VIPSTARCOIN, which allowed us to buy and distribute 500 notebooks each to 5 different schools last month.   👉  What do you think of our efforts in supporting primary schools in Ghana? 👉  How would you improve our strategy?  
Project: MSM Moore Foundation | Rewards: 10000 YUP
Would You Support SM@RT's Consortium Subscription Membership ARR Business Model? | Posted 1 day, 1 hour ago
ASSESSING BUSINESS MODEL POTENCY AND INVESTMENT ATTRACTIVENESS (ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue) ....... Given that we're building a sustainability ecosystem, there are many components and revenue streams comprising our business model, which will be activated over time. For this task, we want to get your feedback on ONE aspect of our business model which is what has generated our initial revenue to date. This aspect of our business model has TWO key components/parts, as follows:   PT 1: SMART CITY/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (PROJECTS) We are designing and preparing to execute significant economic development project within small island developing states, leveraging innovative sustainability technology solutions and best practice sustainability management practice. Revenue will be derived from property sales, property rentals, property management, product sales and other related means.   PT 2: SUSTAINABILITY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (PARTNERS) We are building a consortium of global partner companies, some startups, some more established, which have developed technology solutions in different sectors like Transportation, Renewable Energy, Aquaculture, Indoor Farming, Freight Management and others, that we can deploy in the sustainable economic development projects we undertake. These companies pay an annual membership fee to join our SM@RT DAC CONSORTIUM, in the same way that companies pay a membership fee to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The top 3 benefits to the companies who join our consortium, are: 1) They get to have their technology used in our smart city/community development projects, which means they get high volume orders of their sustainability product (whch is significant "traction" for their business) 2) They get the "enhanced market positioning" and exposure that comes from being involved in a high profile development project 3) They get access to major alternative funding in the form of "fractional presales" of their technology product/service solution, through inclusion in our 2020 Security Token Offering (STO). We will leverage a portion of our equity in the smart city/community development project, to facilitate "discounted" preorders of our partner companies' products and services. ................................................................. STO POINTS OF NOTE NB. During our STO, in order to get "Revenue Share" security tokens for our development projet, the STO investors will have to pre-order $X,000 worth of one or more partner companies' tech solutions, whether that is a new kind of Wind Turbine, a Shipping Container Farming System, an Electric Pickup Truck, a Sustainable Modular Tiny Home, or some other sustainability tech solution. The STO investors don't have to pre-order the full product, they can purchase a "tokenized fraction" of it. So if For Example, an investor bought say $10,000 worth of the Container Farming System which sells for $100,000, they would receive security tokens that gives them TWO OPTIONAL rights as follows: - the RIGHT to redeem the tokens against the purchase of the container farming system in the future. This means that in the future if they want to get the container farming system, they would redeem the $10,000 worth of STO tokens,  then pay the difference of $90,000 in order to complete the purchase and take possession of the container farming system - the RIGHT to receive quarterly or 6-month interval revenue share payouts from our sustainable econmic development project, over a period of X years The key thing to note here is that the STO Investor would not be able to redeem an STO token for BOTH benefits. If he/she chooses to start accepting the revenue share payouts from our development project for their total STO token holding, then they would automatically forfeit the right to redeem those STO tokens for purchase of the partner company's product (in this example, the container farming system) and that product redemption right automatically transfers to OUR company SM@RT. However, if an STO investor holds 10,000 STO tokens, they could for example, choose to stake 6,000 of their STO tokens to obtain the revenue share from our development project, leaving 4,000 STO tokens available to redeem against the purchase of the partner/consortium member company's product. They just can't exercise/activate both rights for any of the STO tokens, they have to choose one or the other. We will be selling the STO tokens to raise US$1Billion in capital and the consortium companies will receive some of those funds as the pre-order sales revenue, ranging from US$1M to $37M depending on which consortium membership subscription they have and how many tokens were bought to pre-order their specific product/service. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Security Token Offering is not required to fund the smart city development project/s. We already have a major Funding Partner that will fund the development projects. The STO fundraise will allow us to buyout some or all of our Funding Partner's equity shareholding in the smart city development project, as they do not wish to retain the equity in the project long term. They have a "mass/global" social impact focus and mandate, so their strategy is to invest and sell out their equity within a year or two and re-invest those funds into the next social impact project. From an STO marketing standpoint, having a major funder and a sovereign government on board with our development project, will very likely attract many institutional and HNWI investors to our STO. ................................................................. Here are the SPECIFIC FEEDBACK QUESTIONS we would like you to answer for this task: FIRST, please review the full SM@RT DAC consortium value proposition and membership pricing on the Consortium promotional website here: https://www.smart-dac.tech. Then please answer the following questions: (PS. Feel free to be quite frank and direct, no offense will be taken. This is a learning exercise for us and we can't learn what we need to learn if you "sugar coat" your responses.) ....... (1.) For the various sustainability focused companies globally that are trying to get their new sustainability technology solutions into the global marketplace...  WOULD YOU consider our Consortium Membership Value Proposition to be a compelling one for them? If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (2.) If you yourself were one of the owners of a sustainability startup with an innovative new sustainability technology solution of some kind...  WOULD YOU be interested in purchasing a consortium membership based on the total value proposition explained on the consortium website and membership brochure, and the available "business" membership pricing/options offered?  If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (3.) As a serious blockchain/crypto enthusiast, knowing what you know about SM@RT's business development plans, our consortium membership revenue model, or sharp focus on accelerating sustainability transformation, and our strategic smart city development projects... IF YOU WERE UNEXPECTEDLY GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to privately acquire as little as US$100 worth of shares in SM@RT (or optionally more) at this early stage of the company's development (revenue traction of just over $140K in consortium membership sales to date), where you could "optionally" resell those shares to the company in 6 months for a 50% return or in 12 months for a 100% return (share buyback), and where the company's ability to buyback the shares in 6 or 12 months comes from new sales of consortium member subscriptions... WOULD YOU be inclined to purchase at least $100 worth of shares? If Yes, Why? If No, Why not? ....... (4.) We would like to have follow up Email or Skype dialogue with some of you regarding your feedback.  WOULD YOU be open to that? If you would, please send an email with your real name and email contact details to admin@smart-dac.com, then simply type "YES, COMPLETED" as your answer to this question. If not, simply type NO. (There is no penalty for saying no, in terms of the rewards you will receive here on Crowdholding). ....... Thank You, The SM@RT Team ...................................................... SM@RT INC is a Blockchain and Sustainability Focused, Business/Economic Development Company, working to accelerate sustainability transformation globally. This is being pursued within the ambit of our corporate mandate and mission as follows: "Financing and Accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" ........................................................
Project: SM@RT | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 1000.0 STZ
New Global standard: SM@RT | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We are SM@RT.  SM@RT is an acronym for "Sustainability Management @top Revolutionary Technology". Blockchain is the revolutionary technology we believe to be the best foundation upon which to build a world class sustainability management ecosystem. Founded in Q3, 2016, currently we are still in a relatively early stage with initial revenue. We look forward to work more with you to test our assumptions and improve our value propositions. No doubt you're wondering what we're all about, so let me tell you about our vision and mission. .......   WHY WE EXIST FACT #1: The extensive burning of fossil fuels (aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, coal, natural gas, etc), have been having a major negative impact on planet earth over time, greatly increasing the level of "greenhouse gases" in the earth's atmosphere, which has resulted in a significant warming of the planet, which in turn has manifested as "climate change", a major increase in the severity of the earth's weather patterns and phenomena, causing major casualties, destruction of property and nature, destruction of animal life, human homelessness, starvation, disease outbreaks and economic losses measured in the trillions of dollars. FACT #2: Plastics are one of the most pervasive materials made and used by man today. They are also harmful to our planet because plastics do not biodegrade and so stay in landfills indefinitely and greatly pollute our oceans, killing sea creatures by the tens of thousands. Again, fossil fuels are the culprit here, as plastics are made from them.  These two issues alone, seriously threaten the viability/sustainability of life on the planet earth for future generations. Those of us who care about the kind of environment (environmental, social and economic) that our children and their children will be faced with as their reality, should want to be part of the solution, and not continue to be part of the problem through old negative prctices. .......   We've set out to build an entire ecosystem of resources focused on accelerating sustainability transformation globally, by allowing small businesses, corporations, municipalities, governments, non-profits and everyday citizes, to find and obtain everything they need to implement sustainability initiatives - Talent, Technology Solutions, Research Papers, Impact Measurement Tools, and Funding. Ultimately, everything we're building is centered around using premium cryptocurrency to INCENTIVIZE and REWARD individuals and organizations for taking HUNDREDS OF PRO-SUSTAINABILITY actions that are good for the future of the planet: like buying an electric car instead of a gasoline or diesel vehicle and getting 100% CryptoCashBack™ for making that pro-sustainability purchase choice/action   like converting to solar to power your home instead of power from fossil fuels and getting 100% CryptoCashBack™ for making that pro-sustainability purchase choice/action In the end, it is all one BIG LOYALTY PROGRAM for Planet Earth, allowing people and organizations to save the planet while being empowered economically. It's somewhat like airline miles but far more valuable. We'd love to hear your initial thoughts on our venture Purpose and ecosystem/loyalty program Approach. .......   NARROW FOCUS We're not looking for feedback on our company website usability, or that of any of our platforms for this first task. Please keep your feedback focused just on the idea/concept of addressing the global sustainability and climate change problem  through A) providing a one-stop ecosystem of integrated, sustainability-focused platforms for all stakeholder groups B) building that "atop" a blockchain/cryptocurrency based loyalty program of economic incentive/rewards.   So, what are your first impressions? Looking forward to hearing your feedback. The SM@RT Team   ...................................................... SM@RT INC is a Blockchain and Sustainability Focused, Business/Economic Development Company, working to accelerate sustainability transformation globally. This is being pursued within the ambit of our corporate mandate and mission as follows: "Financing and Accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" ........................................................  
Project: SM@RT | Rewards: 5000 YUP