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Introducing MSM Moore Foundation | Posted 1 year, 2 months ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we are happy to introduce you MSM Moore Foundation, the first charity organization to ever join Crowdholding! We are very excited to be able to support such a noble cause, so please read carefully about their organization and consider helping them if you can. Even a simple like or follow on their facebook, twitter or Instagram pages can make a big difference. 👍   🔴  WHO  The MSM Moore foundation (MSMMF) is a nonprofit, independent professional association that represents a diverse membership of nearly 400 health education professionals and students. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   🔴  WHEN  MSMMF was created in 2018 by CEO Maximoore Owusu.   🔴  WHY “Back in my childhood I was homeless and seriously sick but there was nobody to assist me medically or financially. Only with the help of a dear friend I was finally rescued from the street, and allowed to be the master of my destiny again. That’s why I decided to put all my energy and resources into the MSM Moore Foundation: to help children in the rural areas of Ghana receive health and financial assistance as well as proper education. I want to save them from the hard knock life many of them are simply born into.”  -  Maximoore Owusu   🔴  WHERE MSMMF is based in Kumasi, Ghana.  🌍 Its members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, worksites, and in local, state and federal government agencies.   🔴  WHAT Raise awareness of the connection between behavioral sciences, health education, health promotion, and the surrounding environment. Build knowledge and skills to help health educators respond to public health emergencies. Foster family, school and community partnerships to reduce risks associated with chronic disease among school-aged children. Reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. Educate policymakers and provide training and resources to public health workers.   👉  What’s your first impression of MSMMF and their mission? 👉  How can Crowdholding help them? Let us know in the comments.
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Manchester property developers – you want more! | Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago
Could your existing apartments be worth around 10% more?   Current research being done by our MBA intern – he is looking at the relationship between the residual value of investment motor vehicles and property assets – and the initial insight is quite interesting..   The general findings show that vehicles that have been owned and maintained in line with OEM recommendations are worth in the order of 10% more than assets that do not have formal maintenance records (full-service history).   Aha I hear you cry – surely that is obvious when talking about cars as the 10% extra value has been spent during the life of the vehicle (in preventative maintenance), which would mean that it is not really an ‘additional’ return. This assumption would be correct, however – there are the hidden benefits of having a more reliable (and safe) car during its operational life, which means that emergency repairs/upset are more likely to be reduced. As with a well-maintained apartment, the tenants have less of a chance of having a problem – and in turn, require additional out of hour assistance. This ultimately means that residents would have a more positive tenant/landlord experience, with less unplanned maintenance charges!   There are some other interesting insights into how hidden value can be measured, with the adoption of more advanced maintenance strategies – the important, and the critical element is ensuring that the cost of this activity is effectively managed and monitored to ensure a positive return on investment.   DadShed is a Manchester PropTech startup, with the first app that is designed to simplify property management, while building trust and networking property, people and places..   *We are finding it hard to unearth specific raw data within specific property segments – anyone working within this area, we would love to speak with you and share our research – in return for your input.   Give us some feedback about what you think we'd love to hear it.
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