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Weeshing has grown exponentially in Latin America over the last 2 years, and we are attacking the US with the same passion. Fans everywhere want to invest in their favorite bands, and we need partners to do this. 

So, if you know anyone in music (promoters, artists, venues, managers) or know any investors who might want to own a piece of Weeshing abroad, now's your chance to earn some Yupies (and earn VIP status at every show they fund).


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this is amazing post, thanks for posting http://garry919.angelfire.com

10 months ago

Hi, These are links to the Belgium market. 1. This is (translated to english) 'the federation to music festivals in Flanders' On this page: www.fmiv.be you will find the contact link to the following people: Belgium Rhythm ‘n Blues Festival Louis Van Hoef Cactusfestival Patrick Keerseblick Rock Werchter en TWClassic Herman Schueremans Gent Festival van Vlaanderen Jan Briers (Voorzitter) Folkfestival Dranouter Dany Gryson (Ondervoorzitter) Genk on Stage Roel Rabijns Trefpunt Festival Guido De Leeuw (Ondervoorzitter) Gent Jazz Festival en Jazz Middelheim Bertrand Flamang Graspop Peter Van Geel Film Fest Gent Martijn Bal Lokerse Feesten Jan Cools Laundry Day / Summerfestival Wim Van De Vijver Parkpop Oostkamp Dries Lescouhier Polé Polé Festivals Erik Costeur Paulusfeesten Joris Pollet Pukkelpop Chokri Mahassine Reggae Festival Geel Kris Eelen (Ondervoorzitter) Rock Werchter Yo Van Saet Rock Herk Maarten Ruelens Sfinks Jan Moens Suikerrock Walter Kestens Tomorrowland Pieter Waegemans Palm Parkies Bas Witlox 2. This is a link to one of the biggest venues in Belgium (Here famous and big artitst usually give their performance): http://www.sportpaleisgroep.be/nl 3. These are links to event organizers with Belgian artists (note that these artists are mostly famous in Belgium and Netherlands, but don't have international exposure) http://www.allpartyevents.be/artiesten/zangers http://www.philippedraps.be/belgische-artiesten/?gclid=EAIaIQobCh... Good luck on your project!

2 years ago

awesome, Steven. Thank you for such thorough recommendations.

2 years ago

Hi, I stay in Singapore and this is a place with many different kinds of arts and music. If you would like to find concert or event related service: https://www.lamcproductions.com/ https://www.electricdreamz.com/event-organizer http://www.unusual.com.sg/ If you want to distribute or sell your tickets in Singapore, you will not go wrong with Sistic: https://www.sistic.com.sg/events/search?c=Concert

2 years ago

thanks Alex. Been hoping to get to Singapore one of these days!

2 years ago

https://www.facebook.com/MotorkaNaJezike/ http://www.klub-baza.com/ There you go, two slovenian venues/promoters. Very active

2 years ago

to Slovenia we go!

2 years ago