Reelly allows you to easily create a reel, invite friends to contribute to the reel, and share the reel. Reel it!

What is Reelly?

Reelly is a brand new app that allows you to easily create a reel, invite friends to contribute to your reel, and share the reel. Reelly is perfect for weddings, parties, concerts, or just day to day events. Reel it!

What are reels?

Reels are photo and video stories that you can create with your friends. The creator or owner of the reel is able to invite friends to contribute and then control what content is added. The reel can then be shared on all social media.

Who are reelers?

Reelers are users that join the Reelly app. As a reeler, you are able to create reels that you add photos and videos to either alone or with friends. Its great for creating your own story or a story with others.

Reelly for weddings?

Reelly helps a bride create a collage of photos and videos from everyone at her wedding. Simply create a reel, invite others, and film your wedding all together! Anyone using Instagram hashtags or Dropbox will love the privacy and instantly shareable nature of Reelly!

Reelly for events?

Reelly helps marketing teams collaboratively film tradeshows and marketing events and then easily share on all social media!

Reelly for organizations?

Reelly helps organizations create content and get their voice heard faster and easier. The app is great for collaborative filming at events as well as vlogging in discrete clips!

Reelly for news?

Reelly helps news organizations collaboratively film events in near real-time. A news organization can create a reel that news reporters can all contribute to and post in real-time!

Reelly for journalists?

Reelly helps journalists create collaborative commentary. A journalist can create a reel and then have other journalists add commentary to the same reel creating a unique and dynamic experience!

Reelly for real estate?

Reelly helps real estate agents sell homes faster by creating photo and video reel walk throughs and sharing on all social media!

What is Reelly Map?

Reelly Map is an event based map that allows you to see what is happening at the event in real-time through crowd-sourced reels. We are piloting this for SXSW in Austin, TX currently and will seek other events and festivals in the future!

What is Reelly Feed?

Reelly Feed is a compilation of all the twitter posts for @reellycool! Reelly Feed lets you see all of the Reels being created in real-time!

What is Reelly TV?

Reelly TV is a crowd-sourced collection of featured reels created by our Top Reelers and Reelly Verified Users.

Who are Reelly Verified Users?

Reelly Verified Users' are top reelers and social influencers who have been selected to create content for Reelly TV. Reelly Verified Users' also get a lot of free stuff as well! Reelly Verified User program is invite only. If we see you are creating top reels, we will contact you!

How do I contact Reelly support?

Please first check the support page: If you still need help, you can contact us at

What is the privacy policy for Reelly?

The privacy policy can be found at

What are the terms of service for Reelly?

The terms of service can be found at

How do I get Reelly App?

The app is free in the iOS App Store currently. Simply go to

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