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Introducing Blockchain Hub Prague: Earn TUSD! | Posted 1 year, 4 months ago
Hello Crowdholders, On behalf of half of Blockchain Hub Prague (BHP), greetings! BHP is the first only blockchain incubator in the heart of Prague.   Blockchainhub was established in November 2017 by Tom Counsell and Ethan Clime. The main idea was to connect all Blockchain/crypto associated businesses together and develop them under one single roof. Currently, blockchain hub combines/incubates several projects some of which you may have already met on our platform: Crowdholding Intelligent trading foundation Aerum Cryptomood New life Zcoin Blocknify Balehu Blockchain Hub currently counts 5 in house members, with the 6th joining in February, all sharing a co-working space in the Karlin District of Prague ,  We are already seeing synergies between the companies collaborating bringing in new dynamics to help lead to success.Our fundamental philosophy is to co-create with each other in order to innovate, while consolidating our position in the flourishing ecoystem that was enabled by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.. With the bitcoin market taking a downturn in 2018, collaboration is  more important than ever. So to better serve more projects, we opened up a virtual memberships for free that select startups and projects can apply to. Virtual memberships come with free access to our events, VC connections, and some extra hot desks at the office. Enough about us, it’s now about you. We just recently updated and launched our new website. First task (with more to come) is to visit our web-page and give your feedback. Can talk about layout, design or any ideas about what we can add regarding our Hub. We are also the first project to offer a stable coin as the reward. Makes it interesting :) We look forward to your feedback!   Signing off, Blockchain Hub Prague Team
Project: Blockchain Hub Prague | Rewards: 1000 YUP and 20.0 TUSD
Lolli - Earn Bitcoin When You Shop Online | Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago
Dear Crowdholders, today I'd like to introduce you (or those who aren't already familiar) to "Lolli" - the crypto cash-back platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin while you shop online, by way of a browser-plug-in.  Being that you're here on CH I'm sure that you're all familiar with Bitcoin, and being that you're a human-being, even the most frugal of you, from time-to-time, need to shop.   You're also likely familiar with the concept of "cash-back" platforms.  You conduct your online shopping as you normally might, following which you receive a certain percentage of your purchase cost back as a reward.  The primary difference between Lolli, and others you might know, is that Lolli rewards its users in Bitcoin, rather than in boring old fiat.  And you can check them out HERE.   As a side note, because us Crowdholders love earning crypto - Lolli also have a pretty sweet referral program that allows users to generate and share links - that reward both parties with a bonus $5 worth of Bitcoin, as and when newly signed-up users conduct their first purchase via them  (yes, that is mine above).  ;) So what do you think Crowdholders?  Do you like the idea?  Do you, have you, or would you use Lolli?  Do you or have you used other cash-back platforms? How does Lolli compare?  Was the sign-up process easy?  What would you improve or like to see added?  And any other thoughts you might have...
Project: GREENCRYPT0 | Rewards: 7000 YUP
6 Ways to Earn Crypto For Free | Posted 1 year, 3 months ago
So, chances are that you have heard about cryptocurrency or bitcoin you’re looking for ways to get into the world of cryptocurrency. Maybe because you’ve been lured by the promise of a decentralised world, or you have skimmed a few articles discussing why Bitcoin has become so valuable since it's inception.    Currently the most well known ways for people to get their hands on cryptocurrencies is to buy it on an crypto exchange with your hard earned cash or through a process known as mining, but there are other ways you can earn cryptocurrency outside of the two main ways. In this article, We will be showing you 6 ways you can start your cryptocurrency journey for free!     Bounties  Bounty programs are an idea taken from the online gaming world. In the crypto world, it is a marketing strategy where an ICO allocates a percentage of their tokens for “bounties”. These are tasks that are open to the public to complete and their reward is the new token that is launching. Once the token is launched, participants of the bounty will recieve their tokens.   There are a wide range of tasks and usually they are ongoing throughout the ICO, tasks usually take the form of following social media pages, sharing content, creating blogs / videos, translations of documents etc.    This is win win for both the startup and the person interested in the token. For the startup, they are able to create a buzz about their project without investing large sums of capital into marketing. The person taking part in the bounty has the ability to earn tokens without having to invest into the ICO.    We suggest that if you want to take part in bounties, research the project thoroughly as the ICO needs to be successful. There are a few bounty platforms, but bitcointalk.org is a good place to look.     Airdrops Airdrops are similar to bounties in a few ways, but an airdrop differs in it refers to the free distribution of small amounts of certain virtual currency tokens to its community members either for free or for performing small tasks. These small tasks are usually one off tasks, whereas bounties usually are tasks that continue throughout the campaign.    Again this is a marketing tactic to create awareness around a particular project. There are a few sites that show upcoming or active airdrops such as (airdropalert or airdrop.io). Again research the project behind the airdrop before signing up.      Crowdholding Although there are bounties and airdrops on our platform, Crowdholding differs from bounty platforms or airdrop websites as we focus more on tasks. The ideology behind Crowdholding is co-creation. Startups put tasks on our platform and the crowd gives feedback for rewards. These tasks can vary vastly from marketing, to product testing, UI and UX / Whitepaper feedback.    Crowdholding currently has over 80 startups on the platform, and one of the main advantages to our platform that when completing tasks you don’t just earn the token from the startup, but also our YUP. Tokens are added to your profile automatically, where you are able to move them to your wallet, making it a simpler, less confusing process. We have new tasks constantly so we suggest you have a look and see if any projects / tasks take your fancy!     Faucets  You might have stumbled upon websites either intentionally or accidentally that offers you free bitcoins / cryptocurrencies just by clicking. Well, those websites are “faucets”. There are hundreds if not thousands of these faucet websites around the web that give away free cryptocurrencies to their visitors.    These websites work by requesting you to visit a website, watch an advert or other small tasks that drive traffic to websites. Faucets make money from driving traffic to a specific page / advert, and pay you a portion of what they earn.   However, be aware that they give is very small amounts away for completing very small tasks, but one advantage faucets have over airdrops and bounties is you can earn a cryptocurrency that is already established on the market.      Steemit  Steemit is a hybrid blogging / social media platform that initialises blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency to reward it’s users for creating content, commenting and upvoting other posts.    The difference between the already established social media that most people use daily, Is that Steemit stores all the content on their blockchain. Using this technology has a few benefits such as the content you create is retained by you and nobody can delete it.   But more importantly, the blockchain oversees the reward system. Every day, the blockchain creates new Steem tokens. From the new tokens, They are split between the community pool, miners and holders of Steem Power.   We would advise that if you create an account of Steemit, that you store your password somewhere as you cannot reset your password. If you lose or forget your log in details, you will not be able to recover your account or the funds on the account.     Work for Crypto  Since the explosion of cryptocurrency, just like any other startup they need employees to achieve their goals. Working for a crypto company is a way to earn larger amounts of crypto. There are numerous crypto related job sites such as :-   crypto.jobs,  cryptojoblist Angel.co and use keywords such as “crypto”  There are subreddits such as /r/Jobs4Crypto and /r/Jobs4Bitcoins   Or maybe instead of full time work, you can offer a service part time. Do have a skillset that could be freelanced? With the evolution of technology, remote working is accessible to everyone, meaning you are able to work as long as you have a internet connection.    As the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve and becomes more adopted in general day to day life, we expect there will be more and more ways to earn cryptocurrencies in the foreseeable future. Do you know any other ways? Leave a comment!
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