De Gem | Posted 6 months ago
I watched the video and I admit it was really cool. The shots taken are really impressive considering some of the angles where the camera had to cover and this makes me not doubt its authenticity one bit. For the record, I think the client list is also impressive. The Navy, Visa, Ford, MythBusters, Stanford Univ and more with over 10,000 producers in 98 different countries means the business is already on its feet which is a plus in my book. I think it's safer to invest in a business like that compared to one that seems to start off the ground like Persia Gray's Business - another Greencrypto task posted here about two weeks ago. 

Might this be a product I'd use and/or purchase? Yes.

For what or where might you use it? As a rapper, I might want to shoot a music video where the 360Penguin or 360Rize will be needed badly for aerial shots and other acute angles. And not only me. A lot of photographers, vloggers and even music/movie producers will really patronize this. Vloggers of sports such as Formula 1 racing, skating, motor and bicycle racing, kayaking, ice skating and even surfing can all employ this device in creating their videos. Every year, more than 5000 movies are produced worldwide (considering only Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood only) and just imagine 10% of movie producers using the 360Penguin (which is highly possible). I can even arguably state that some corporations/organizations will purchase this product and hire someone to man it for them during occasions instead of outsourcing such a job to other companies that will charge exorbitantly to use their mega cameras that can perform the same job as the 360Penguin. 

Do you like the look of the product? Yes. As long as the camera is working just fine and is also portable the look doesn't really matter to me.

And anything else you'd care to share... 

Getting yourself in the Guinness Book of World Records is a big feat. I mean how cool would it be if Crowdholding got itself into the Guinness Book of World Records! Kudos for shooting the first HD 360 video here...