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Introducing æternity (AE) | Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago
  æternity’s blockchain focuses on increasing scalability of smart contracts and DApps by moving smart contracts off-chain in private state channels between parties. More notably, the blockchain is supported by a decentralized oracle machine connecting data from outside sources for usage in the smart contract. In addition to usage of prediction markets for various voting and verification purposes, these main features are where æternity (AE) stands out from other blockchain platforms.    So how does it work? State Channels:  Known as their State Channel solution (communication between parties in a smart contract) AE allows the communication off chain and only connects to the blockchain for actions of adjudication or transfer of value.    This is effective compared to other chains for two main reasons. Firstly, they don’t need to pay the network every time these parties compute. In addition to better privacy, the two parties in the contract only need to see the contract’s information. This brings higher scalability and privacy to the network users.    Oracle Machine    AE’s Oracle machine really has them standout and here is why. An oracle provides outside data to the blockchain, more specifically to the smart contracts. By having the oracle move data to AE’s blockchain, the data set becomes unchangeable and immutable within the contract. The oracle in fact collects centralized data and moves it to a decentralized system.     For example:    Lets say a freelance DApp using AE’s blockchain allows parties to hire content writers. The smart contract is programmed to read the oracles data to approve or disapprove a payment. The smart contract has rules for doing the job, such as, the article needs to be 800 words, uses 10 keywords for SEO purposes, and includes an image. The oracle can check if these rules were met after the article is produced and then tell the smart contract to make the payment.  Now for your task:    What’s your first impressions of AE? After seeing one example, come up with a use case idea where an oracle can be used with AE smart contracts. This will allow AE to utilize these ideas as they work closely with their Aepps (AE’s Dapps).  Top 5 voted use cases will receive a Ledger Nano S with æeternity branding from æternity blockchain.   Please make sure to create your AE wallet (browser-based wallet) or download using iOS or Android and place your AE public key, CH username and address (for potentially being top 5) in the Survey. We then will send out the tokens every two weeks for all the participants. In the future, we plan to integrate AE blockchain, so stay tuned!    We look forward to your feedback! 
Project: æternity | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 100.0 AE
Month of August Update: And what’s coming next for September | Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Hi Crowdholders!   This update will dive into what has gone on during the month of August regarding growth, dividend stats and development, followed by the plans for September. Without further ado let's begin:     Growth Stats:    Our Alexa Ranking rose from 410,074 on August 1st to now 308,286. A nice jump as we keep moving upward in the ranks.     We had a total of 538 signups in the month of August averaging to 17.35 a day.    Our active returning users also took a jump upward, showcased from Analytics below. From the previous month of around 1,800 weekly active users who return (ie. commenters, voters and readers) to 2,497.       These growth stats are off a $0 marketing budget. To be able to grow this way speaks for itself. Our plan is to keep the grind going with growth while bootstrapping, at the same time establish future investment opportunities. In fact, we are breaking even on expenditures month per month now, allowing us to be alive indefinitely until a breakthrough occurs while continuously building forward.    ærternity Blockchain Integration    Since our meeting with ærternity’s development support on August 28th, we began the first steps for AE integration. This allows Aepp token and AE token rewards to be live on CH. In your account, you will be able to attach your ærternity’s public key and be able to withdraw the rewards directly. This is our first step of integration but plan to go even further in the future to utilize more of what æternity's blockchain has to offer. This is currently under development and we will make sure to keep you updated when ready.      We have been working closely in our partnership with AE Ventures and supporting CryptoTask our pilot project with them. Cryptotask (CT) has unique synergies with us due to them being a freelance system and ourselves as a feedback system. And we both are integrating with AE’s Blockchain. We are currently working on ideas to support each other's projects even potentially with the usage of API's. It’s been enjoyable working with them and we hope for a long-lasting partnership.    Dividend Stats   Our total YUP rewards given for the month was 350,600, thus 17,530 were given out in Dividends.   Results are the following:   Top20 Leaderboard & 50K+ YUP holders: 39.8 YUP  250K YUP holders: 159 YUP 1M YUP holders: 796 YUP    Although stats are a bit lower than the previous month, this does not equate to the rewards from AE which are currently virtual in people’s accounts. By counting that, total valued rewards were much higher.    What’s next in September?   CH will be attending æternity Universe One in Prague, Czech Republic. A happy coincidence as Prague is home to our project and we are excited to be able to participate. In addition, Ethan Clime will be speaking about Crowdholding and our partnership with AE Ventures, including what is in store for future developments within CH. You will be able to watch the live stream, so we’re excited to showcase it to you!    Thanks for reading everyone. Keep up the good work!    Cheers,    CH Team     
Project: Crowdholding | Rewards: 5000 YUP
Crowdholding Partner’s with Aeternity Ventures to support Starfleet Acceleration Program | Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago
We are delighted to announce we will be working with æternity Ventures, the investment arm of aeternity Blockchain, to support their Starfleet Accelerator Program. The focus of the partnership is to support the development of the blockchain projects æternity Ventures invested in with regards to their businesses fit.   “CH is proud to support the æternity Ventures because of their emphasis towards supporting their DApp ecosystem. Our teams both share the vision that, in order to succeed in this market, DApps are crucial to bring global adoption. Blockchains who bring the first successful adoption of DApps will gain solid market share. With our efforts aligned, the future is bright. “ - says Ethan Clime, CEO of CH.    What’s Next    In the upcoming weeks CH will pilot the first project. Our goal, to bring the best feedback from our community by following AE’s process fit. The process fit is about identifying key subjects of success such as team, pain points, value proposition, product, go to market strategy, customer traction and business model. Thanks to the effort from the CH community over the past year, we will have an exciting opportunity to bring valuable feedback, knowledge as well as experience to æternity’s Aepps.    About æternity   æternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Currently they are ranked in the top 80 tokens on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of over 70 million USD.   æternity’s blockchain focuses on increasing scalability of smart contract and DApps by moving smart contracts off-chain in private state channels between parties. More notably, the blockchain is supported by a decentralized oracle machine connecting data from outside sources for usage in the smart contract. In addition to usage of prediction markets for various voting and verification purposes, these main features is where æternity (AE) stand out from the like of other blockchain platforms.    About Starfleet   Starfleet is an acceleration program for seed stage startups using æternity’s blockchain in their product or service. These startups are known as Aepps. Starfleet’s aim is to improve the chances of success of the projects by providing financial, technological, product, marketing, accounting, and legal support.    What’s your thoughts on this partnership? Also to announce the partnership, æternity has launched their first task on our platform, where you have the chance not only to earn YUPs and AE tokens, but also the top five comments will be rewarded with a AE branded Nano Ledger S! You can click here and give your response to the task!    Make sure to join both CH & AE’s telegram channel and check out what æternity’s blockchain is all about.      Cheers,    Crowdholding Team
Project: Crowdholding Blog | Rewards: 0 YUP
First æternity Aepp Joins Crowdholding: Welcoming CryptoTask | Posted 6 months, 1 week ago
Today we would like to announce a new important project that will be working directly with CH to support their “process fit” and to use the CH community to identify their market fit and other key aspects to help CryptoTask grow as a business.  Each week Cryptotask will have a new task for us to solve. So who are they?   CryptoTask (CT) is a decentralized freelance market ecosystem skipping 3rd party fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants peer to peer. CT uses a commercially scalable consensus mechanism with a reviewer board selection built into the blockchain.    Due to the peer to peer nature of the marketplace, CT has much lower fees compared to centralized systems and has reviewers approve accomplished work as a consensus of payment, to amend any disputes where parties disagree between the hiree and the worker.      There are three types of users:   Clients: a client publishes a job that they need done Freelancers: solves that job for the client to use Reviewers: reviewers confirm job was met or not met and receive revenue dividends from CT for their review, if a dispute arises. The reviewer role is only active if dispute between client and freelancers happens.   So what’s next?   Check them out on Crowdholding and make sure to participate in their first intro task on CH. Also make sure to join their Telegram channel to get up to date interaction with them and check out their website by clicking here.     Thanks for reading!   Cheers,  CH Team     
Project: Crowdholding Blog | Rewards: 0 YUP
Introducing Graffiti æpp: Leave your first impressions | Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago
The Graffiti Project æpp is a live, collaborative, interactive, token-driven art installation based on æternity’s technology.   By using the æpp, participants will be able to upload creative content leveraging the blockchain’s core feature of a public, immutable record. This allows an otherwise temporary local artwork to become immortalized and accessible to a global audience.   The Graffiti Project establishes an innovative creative medium, enabling a supranational community to collaborate on digital artworks. The artworks are secured by a decentralized, censorship-resistant, transparent platform where they will remain unchanged and open to all, for æternity.    This intro task will help you connect to the æpp in preparation for testing it for a live graffiti posting session on September 20 & 21st when æternity will be holding their AE Universe One conference in Prague. From your home you will be able to participate!     Here is what we need you to do:    On your mobile, open the base aepp wallet from base.aepps.com, make sure you have version 0.9.0 or a later version in the settings. For Android: Download the base aepp wallet from Google Play store. If you do not have a wallet yet, you can easily follow the instructions to create one. In the base-aepp aepps tab: open the graffiti aepp. You may type in graffiti.aeternity.com on the address bar. For Android: look for the graffiti aepp icon. At this time you will be ready to post an image or any art work you have created. However you will need some AE tokens to initiate the transaction cost to load the art image on the canvas. This will be given to you in order to post your image during September 20th & 21st. Please leave your AE public key with your comment, and we will send you AE tokens to use for publishing on Thursday, September 19th.  Last and final step! Please join our Telegram chat here, where we will update you on the news of the campaign, including when we send the AE tokens to your account. In addition to updates for this Friday and Saturday art publishing contest.   Now for the task:    What’s your first impressions of the project?    What do you think of the user interface (ie. design and graphics)?   How would you go about making it a thriving business that can generate revenue?    Any suggestions on making it more user friendly?   We look forward to your feedback!   Cheers,  Graffiti Project Team     
Project: Graffiti æpp | Rewards: 10000 YUP and 200.0 *AE



De Gem | Posted 6 months ago

The æternity project has great potential and can be used for several important objectives. I've seen it a lot of times on coinmarketcap but I never bothered to look it up. I'd like to state here that prior to seeing it here on Crowdholding, I didn't know anything like an Oracle Machine. As you said, it is one of the most unique assets of any cryptocurrency I've come across. It sorts of operates on the principle "If you have nothing important to tell me, don't say anything" which is impressive. I visited the æternity website and it's quite authentic. A lot of ideas are in place and the roadmap is closely being followed. There are as many as 52 team members and considering the dominance of æternity in the coinmarketcap top 100, it's evident that you guys are putting in a lot of hard work. I think æternity will be a great project to invest in considering the numerous potential uses it has and also the fact that its all-time high value is $5.86 (on CMC). It has the potential to rise again. I also think it's security system is solid considering its innovative state channels.

Now onto the use case ideas.

It can be used for selection and placement of students into colleges and universities based on their GPAs or SAT scores. Lets say a school's DApp using AE’s blockchain allows students to apply to their school by submitting their results. The smart contract can have rules for doing the job such as "GPA greater than 3.7 or SATs greater than 1,999". The oracle can check if these rules were met after the students submit their results and then tell the smart contract to enlist them as admitted. The students can then proceed to pay their fees.
Sports betting companies can employ the AE blockchain in building Dapps that pay stakers or allow stakers to pay after the outcome of a match. The smart contract can be given rules for doing the job such as "Pay if Real Madrid win but receive payment of Real Madrid lose". The oracle can check if these rules were met after the match is played and then tell the smart contract to make payment or receive payment. Considering the number of matches of different sports played worldwide and the number of betting companies there, this can be a serious opportunity to jump on.