Trust Engine for your ID & Document Digitisation + Verification

What is it?

Verismart is a visual analytics platform initiated with the vision of creating a Digital Trust network covering more than 5 billion people with the Digital ID empowered by cognitive computing with AI, Deep Vision and ML built at human intelligence level, available as shared service on a blockchain/private chain network which consists of social profiling, financial assessment, regulator based authentication, and facial bio-metric information for Fintech companies, Telcom Operators, cryptocurrency companies, smart E-governance, E-Wallets, insurance companies, P2P lending companies, payment banks, NBFCs, state banks, police departments; Also mitigating the risk of financial fraud and money laundering by using the Digital ID for Smart City Surveillance and as a payment solution.

What is our solution?

The Problem we are trying to address with our product stack is to automate the remote based consumer on-boarding process which authenticates, verify, and automate the user profiling and assessment process in 30 seconds.

The authentication and verification of the individual remotely will be based on regulator based Authentication, User consent based data submission, which includes the Facial Bio-Metric based verification from video selfie and Real face analysis, Then other are being done related to AML(Anti Money Laundering) and user financial assessment and Social profiling to understand the user more closely and give them personalized banking, product experience or any other service they opt for and adding the entire stack on private chain to be used as shared service among different operators.

Presently the user on-boarding process alone in bank or other institution takes more than 4-5 Days and this highly slows down the entire process, With our security features and profiling to build reputation score we want to automate the entire process and provide a better consumer Experience. 

What can we offer?

We do the following with our Product Stack using AI and Cognitive Computing: 

  • Faster and Autonomous User On-Boarding process
  • User Profiling and assessment based on Social and Financial Data 
  • Smart City Violations Detection and Payment Solution 

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