Bounty: General Support - Project Creation

Bounty: General Support - Project Creation



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Bounty: General Support - Project Creation


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Hello Crowdholders.

This task is about creation of an imaginary project on Crowdholding.

Before you create an imaginary project please read the instructing guideline here

And then give us your feedback on a process.

Please up-vote the ideas you like-YUPIE!

This task represents 200 YUPIES, depending on the number of the votes. YUPIES will be rewarded from best to least.


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3 days ago

martin garix

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3 months ago

1) You guys could sell advertising on your platform that would paid a % to the YUPPIES holders

2) Obliviously Crowdholding could have a section to evaluate advertising before they get lunch to the public witch is another sources of revenues for the crowd.

1 year ago

I would love to delete my won comment here ;)

1 year ago

Ethan Clime

CEO of

Totally agree Luc, we put this on our feature board. Right now we are working on security and ICO engagement, and will update this soon.

1 year ago

The workflow was very clearly set out and intuitive.
I would suggest the following:
Ability to upload images in addition to the main image. Maybe the option to create a gallery/slideshow?

1 year ago