Crowdholding has announced the pre-sale of the YUPIE token, which will be the official crypto-currency that users will receive for co-creating! For a limited time offer, all feedback in this project will be giving real future YUPIES per task!


Add your comments to any of the tasks and earn YUPIES by the amount of upvotes you receive.

Each task has a specific amount of YUPIES assigned to it. Once the task is complete a virtual number of YUPIES will be in your Crowdholding account from the ranking of your votes with other users. This will be exchanged for actual tokens after our successful ICO. will be launching an Initial coin offering (ICO) November 1st and a pre-sale August 15th. All respondants in this project will be receiving pre-YUPIE coins to help us improve our product and concept with the use of our crypto-currency. Each task has a number of YUPIES given to you after the task expires. We can't wait for your feedback! Check out our pre-sale landing page here: ICO Crowdholding has decided to pursue an ICO rather than the traditional Venture Capital (VC) approach. Fintech startup's like us who strive to create open innovation and alternaitve finance apps have trouble getting investment from VC's because it takes from the very market they have monopolized. Let's pursue a future of giving back to the people. Together we can make this change.

ICO details for purchasing Yupies:

All early adopters who purchase in our pre-ico will receive bonus tokens in form of our YUPIE. Below shows the bonus structure.

Bonus based on time:

  • Days 1 – 11 (August 15th to August 25th): Purchasers will receive a 20% bonus YUPIES.
  • Days 12 – 23 (August 26th to September 6th): All purchasers get 15% bonus YUPIES
  • Days 24 – 32 (September 7th to September 15th): Bonus Yupies for all puchasers is 10%.

The purchaser will receive additional bonuses depending on the amount of YUPIES purchased. These bonuses are as follows:

  • Purchase with 5 to 24 ETH: 10% bonus is included.
  • Purchase with 25 to 50 ETH: 15% bonus.
  • Purchase with 50+ ETH: 20% bonus.

Therefore, the highest value a purchaser can receive is a 40% bonus by purchasing during the first 11 days and investing at least 50 Ethereums.

We are Looking for Fintech Startups to Join Us!

Are you an interested startup in the fintech/blockchain sector? We will be investing in 5 startups in this field by giving each a 100K from our successful ICO. Application is open here:

May the commenting begin! Woo hoo!



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Bounty: Marketing Assistance - Signature Campaign

Reward: Yupie icon 50.0
Signature campaign rules: 1. We are looking for active bitcointalk users - all members must post at least 50 posts with CROWDHOLDING signature by the time the CROWDHOLDING ICO ends to be eligible for a reward. 2. Users with negative trust are not eligible for the bounty campaign. 3. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from the bounty campaign. 4. Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited. 5. Users are not allowed to use another project's avatar. 6. Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign Bounty: 1. Jr.Member 500 YUPIES 2. Member: 1250 YUPIES 3. Full Member: 1750 YUPIES 4. Sr. Member: 2000 YUPIES 5. Hero Member: 2250 YUPIES 6. Legendary: 2,500 YUPIES Bonuses: +250 YUPIES, if you use CROWDHOLDING avatar + CROWDHOLDING personal text. Please set the personal text to: 🌟CROWDHOLDING ICO: 1/11/17🌟 Signature campaign instructions: 1. Add the CROWDHOLDING signature campaign bb-code matching your account rank to the Signature Field of your Bitcointalk profile. 2. Fill in the CROWDHOLDING bounty SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN with the following information: login Bitcointalk account URL Bitcointalk Rank Bitcointalk Posts Count 3. Write 50 quality posts by the time the CROWDHOLDING ICO ends (~ 1/12/17) to be eligible for a reward.   Add the following signature campaign bb-code matching your rank. Jr.Members Quote Code: █ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING █ ██ █   Decentralized Open Innovation Platform STARTUPS ●  CROWD ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵ Code: [center][url=] █ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING █ ██ █ [i][u]  Decentralized Open Innovation Platform[/u][/i] STARTUPS  ●  CROWD  ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵[/url] Members     Code:     █ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING █ ██ █  Decentralized Open Innovation Platform     ━━━━━   STARTUPS ●  CROWD ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵   ━━━━━ ◣ Whitepaper ◣ Twitter ◣ Facebook  ◣ Reddit ◣ Slack [center][url=]█ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING█ ██ █ [i][u]  Decentralized Open Innovation platform [/u][/i]     ━━━━━   STARTUPS ●  CROWD ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵❵   ━━━━━[/url] [url=]◣ Whitepaper[/url] [url=]◣ Twitter [/url][url=]◣ Facebook[/url]     [url=]◣ Reddit[/url] [url=]◣ Slack[/url] [b] Full Members/Hero/Legendary members     Code:     █ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING █ ██ █  Decentralized Open Innovation Platform     ━━━━━   STARTUPS ●  CROWD ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵   ━━━━━ ◣ Whitepaper ◣ Twitter ◣ Facebook  ◣ Reddit ◣ Slack [center][url=]█ ██ █ CROWDHOLDING█ ██ █ [i][u]  Decentralized Open Innovation platform [/u][/i]     ━━━━━   STARTUPS ●  CROWD ●  PROSPERITY ❴❴❴ ICO : 1st Nov. ❵❵❵   ━━━━━[/url] [url=]◣ Whitepaper[/url] [url=]◣ Twitter [/url][url=https://www.facebook      
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Bounty: PR Help - Blog Post Campaign

Reward: Yupie icon 10.0
Total amount of YUPIE tokens reserved for the blog contest bounty campaign: 473,484 YUPIES Blog bounty will be distributed between creators of posts, reviews and press releases about the CROWDHOLDING Platform. Anyone can participate - just create 600+ words long post about CROWDHOLDING and publish it on your website. The better your post - the more stakes you will receive. Blog contest rules: 1. All posts must be published online and accessible by everyone. 2. Your post must be original. 3. We don’t allow websites without audience, or new websites - the website where you choose to publish your post, must be at least 2 months old, and should have user activity. 4. Your post must be 600 words or more. 5. Your post must include at least 2 links to the website, CROWDHOLDING ICO ANN thread, CROWDHOLDING social media or to other articles about the Platform. 6. Make sure you have a full understanding of the CROWDHOLDING platform - the Platform is very complicated from a technological point of view. Please read the CROWDHOLDING Platform Whitepaper first - you can find it on our website Some ideas for the posts: Explain the CROWDHOLDING Platform main idea, and strategy. Outline benefits of the CROWDHOLDING Platform in comparison to competing projects. When will CROWDHOLDING ICO start and why should one participate? Any other well-written posts regarding the CROWDHOLDING Platform Make sure that your text is technically accurate, and doesn't contain typos or errors. Before creating posts to let us know your details and the website(s) on which you are going to publish your text. Blog contest bounty Post creators receive 500, 1000, or 3000 YUPIES depending on the quality of their posts per CROWDHOLDING team’s decision.
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Bounty: Marketing Assistance - Facebook Campaign

Reward: Yupie icon 10.0
How to join the Crowdholding Facebook bounty campaign: 1. Follow and like the official Crowdholding Facebook page: 2. Sign up to the Crowdholding App with your fb account and every time you make a post/repost, leave a message on this thread: Posts: *links to your posts about CROWDHOLDING* Reposts: *links to your reposts of the CROWDHOLDING official Facebook account posts* The message on the thread needs include the following: Facebook url: *url of your Facebook account* Friends: *number of your Facebook friends* Followers: *number of your Facebook followers* Facebook bounty campaign rules: Only one Facebook account per person is allowed. Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not eligible. Your Facebook account must have at least 500 real followers. Your Facebook account must have at least 80% real followers. You have to like and repost at least 5 posts from our Facebook account: You have to write 5 Facebook posts about CROWDHOLDING, include hashtag #crowdholding. Only 1 post per day will count.  Posts must be in English. You have to report your posts and reposts on the bounty page every time you post or repost. Bounty: – 100 YUPIES / 1 Post about CROWDHOLDING – 100 YUPIES / 1 Like & Repost of official CROWDHOLDING
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