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Seal network. Your ideas about product improvement | Posted 1 year ago
Hello Crowdholders! Seal Network is a blockchain based product authentication platform that enables anyone to verify the authenticity of any physically manufactured product that contains our NFC chip. Users can also use the app to scan any brand-name item that incorporated with Seal technology. Brands are able to record the details of their products on the Seal Network; a dynamic NFC chip with these records is inserted into the product. Consumers can then, verify the authenticity of the Seal embedded product and access product information by using the Seal app via their smartphones. This provides a watertight system that enables both brands and consumers to secure, safe buying and selling. In addition to guaranteeing the authenticity of items, there are many additional benefits, some of which have been developed already and others still in the pipeline including: • Authenticity verification • Ownership registration • Ownership transfer • Theft protection • Marketing information • Product recalls We would love to get your product improvement ideas. What other features could be added to our App apart from above mentioned features?  Think about what could be important for brands to learn from first hand and second hand markets. What type of tools and add-ons can be implemented to the Seal app to give brands better insights? (For example, the App can keep track of car repairs, accident reports etc as long as they are inserted with NFC chip. You can click on the link to have more information about the company. Looking forward to your feedback! Many thanks.
Project: Seal | Rewards: 1000 YUP
What is a Crowdshare? Learn and discuss! | Posted 1 year, 10 months ago
Let us introduce you to the concept of the Crowdshare. As you know, businesses on our app will be sharing a % of revenue, thus we look to add a token called the Crowdshare come summer 2018. You can also earn this the same way you are earning the Yupie. An example calculation would be 1% of revenue = 1 million Crowdshares. This can be future revenue (for businesses who haven’t generated revenue yet) or current revenue generating businesses. The idea is that the business can place the amount of time the Crowdshare is valid (for example 3 years when revenue starts being generated) and you would earn whether monthly, quarterly, half year or yearly (chosen by the business) their revenue in Yupies as dividends from holding Crowdshares of different companies. On average, 10% of revenue from a company is spent on ads. We at Crowdholding think the ad model is becoming broken with the CTR lower then 0.1% and us users actively using adblockers. It seems a no brainer to skip spending money on ads and give it directly to the customer to co-create with the business.   Give us your thoughts and ideas that spurs from the Crowdshare logic of revenue sharing. Does it look rewarding to you? Do you see faults? How can we make the best model work? We look forward to your feedback and ideas! UPDATE EXPLAINATION THANKS TO COMMENTS: Sorry for the confusion. Yupie is the currency on our app. We are looking to introduce the crowdshare after the bounty period this summer. Startups will be sharing revenue (paid in Yupies). However, in order to know who owns what revenue from each startup, you begin earning a security token called crowdshares. Owning this crowdshare is worth dividends paid in Yupies. Think of it as a share of revenue you own where you will be consistently being paid in yupies by owning this asset. Eventually bounty ends around the summer (6% of our Yupies), and to replace and keep the Yupie movement on going you will earn crowdshares which is royalties of our businesses. So you will be earning a % of this revenue (crowdshare). A year ago, before getting involved in the crypto scene, we were planing just the crowdshare and people would use fiat on our app. But now crypto opens the doors to make our market place dencentralized. Revenue sharing begins in July, thus we are looking on the best way for businesses to distribute their revenue to all of you. We want to be as transparent as possible and be open with telling you about internal strategies. Your answers will help shape us for the best possible revenue sharing product come July. Will definitely be following up with future discussion regarding this.  
Project: Crowdholding | Rewards: 24000 YUP
What are your thoughts about our solution for venture investments market? | Posted 1 year, 6 months ago
Crypton is a tokenized VC fund investing in promising projects in the FinTech area, other cryptocurrencies and ICOs.In the FinTech area, venture capital market is developing with incredible dynamics. From 2013 to 2017, 250 of the most attractive FinTech startups (according to the CB Insights ranking) gained nearly $32B from investors. (Source: The Fintech Report 2016. Financial industry trends and investment)However, the venture investments market is experiencing serious difficulties. Many projects either fail or don’t achieve the announced results after raising funds.Crypton VC is designed to create a transparent venture fund aimed at maximizing the development potential and scaling up of FinTech/Blockchain projects. Additional advantages are: quick scaling of projects, transparency of investments and investment liquidity.Crypton token holders are allowed to receive quarterly dividends, and they are entitled to vote on investment proposals for the fund. Moreover, an appropriate number of tokens from running ICO can be acquired by Crypton token holders, and they can have the access to the exclusive pre-ICO.What are your thoughts about our solution for the venture investments market? Please provide suggestions for improvements, as well as point out potential challenges Krypton VC might face.We are looking forward to your contributions.
Project: Crypton VC | Rewards: 800 YUP and 50.0 CRN