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Check out our New UI & Give Feedback | Posted 9 months ago
Hello everyone!    Thanks for all your support and work on previous tasks. If you haven’t yet participated, click here to check out our current live tasks.  For this task, you are going to be the first to see our new UI design for the product.    We used the program Invisionapp to design the UI layout which includes the following page designs:    Landing page Signup Post Job Browse freelance Browse jobs Job description  My Jobs   Keep in mind, these are mockup designs, not the application and must be viewed on desktop. Design will be cropped to mobile in the future as we put together the front end build. In addition, this first mockup showcases the basics, and does not go into detail of the reviewers side and UX according to the work that is done with the use of smart contracts. This dives more into how the organization (client) and freelancer posts/accepts jobs, and showcases themselves.   Instructions:    Click the link here to access the mockup (To identify what links to click, select anywhere on the screen and the clickable links will be highlighted in blue for your navigation). Go through each page thoroughly and imagine yourself in the shoes of both a client or freelance user.  Copy your comment on CH and post on our Telegram chat in order to get the rewards.    Questions:    What do you think of the design?    Any improvement suggestions?    We look forward to your feedback!   All the best,    CryptoTask Team 
Project: Cryptotask | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 100.0 AE*