CLIMATENZA is innovating India's first Third generation Solar PV cell that will be 30% cheaper and more efficient than Silicon panel.

CLIMATENZA is India's first Solar start-up that is dealing with Third Generation Solar PV Technology. Our vision is to innovate 22% efficient solar chip by early 2019 which will be 30% cheaper allowing Solar to be much cheaper and affordable for the average person in the developing world. Climatenza aims to become Intel of Photovoltaics by providing 22% more efficient solutions that will be 30% more frugal solutions by 2018 compared to our competitors. We are fixated on providing cost-efficacious energy preserving solutions and renewable energy systems (PV) and keenly intellective solar street lights that will be highly efficient and cost-efficacious. Highly efficient thin chip Solar Panels are our major products.

The innovation lies in the printing technology. Perovskites raw material can be mixed into a liquid to form a kind of solar ink can be printed on glass or plastic using a simple inkjet printing process to increase efficiency which will be 30% cheaper. We are also researching to fabricate Perovskite solar cell by using simple wet chemistry techniques. We are using Solvent-solvent extraction approach. The advantage of researching and fabricating Perovskites solar cell compared to Silicon Technology is that it does not require drastic conditions including high Temperature, High Pressure and Ultra-clean Labs. It requires normal lab conditions and provide smooth finish to the surface of the cells at lower temperature.

We will be dealing in B2B business. Our major customers will be the established Solar manufacturers, Solar EPC companies, Solar Power plant manufacturers and other solar products manufacturers. Also, we will be dealing with Research institutes researching in Latest solar technology and University which focus on Perovskites. In addition, the aerospace Industry, robotic drone industry, Glass manufacturers and smart home constructors will be our major target. We will be selling our Solar cells to the potential customer. Our solutions are 30% cheaper compared to silicon technology which means the cost of our solar cell will be INR 20/Watt compared to INR 27/Watt. We are building Sustainable solar energy Business in India. Our aim is to create 1000MW installations and INR 265cr turnover till 2021. We will be first choice company for consumers for roof top Solar power Projects in India. For next 3 years, our mission is to grow in Asian and African market and provide efficient energy Supply.

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