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Sex. Mining. Streams. | Posted 1 year, 1 month ago
Hello Crowdholders, Thank you for participating in Sex Mining Houses: Yea or Nay?: the task turned out to be an overwhelming success, and we couldn’t be happier with all the great feedback we received from the community! 🙏  Today we’ll be discussing the next core idea behind the Sex Mining Project: Mining Streams. Imagine Bob and Alice, they don’t know each other yet but both are looking for a sex partner and an additional source of income. Eventually, they meet in one of our Sex Mining Houses and start to chat and mingle 🍸. The situation begins to escalate pretty quickly, so they rent a room, the necessary equipment and they finally are ready for some good old mining action ⛏.   This is when Sex Mining Streams come in: Bob and Alice now have the option to live stream 🎥 their mining to a wide audience worldwide. If both agree, Bob turns on the broadcast, and viewers contribute SEX to show their appreciation of the performance 🙈. As a result, Bob’s and Alice’s wallets are credited with the SEX tokens contributed by their audience as well the ones they earned for mining so hard!   Disclaimer: Sex Mining does not promote exhibitionism, production, and distribution of pornography. We only offer the option to use our SEX currency to existing webcam and streaming services. What do you think of Sex Mining Streams? PRIVATELY CAST YOUR VOTE HERE 👇 👉 Then leave a comment, you don't need to state what you voted. N.B. You need to complete both activities in order to be eligible for the rewards. We recommend reading Sex Mining’s website, whitepaper, and intro task for additional information.  
Project: Sex Mining | Rewards: 15000 YUP and 200.0 SEX