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Introducing CLOUD TOKEN WALLET | Posted 3 days, 3 hours ago
Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're CLOUD TOKEN WALLET. Curious about who we are and what’s our business is about? The cloud token project is not just about trading. It's a universal wallet, which needs to have:                                                                                                                                                           a) Users (that's where every member comes in). we are increasing the spending power for every member.   b) Merchants, will have more customers.  c) Bridge to the traditional payment platform, so merchants don't need to be affected by the volatility from the crypto markets.   The goal is to be a platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional financial instruments. Cloud Token is pooling all the crypto assets from partners to be a huge whale.  With their own strength, they can't get anywhere, but with everyone, they will be one of the largest players around.  KEY Features 🔹 Sponsored by World Blockchain Forum (WBF) 🔹 Developed by the BIT BETA TEAM under supervision of Blockchain expert Ronald Aai 🔹 Intelligent trading software JARVIS AI 🔹 Trading Algorithm Based on VAROOM Trading strategy 🔹Visibility & Transparency to all Buy & Sell Orders in the Cloud App   What are your first impression? 👉 Go to our website to learn more about us and then leave your comment below. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Yours, The CLOUD TOKEN WALLET team  
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