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CrowdClick Partners with Crowdholding | Posted 5 months, 4 weeks ago
  CrowdClick (CC) is happy to announce that we are partnering with Crowdholding (CH). The goal of the partnership is to support the growth between both projects to benefit the Crypto ecosystem of tomorrow.   With CC looking to enter the market as a promising dapp, and CH looking for a strong use case, the coalition can’t be better aligned.   The partnership manifesto will be the following:     CC will use CH’s widget to gather feedback directly on CC site    Future budget allocation from CC to purchase YUPs for tasks on CH starting December 2019   Cross promotion of linked campaigns    Client recommended leads. Both CH and CC clients will be recommended to use both systems    Future API integrated features between CH and CC   CC and CH both have dynamics that can in fact educate and bring more people as users into the dapp industry. We are excited about the opportunity to grow together.       Now for your feedback.   Questions for you to consider:   What do you think of the manifesto agreement?   What suggestions or ideas you might have to bring the partnership to the next level?   If you are new to the CC project, feel free to support us by giving your feedback on our most recent tasks. This task is also a Medium article. We kindly ask to copy your comment and post it on Medium, and give some claps.    Cheers,    CrowdClick Team       
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