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What do you Think of our Chamber of Commerce Business Program? | Posted 1 year ago
The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river. The motto of the country is “To Live and Let Live”, following the rules of free trade and free market with absolute minimal State interference into people’s lives and business activities. Historically, this model has brought the highest level of development to societies, as demonstrated in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, and others.   Liberland as such bring also a lot of business potential and interest from many different industries.   Liberland business environment is in its very early phase, open to ideas, creativity and business contribution, and already offering three very concrete ways for outer businesses.  So what is this model? Let's start from A to C. Becoming a business member offers you tools from our supporting liberland citizens and commerce network. You can check our current members here: https://commerce.ll.land/members/ and more info about the Chamber and the participation will come in the next task. Move or expand your current business facilities to free trade zone Apatin near Liberland and located in Serbia. You can check out the video which showcases their partnership with Apatin here. And more info on their website: http://www.freezoneapatin.com/ Creating a company under Liberland jurisdiction. Our goal in the future is to establish companies under our jurisdiction with no corporate or individual state tax. You can check out our fact sheet here regarding more.   Here are our questions for you:   What do you think of our current onboarding plan introducing memberships, opportunities for a free trade zone near Liberland and a chance to become a registered company? Is it attractive enough or how would you extend it ?
Project: Liberland - Chamber of Commerce | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 1000.0 CBR
Help us develop our Chamber's Business Model. | Posted 1 year ago
Hello Community!   Our task involves getting your feedback regarding the development of our business model for the Chamber.   Liberland strives to be a tax-free government (collecting taxes is a crime coercing individual property rights), but in order to support a new country, some capital is needed. Liberland state is funded by donations or voluntary tax that companies and individuals can choose to pay if they want as well as selling the citizenship, by running various state registers and monetizing the land in the future.   Regarding the Chamber, we do need potential revenue models in order to pay role/roles of operational managers that would take care of Chamber content and communicate/support businesses joining our ecosystem. The Chambers might be built as non-profit, or for-profit. We prefer to go for the latter as a natural motivation for all contributors and stakeholders in building the whole business ecosystem.   So let's dive into a few ideas of revenues to support operations of the Commerce Chambers:   1. As we support cryptocurrency companies, registered businesses would offer a small % of tokens created by the business for the full package of services (from idea phase to selling tokens of the company to public markets). Therefore the Liberland Chamber would be a supportive partner (if the company succeeds their tokens become valuable) in the lifetime of the tokenized projects.   2. A monthly subscription fee would give a business access to Liberland citizen support, promotion of the business to our community and opportunities. We would have three packages: Basic package: receive regular newsletter of all companies and projects + passive help. Post once a week news and content via our social media + invitation to Liberland events. Advanced: Basic package + pro-actively sought and recommended business opportunities fitting to your criteria, across all LL Chambers in the future; micro tasks to our community to support your business and network connections; access to Crowdholding to incubate your project/company Gold: Basic and Advanced package + traveling opportunities across the world to Liberland + sponsorship events   Here are some questions to ponder: What do you prefer? Out of the ideas do you see it working for a start-up, or established business? How much would you pay for the different options? Do you have other model ideas that could make a sustainable business program? From your feedback, we will put into an effect a business model for this! Cheers, Liberland- Chamber of Commerce
Project: Liberland - Chamber of Commerce | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 1000.0 CBR
Introducing Liberbeer: First business under Liberland Chamber of Commerce | Posted 1 year ago
Hello community,   We would like to introduce our first project to the Chamber of Commerce - Liberbeer.   Liberbeer was founded in 2016 by brewer Jaroslav Falta as a brand for the 600,000 Liberland community. There is a future contract in place on merging with Krusohor Brewery, backed by hard assets valued at 1m€ and annual profit 150k€+.   Crafted to perfection, Liberbeer is made with selected flower cones of hops, and water coming from Rudna Gora of the Czech-German border. Liberbeer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains no artificial additives blending the best traditions of Czech brewers with the global trend of craft beer.   Inspired by Brewdog story, Jaroslav with support of Liberland established a vision for a global network of small breweries with local distribution. With interest in the new trends of digitalize assets being used with blockchain technology, Krushoho brewery is interested in creating a token that would be used as a company asset. Not only does this give opportunities for the Liberland community to become stakeholders, but also could benefit their buying customers. The main portion of fund allocation would go to the acquisition of 51% in Krusnohor and expansion both of production capacities and for token’s infrastructure (beer consumers and distributors rewarded by tokens for each beer)   In this task, we want to dive into a tokenenomic model that would work well for a network of breweries. Assets could be a profit share, revenue share, loyalty or even a utility. This topic is, however, a bit tricky due to regulatory restrictions on these types of tokens (STO).   Here are our questions:   What type of asset should be used? What type of business model do you see? In other words, what would stakeholders do in order to earn this asset? Shall each batch of beer (1000 liters) or project as a whole be tokenized? How to distribute the tokens? What distribution model would you find most efficient?   Cheers, Liberland- Chamber of Commerce  
Project: Liberland - Chamber of Commerce | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 1000.0 CBR
Liberland Academy: Exploring education that values the free market | Posted 10 months ago
Wealth is not created by redistribution in society, but by voluntary exchange of goods or services between two parties. Since the exchange is voluntary, it is imitated only in the cases which bring added value (increasing utility) to both parties.   This principle, so deeply rooted in human nature, has been "newly discovered" and described in academic phenomenal work written by Adam Smith in 1776 - Wealth of Nations.   Since that time, the economy, as a science describing relations within societies, became a standard scientific and academic topic.   The theory of free markets, followed by other authors (to name some) Bastiat, Mises, Hayek, Friedman, has been proved by many real cases, and as such proved more evident for free-market hypotheses and theories.   20th century - thanks to Keynesian economics, much appreciated and supported by socialistic politicians -  brought the fall of free market being substituted by prevailing socialistic aspects: Regulation, high level of redistribution of resources by governments, monopolies, the growing definition of public goods etc. All of those are basically dragging the economic prosperity, freedom and ultimately equality significantly down.   Liberland is envisioning and adoring countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hongkong or Singapore, having seen the correlation between economic freedom and wealth of the society.   Being built on free-market roots, going far and deep with crypto and blockchain, Liberland has attracted interest and understanding from many academical corners, universities, freedom think-thanks, various liberty institutes etc. Both lecturers and students.    As such it represents a great magnet and potential to become a hub of thoughts of this type, with its decentralized approach, reaching possible global overlap.   Dozens of global experts have already expressed interest to lead lectures on such a university, and take a role in such a project.   In the era of remote education systems, becoming more efficient than traditional ways, the project could attract a very wide audience of both free/paid formats, issuing international accreditations and education certificates and grades.   This task together with Liberland Chamber of Commerce is to define and fine-tune the vision to complement a sustainable business plan, in order to build a core team and invite important partners to start.    The global university system is not perfect, and as the speed of technology and learning tools evolve, so must education. So here is what we need:    Give us examples of recent university practices you like and should be considered for Liberland Academy.  Come up with ideas on how you would go about starting a university that caters these values.   We look forward to your feedback!  
Project: Liberland - Chamber of Commerce | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 1000.0 CBR