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Introducing Cryptotask | Posted 6 months, 1 week ago
  Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're Decentralized Freelancing Market place and proud future æpp for the æternity blockchain as part of the Starfeet Accelerator Program.  Currently, we are at an early stage and we can't wait to work more with you to improve our product ✊   Curious about who we are and what our business is about?    Cryptotask is developing a freelance marketplace with a key technical innovation allowing a commercially scalable consensus mechanism with reviewer board selection built into the blockchain, including the escalation option that satisfies Nash equilibrium. Basically - we are Upwork on blockchain, with 90% lesser fees, no censorship, no limits on task size and the ability to earn money as a reviewer!   How does it work?   In more non-technical terms an organization post a job on Cryptotask, a freelancer accepts the job and performs the required action. After completion of the job, organization (client) confirms the job was done successfully and approved. The freelancer is then paid out. If a dispute arises, our system will choose 10 reviewers and they will vote on which side is right, then reviewers get their reward and job is concluded   So how do we standout from other freelance applications?   Due to the decentralized nature of the technology, Cryptotask takes a very low fee of 3% compared to the likes of other freelance applications that takes 20 to 30% in a centralized system with 3rd party fees. With a mathematically provable attack resistance and fully scalable hierarchical dispute system, including  no censorship, no limits on value and guaranteed dividend payouts to reviewers, we standout as a unique freelance system.     How can you help?   As part of the intro task, we kindly ask you to join our Telegram channel. Fill free to ask us any questions, and we will be happy to respond.  Note: in the comment section please leave your telegram handle at the end of your written feedback and we will tip you 100 YUPs each for joining our Telegram group.  What are your first impressions? 👉 Go to our website to learn more about us and then leave your comment below.   Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Yours, The Cryptotask team   Note: This task is using AE tokens. Please make sure to create your AE wallet (browser-based wallet) or download using iOS or Android and place your AE public key, and CH username in the Survey. Tokens will be sent out every two weeks for all the participants. In the future, CH plans to integrate AE blockchain, so stay tuned!   
Project: Cryptotask | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 100.0 AE*
CryptoTask progress update vol2 | Posted 4 months ago
  Hey Everyone,    We want to share you our most recent Medium article, which you can check out here. Please make sure to give us some claps and it would be great if you can place a comment under the Medium article and share your thoughts on our Telegram chat about the news. Below is the same article from Medium. Exciting times!     Ok guys, we don’t want to over-hype but we have massive news. We acquired an existing freelancing platform based in Croatia in partnership with Croatian freelancers association HDNP (https://hdnp.hr/), with over 15,000 active users. That’s real traction and, on average, a few new jobs are posted daily: https://www.freelance.hr/postovi/s/o-nama. The design is a bit outdated but, of course, we are working on that. This platform will basically be a Croatian subsection of the global CryptoTask platform.   Real traction New design   One interesting thing is that we have noticed a lack of developers applying on dev jobs. Perfect opportunity to connect Kenyan freelancers to these jobs. If you haven’t read our previous blog update, we are working with Kenyan crypto / freelancer community on connecting them to the EU.   Here you can see our new design: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/CHTFBAAWUJN#/screens. Minimal and functional.   Backend Aeternity blockchain integration is progressing as well, we are using Node.js and Browser SDK bundles.   We are working with great guys from CrowdHolding: https://www.crowdholding.com/project/430/?preview=1 (shout out to Ethan), they are helping by getting us feedback on the new platform design etc. Great community, many of whom are freelancers. See you at the Aeternity Universe conference in Prague!
Project: Cryptotask | Rewards: 5000 YUP and 500.0 AE*
First æternity Aepp Joins Crowdholding: Welcoming CryptoTask | Posted 6 months, 1 week ago
Today we would like to announce a new important project that will be working directly with CH to support their “process fit” and to use the CH community to identify their market fit and other key aspects to help CryptoTask grow as a business.  Each week Cryptotask will have a new task for us to solve. So who are they?   CryptoTask (CT) is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem skipping 3rd party fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants peer to peer. CT uses a commercially scalable consensus mechanism with a reviewer board selection built into the blockchain.    Due to the peer to peer nature of the marketplace, CT has much lower fees compared to centralized systems and has reviewers approve accomplished work as a consensus of payment, to amend any disputes where parties disagree between the hiree and the worker.      There are three types of users:   Clients: a client publishes a job that they need done Freelancers: solves that job for the client to use Reviewers: reviewers confirm job was met or not met and receive revenue dividends from CT for their review, if a dispute arises. The reviewer role is only active if dispute between client and freelancers happens.   So what’s next?   Check them out on Crowdholding and make sure to participate in their first intro task on CH. Also make sure to join their Telegram channel to get up to date interaction with them and check out their website by clicking here.     Thanks for reading!   Cheers,  CH Team     
Project: Crowdholding Blog | Rewards: 0 YUP