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Introducing æternity (AE) | Posted 1 month, 1 week ago
  æternity’s blockchain focuses on increasing scalability of smart contracts and DApps by moving smart contracts off-chain in private state channels between parties. More notably, the blockchain is supported by a decentralized oracle machine connecting data from outside sources for usage in the smart contract. In addition to usage of prediction markets for various voting and verification purposes, these main features are where æternity (AE) stands out from other blockchain platforms.    So how does it work? State Channels:  Known as their State Channel solution (communication between parties in a smart contract) AE allows the communication off chain and only connects to the blockchain for actions of adjudication or transfer of value.    This is effective compared to other chains for two main reasons. Firstly, they don’t need to pay the network every time these parties compute. In addition to better privacy, the two parties in the contract only need to see the contract’s information. This brings higher scalability and privacy to the network users.    Oracle Machine    AE’s Oracle machine really has them standout and here is why. An oracle provides outside data to the blockchain, more specifically to the smart contracts. By having the oracle move data to AE’s blockchain, the data set becomes unchangeable and immutable within the contract. The oracle in fact collects centralized data and moves it to a decentralized system.     For example:    Lets say a freelance DApp using AE’s blockchain allows parties to hire content writers. The smart contract is programmed to read the oracles data to approve or disapprove a payment. The smart contract has rules for doing the job, such as, the article needs to be 800 words, uses 10 keywords for SEO purposes, and includes an image. The oracle can check if these rules were met after the article is produced and then tell the smart contract to make the payment.  Now for your task:    What’s your first impressions of AE? After seeing one example, come up with a use case idea where an oracle can be used with AE smart contracts. This will allow AE to utilize these ideas as they work closely with their Aepps (AE’s Dapps).  Top 5 voted use cases will receive a Ledger Nano S with æeternity branding from æternity blockchain.   Please make sure to create your AE wallet (browser-based wallet) or download using iOS or Android and place your AE public key, CH username and address (for potentially being top 5) in the Survey. We then will send out the tokens every two weeks for all the participants. In the future, we plan to integrate AE blockchain, so stay tuned!    We look forward to your feedback! 
Project: æternity | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 100.0 AE
Crowdholding Partner’s with Aeternity Ventures to support Starfleet Acceleration Program | Posted 1 month, 1 week ago
We are delighted to announce we will be working with æternity Ventures, the investment arm of aeternity Blockchain, to support their Starfleet Accelerator Program. The focus of the partnership is to support the development of the blockchain projects æternity Ventures invested in with regards to their businesses fit.   “CH is proud to support the æternity Ventures because of their emphasis towards supporting their DApp ecosystem. Our teams both share the vision that, in order to succeed in this market, DApps are crucial to bring global adoption. Blockchains who bring the first successful adoption of DApps will gain solid market share. With our efforts aligned, the future is bright. “ - says Ethan Clime, CEO of CH.    What’s Next    In the upcoming weeks CH will pilot the first project. Our goal, to bring the best feedback from our community by following AE’s process fit. The process fit is about identifying key subjects of success such as team, pain points, value proposition, product, go to market strategy, customer traction and business model. Thanks to the effort from the CH community over the past year, we will have an exciting opportunity to bring valuable feedback, knowledge as well as experience to æternity’s Aepps.    About æternity   æternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Currently they are ranked in the top 80 tokens on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of over 70 million USD.   æternity’s blockchain focuses on increasing scalability of smart contract and DApps by moving smart contracts off-chain in private state channels between parties. More notably, the blockchain is supported by a decentralized oracle machine connecting data from outside sources for usage in the smart contract. In addition to usage of prediction markets for various voting and verification purposes, these main features is where æternity (AE) stand out from the like of other blockchain platforms.    About Starfleet   Starfleet is an acceleration program for seed stage startups using æternity’s blockchain in their product or service. These startups are known as Aepps. Starfleet’s aim is to improve the chances of success of the projects by providing financial, technological, product, marketing, accounting, and legal support.    What’s your thoughts on this partnership? Also to announce the partnership, æternity has launched their first task on our platform, where you have the chance not only to earn YUPs and AE tokens, but also the top five comments will be rewarded with a AE branded Nano Ledger S! You can click here and give your response to the task!    Make sure to join both CH & AE’s telegram channel and check out what æternity’s blockchain is all about.      Cheers,    Crowdholding Team
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First æternity Aepp Joins Crowdholding: Welcoming CryptoTask | Posted 1 month ago
Today we would like to announce a new important project that will be working directly with CH to support their “process fit” and to use the CH community to identify their market fit and other key aspects to help CryptoTask grow as a business.  Each week Cryptotask will have a new task for us to solve. So who are they?   CryptoTask (CT) is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem skipping 3rd party fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants peer to peer. CT uses a commercially scalable consensus mechanism with a reviewer board selection built into the blockchain.    Due to the peer to peer nature of the marketplace, CT has much lower fees compared to centralized systems and has reviewers approve accomplished work as a consensus of payment, to amend any disputes where parties disagree between the hiree and the worker.      There are three types of users:   Clients: a client publishes a job that they need done Freelancers: solves that job for the client to use Reviewers: reviewers confirm job was met or not met and receive revenue dividends from CT for their review, if a dispute arises. The reviewer role is only active if dispute between client and freelancers happens.   So what’s next?   Check them out on Crowdholding and make sure to participate in their first intro task on CH. Also make sure to join their Telegram channel to get up to date interaction with them and check out their website by clicking here.     Thanks for reading!   Cheers,  CH Team     
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æternity's Community Building Campaign Call for Proposals: How can CH help? | Posted 1 day, 6 hours ago
Hello fellow Crowdholders,    Crowdholding will be applying to support æternity’s (AE) Community Building Campaign, which you can read about here. They are looking for ways to grow their community, and here at CH, we can definitely help.   Our plan is to bring trusted community members to earn AE tokens for helping with growth hacking. As you are aware, we are partners with æternity Ventures and are working closely with them. Today I would like to showcase you the proposal we plan to send on the æternity forum, after your feedback for improvements. You can check out other projects that applied here.    Below is the application questions and answers. Please review carefully and follow the questions at the end of the proposal:   ---------------------------------------------------   I. Title - must be clear and concise   CH Community Growth Hacking Campaign    II. Summary - a concise description of the campaign. Limit this to 2 paragraphs max, no longer than 300 words.   CH is a community feedback application with 1,800 weekly active users. We would be promoting this campaign within our community. AE lacks content on all the up and coming crowdsourced publishing websites that are gaining traction as alternatives to Steemit. Currently there are 94 free websites that can be used to publish æternity news frequently catering to your target user base as shown here: https://alternativeto.net/software/steemit/    How would it work? We would create a group of Publishers/Authors that would receive AE created content (which is produced frequently by AE). Next they would publish as an AE author. Each Author would be designated to specific sites. Every author would also be designated as a commenter under the article of these sites for which they don’t publish, boosting curiosity from readers. We then track using AE’s oracle and reward the actions in AE tokens.   III. Goals - clear objectives must be set, noting the target demographics and the call to action/conversions.   Goal 1) Recruit 10-20 Authors to maintain the system being lead by CH team.     Goal 2) Websites would be selected depending on their Alexa ranking which must be under 1 million in ranking.    Goal 3) Increase % AE traffic visits and wallet usage. Increase % - to be determined after analyzing more data   IV. Roles - team members involved in the project as well as their backgrounds and expertise, as well as any reviewers from the Board or the AE team who need to check output before release, if any.    Ethan Clime & Jonny Dee   Ethan Clime is CEO of crowdholding.com who led the building of Crowdholding and community from the ground up. Jonny Dee is an experience growth hacker for CH and the company Energi ranked in the top 50 of CMC.    V. Minimum Viable Products - list of final output   Increase % AE traffic visits and wallet usage by carefully seeing which sites increase most attention in traffic and growth from the growth hacking team. By staying flexible we can cater to what works and keep improving the growth hacking campaign.     VI. Timeline - how long will this campaign run, including preparations.   September:  Author applications. CH will hand pick community members to become an AE Author. We will recruit 10-20 of top applied candidates or selected community member from AE. Having members showing past active support to either AE or CH is a plus. Sites will be selected and Authors will begin signing up as users on those sites and will be chosen for which sites they publish on. In addition, be selected to what sites they comment on.  A shared database displaying actions will be used by the AE growth hackers to track their work. More importantly, showcase daily links where content is published to have quick access to the sites article and comment under the content thread. Community rules pamphlet will be created on the roles of an AE Author which they will follow as their guidelines.     October - July AE will send weekly content they publish on the growth hacking database Publishing and commenting begins Monthly group meetings to discuss results and improvements with the 10-20 authors (recorded conference call)     VII. Milestones - divide the timeline into achievable milestones. The budget may have to be released in increments as milestones are reached.   Keep in mind, some sites are about building reputation. So each month that goes by should increase reader activity and click rates from more actions done by Authors. The milestones are the following:   (%) - to be determined after analyzing more data Milestone 1) Increase æternity.com’s traffic by (%) each month Milestone 2) Increase base.aepps wallet sign ups by (%) each month Milestone 3) Increase Telegram community by (%) each month Milestone 4) Increase forum.aeternity community by (%) each month    This means each article needs a bottom footer showcasing all four links in a 2-3 sentence paragraph.     VIII. Budget - a clear breakdown of costs as well as the total cost   Although this will need to be discussed. The reward for the Authors on the time spent for work will need to be adequate. To be honest, time spent publishing and commenting wouldn’t take too much time, as the content is given to them. The only creatives from the Authors is creating authentic short/long comments that goes under the published articles.   Managing the growth hacking group $ to be determined equivalent in AE tokens each month for time spent, half of the amount buy’s our YUP tokens to be rewarded for future Aepps or AE related tasks on CH.  Growth hackers receive $0.50 USD (in AE) for each article published and $0.50 (in AE) for each comment.  Let's assume AE publishes 4 content producing articles a week and each Author has 5 publishing sites and 10 commenting sites. Time spent would be most likely 1 hour or 30 minutes of their time, thus 4 to 2 hours in the week. This means $30 USD per Author a week in AE tokens. If we have 10 Authors that equates to $300 a week (in AE). Thus, $1,200 a month in AE tokens to the Authors.    Estimated budget: $ to be determined a month in (AE tokens) or fiat used to purchase AE for this campaign.   IX. Assessment/Metrics of Success - state the desired end result and how they will be monitored and measured   The question is how can the AE Oracle work here as a way to track and distribute the tokens? This could be an interesting use case.    One option is to use affiliate links to track this, thus we need an affiliate link for each of the four milestones.    Or allow access to Analytics to observe how each site does to make appropriate actions of improvements.     By having a increase % for each milestone. Our goal from this campaign alone is to have a high increase in traffic for AE by July 2020, equating to (%) monthly increase.   Questions to AE admins:    Would it be possible to share analytical data for the 4 milestones? With these stats we can properly compare data from the publishing sites and identify the (%) goal. This would involve the following:    How much monthly traffic are you receiving from the listed sites from our milestone? How many wallet signups do you have, and what increase do have each month?    ---------------------------------------------------------- So from reading the proposal let us know your feedback. You can use the questions below to help.   So what’s your thoughts?    Would you participate and apply to be an Author?    Is the campaign clear, and do you feel it could reach good results as a strategy?    How could CH application be used more in this growth hacking campaign?   We look forward to your feedback.   Cheers,  CH Team 
Project: Crowdholding | Rewards: 15000 YUP
Process of Securing and Using the AE Wallet: What is your feedback? | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Hello Crowdholders,    Thanks for your input on the last task. You can check out the ranking results here, including the top 5 winners who will receive the Ledger Nano S.    There was a lot of fascinating ideas that will help in the future to identify use cases, so kudos!   For some of you who participated in the last task, you have already created an AE wallet. In this task, we would like to hear your feedback on the flow.    --------------------------------------   Once you go to https://base.aepps.com/ you are in the AE wallet eco-system. Below is a screenshot of the view you will see when the wallet loads on mobile and on Desktop.                                                          Your job for this task:    Go through the process of setting up your wallet to make sure you are secure. This task will not explain how to do it, quite the contrary, instead you must do it yourself and give feedback.    Some questions to consider:    Did you accomplish making a secure wallet, is it understandable? Do you feel comfortable using the interface? Do you have any constructive criticism? What is missing and what would you improve?   Previous task participants have already attempted setting up the wallet, so feel free to recall and play with the interface.    Cheers! Please be honest, as thoughtful feedback is welcomed!    Important note: As AE is not yet integrated with CH, make sure to place your public key and CH username in the Survey to receive the AE token rewards for this task.  
Project: æternity | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 100.0 AE



De Gem | Posted 1 month ago

The æternity project has great potential and can be used for several important objectives. I've seen it a lot of times on coinmarketcap but I never bothered to look it up. I'd like to state here that prior to seeing it here on Crowdholding, I didn't know anything like an Oracle Machine. As you said, it is one of the most unique assets of any cryptocurrency I've come across. It sorts of operates on the principle "If you have nothing important to tell me, don't say anything" which is impressive. I visited the æternity website and it's quite authentic. A lot of ideas are in place and the roadmap is closely being followed. There are as many as 52 team members and considering the dominance of æternity in the coinmarketcap top 100, it's evident that you guys are putting in a lot of hard work. I think æternity will be a great project to invest in considering the numerous potential uses it has and also the fact that its all-time high value is $5.86 (on CMC). It has the potential to rise again. I also think it's security system is solid considering its innovative state channels.

Now onto the use case ideas.

It can be used for selection and placement of students into colleges and universities based on their GPAs or SAT scores. Lets say a school's DApp using AE’s blockchain allows students to apply to their school by submitting their results. The smart contract can have rules for doing the job such as "GPA greater than 3.7 or SATs greater than 1,999". The oracle can check if these rules were met after the students submit their results and then tell the smart contract to enlist them as admitted. The students can then proceed to pay their fees.
Sports betting companies can employ the AE blockchain in building Dapps that pay stakers or allow stakers to pay after the outcome of a match. The smart contract can be given rules for doing the job such as "Pay if Real Madrid win but receive payment of Real Madrid lose". The oracle can check if these rules were met after the match is played and then tell the smart contract to make payment or receive payment. Considering the number of matches of different sports played worldwide and the number of betting companies there, this can be a serious opportunity to jump on.
Justin Kat | Posted 1 month ago
æternity to me is like Ethereum, but on steroids! I see æternity as a blockchain 3.0 platform most importantly as it integrates state channels and oracles into their protocol layer. Furthermore, æternity is engaging in a vast array of initiatives, such as their Starfleet program, community campaigns, æmbassador programs, educational materials, open forum discussions, and now with Crowdholding, all of which is crucial in reaching out to all the corners for adoption by the masses.

I work in the academic research community amongst many scientific researchers and there has always been an unsolved problem since the beginning: everyone wants data for their research but no one is willing to share their data, let alone spend the time and effort sanitizing their data properly so that it is usable for public consumption. Therefore, I have come up with a very unique use case that will solve this very challenge. Every research study can run oracles as the gatekeepers for their data. Through the use of smart contracts as well, the data can be shared in a standard format that is accepted to be widely consumed by all the other scientific researchers in the community. Every time any scientific researcher is looking for data, they can query the respective oracles in the network to request and retrieve their needed data. Additionally by using oracles, these large data sets would not be required to be stored on the blockchain itself, rather only the metadata essential for the data set would be recorded. The data can be verified through the respective metadata hashes in order to prove that the data has been unaltered. Smart contracts can also be written to provide an immutable feedback system in order to gauge the quality of the data sets. This entire architecture can provide an incentive for research studies to promote and publish their data to the public as they can receive fees in return, and scientists can in turn conduct their research on high-quality data provided by other scientists around the globe.