Marketing Strategy Task: Attracting failed competitor's former communities

Marketing Strategy Task: Attracting failed competitor's former communities



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Marketing Strategy Task: Attracting failed competitor's former communities


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Hey Crowdholders,


Today’s task we are looking for feedback on ways to increase our community. In this discussion, we will talk about how we can recruit past token holders from dead projects that had similar missions as CH.


We will start with our first idea and its pros and cons.


Many communities of failed projects were formed and now lost. Now these people hold dead tokens. What if their investment wasn’t a waste and could be used as a perk to joining the CH community?

For example, let's look at the former project (CFI). Their mission was very similar to us. Their token holders became stakeholders of the projects in their ecosystem and they were supposed to participate by using their knowledge to help that project grow. Similar to us which focuses on micro feedback tasks. They raised roughly 15 million. That means they had a huge group of people who believed in their idea. And we are closer now to making the concept work and grow. So how to get these people to know about us?


One idea:

Swap CFI for YUP. This would involve low % of supply from company pool, potentially a max of 10USD per person worth of YUP who hold CFI. It would involve signing up on CH and sending their CFI’s to us.



It would expose to a new group of people and potentially our target group as it was a former competitor’s community. Thus bringing in more exposure.




Some of these people may want to dump their $10 USD, which could hurt YUP price in the short term.


This might not be the ideal idea. The question is for you:


  • How would you attract failed competitor project’s former communities?

  • What channels would you use?

  • What perks could we give here at CH to bring them on board?


We look forward to your feedback!



Crowdholding Team


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Rapheal Ngene expert

The way to attract failed competitors users is to show them and really convinced them of the future, and the propects that the uture holds for it. A lot of persons really wants to see their old project back so by showing them thatbthe old projetc is up and running with proofs on this is the best way, you should also incentive to those that have being holding their coins ever since, with this they will be able to want to come back and give it a try.

The best chnnels to use for now still include the former ones, facebook, youtube, twitter and so on.

And i will say that doing this move will also increase the visibility and value of the YUP coin and also related cryptos

1 year ago

I for one have joined many different projects and have accumulated a bunch of dead coins so this idea would be a great way to resurrect previously dead projects in this way. Channels I would use are twitter, telegram and YouTube as they are great at reaching more people.

1 year ago

Igor Silverio senior

Looks interesting and I think it has potential.

It's nice to see a new project which has a genuinely new and novel product and an innovative approach to solving real problems.

Replacing the way the web works is obviously a hugely ambitious undertaking and because of that this project is way more likely to fail that to succeed, but the other side of that same coin is that it could be really huge if it makes any signficiant headway towards that goal. The price of the token at the moment doesn't seem too high so if you have money you are willing to lock up for a long time and take a big risk with then this looks to me like a good punt which could pay off massively.

1 year ago

Karen M guru

I just read three posts from you on different tasks. All of your posts seem to start the same. Is there a reason for this?

1 year ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

I think it's a great idea to try and attract more users from similar projects which have since failed. Ive been putting some thought into it and i think a great way to get more users could go dsomething like this

1> let some of your more experienced users grow your twitter following. Allow them to offer a portion of YUP (provided by CH) and do a giveaway task on twitter, these are extremely popular now and could look something like this:

1000 YUP giveaway, winner drawn at random in 24 hrs:

rules to enter:

1> follow crowdholding (and possibly the user doing the task)

2> tag 3 friends 

3> comment YUP address

2> simultaneously Ch could do some advertisement on their page along the lines of 

"limited time sign up rewards for new users!

sign up today and recieve 15% bonus to YUP rewards for the first month 25% if you are a user and can transfer your CFI tokens."

this would hopefully not only bring new users your way who are interested in earning cryptocurrency but the sign up bonus would hopefully encourage them to stay as the rewards period is over a month (you could obviously extend that if you felt it was necissary)


1 year ago

Simasjb new user

The idea of capitalizing on a failed competitor project by attracting them to CH's ongoing project is agreat idea. By leveraging a failed projects members or by including them into ours by seeking answers to why their project failed- developers can learn from their mistakes. Why not offer an exchange of the failed coin to an equal amount of YUP? This would prove ch's willingness to grow it's own platform- by taking in others failed coins from similar projects- either by joining our project or by offering reasons and ideas as to why theirs failed and why this one should grow.

The channels I'd use would be to shout out to all failed compettitor coin holders tthe offer to exchange them for YUPs if they join to grow CH, by sharing best practices and reasons for their old coin fails... By including other competitors even successful ones- by exchanging the failed coins for YUPs your basically proving the YUPs worth-  and as it grows so might it's worth.

The perks are that CH is paying those from failed projects to join and share their reasons for their successes and their failures- Maybe a special section just for these failed coin holders from CH's competitors could be set up and bounties given for the best information for why a competitor might have failed- even more bounty could be given for ideas which could be shared and included that would make CH's platform even stronger... 

? is their a bounty program for bringing ideas for blockchain use cases alive anywhere on net today? Maybe a place where one could find resources to grow this idea? Especially an idea that might not come from a developer but from just a ordinary user from within any industry interested in the future of blockchain. Maybe we could hold a competition for use cases relating to blockchain and crypto currencies? Just a thought- hope the answer is YUP! (:

1 year ago

It is a good strategy to attract more people and extends the community of CH but I don't think it will benefit CH as people will exchange their coins from there coins to yups and then they will surely be gone.

I think the better option will be to invited them to join the community and by taking part in each project they will get what will be offered in that project and also they will be given an option to convert those in active project coins to yup coins only by participating in different project in CH. 

For example, every time they give feedback on a project they will be given a 1:1 ratio of conversion rate from other project coins to yup coins, let say he wrote a feedback in a project and once the project is expired and the amount of upvote he gets will be the amount of conversion rate they will get.

By this system, they will get to know CH as well as they will get their old coins converted with yup coins.

1 year ago

  • How would you attract failed competitor project’s former communities?

  • I think the easiest way would be a journey through social networks. Asking the question of what they are looking for in social networks.
    I think that on twitter and telegram it would be possible.
    Maybe through a task with a very specific prize could work
  • What channels would you use?

  • Twitter y Telegram

  • What perks could we give here at CH to bring them on board?

  • I think the ones of the project. I do not know if it would be necessary to treat other users differently because they have already participated in another platform. It would have to reward more to the one that already is, than to give privileges to others so that they come


1 year ago

Sean Hatch new user

I would give them a welcome back offer...

They can contribute and earn CH UP with a bonus for their existing CFI credit eg. 5% for similar content that they contributed before, 10% on specific content that they can demonstrate that they contributed to in the past.

Also 5% - 10% Bonus CH UP on group projects that they have worked on in the past and want to continue working on.

The number of CFI credit could buy them so many 5% - 10% couponds that they could use on projects they want to.

To make it fair you could offer 5%-10% Bonuses upon application for people for specific skills they introduce into a project.

An example of CFI Credit = to 5% - 10% UP Bonuses, expire after 12 months. Also projects could opt in or out to offer the addition 5%-10% UP Bonus. If the Crowd member has experience and has CFI Credit it would make sense to offer the 5%-10% UP Bonus to get their imput a win win.



1 year ago


I think that such idea will definitely be great and will, in fact, help in the growth of yup and also in more exposure, from the cons I see only that it will affect the yup token in the SHORT RUN. I think the effect, in the long run, should also be considered so that if it is favourable it can be used and make the value accelerate faster to the top after the slow period. 

I will also say that more care should be looked into the "union" to avoid loss of the value of the yup due to the other taking all the spotlight. And I will say that the exchange should not be equal, yup taking the greater part of the deal so as to make it as a way of appreciating the work done n=and its consistency in serving.

1 year ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

If you were to attract a valid community from a failed project that's similar to Crowdholding I would definitely suggest exchanging those dead tokens no greater than 1:1 otherwise one or two whales HODLing said tokens could annihilate the price of our communities token via instant gratification or greed. Remember no good deed goes unpunished and it's bound to happen so the lower you value their dead tokens, the longer they'll wait for ours to increase yet encouraging them to HODL all or most of the YUP they receive. Secondly, you may be able to somehow restrict the YUP traded to them for a short period of time like my CORPORATE stock, which I am allowed to liquidate 10% of my HOLDINGS per year!

Anyway just a thought. I'm not an expert in the Customer acquisition field but definitely see more positives than negatives when acquiring a direct Customer base from a like platform or project!

Great thinking. 🤓💡🚀

1 year ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

Make a project to benefit each other it was more reliable to make a Good platform with a good competitive communities with some rewards for them as a holders or participating in this great project.

Use channels with great community absorvant like telegram and discord this will make the community attract more investor.

Add more rewards and hugh the standard of rewards and make it simple get more exchanger for yup and partnership exchanger not only a simple exchanger but a good, reliable and big exchanger more investors and customers will make a major decision to take an opportunity to get on your project.


1 year ago

Elena Preston senior

Fan and supporter of blockchain projects


How would you attract failed competitor project’s former communities? 

create a Project for example (with CFI token) where it is possible to reward with CFI token, and add top holders of CGI token as admin


What channels would you use?

send message to telegram/bounty channels, and most importantly bitcointalk


What perks could we give here at CH to bring them on board?

there is already referral campaign. Also offer airdrop to CFI holders after they join CH.

1 year ago

I am following and working for CH like last one year, i had some different feelings about it. For example 6 months ago i stopped for working for you for 2 months, i have never visited your website and tasks. Because i thought that this project wouldn't get bigger and the projects coin (YUP) would never worth something. But than i saw the movement, i have seen the participation both workers and advertisers and i decided to run with you again. I can easily see that this team working hardi searching new ideas to gain more projects here. With this energy i am sure we will earn more together. 

I think everyone should Hodl with their YUP coins and believe in this project forever. 

You can raise the withdrawal limits like 3.000 or 5.000

You can go to the another exchange other than IDEX, it could move the YUP coins price to higher levels


1 year ago

There are many project/website just like the Crowd Holding and i worked nearly all fo them. Some of them paid me good ammounts of coins from some good projects but their own coins are usually worthless. But you are following a better path. Thats why your YUP coins worth something not theirs. Ofcourse YUP coin should raise more but it is slowly recovering i am following it because i am Hodling like 20k YUP's. Also you could work with like some great project like "Brave" which was very important for you. The other projects couldn't work some big and finished campaigns, they only provide ICO or IEO projects. (I give you those website names: Bounty0x, BountySuite, BountyHunters and BountyHive.)

I would recommend you to use more social media, like telegram, instagram, medium and pinterest. And also as i said you need to work with finished projects specially which projects on coinmarketcap. It would bring you more good customers and more workers. So if you do that the other websites would fade away because you are the best right now and you would be the ONLY one in this business..

1 year ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

I will say that since such project doesn't exit again, the creators of those projects can use their funds in organizing tasks day in day out here on the crowdhodling site, and as such get more user to get involved in it and after getting enough attention they can start up their projects and thus since they have a foundation already it will be easier to start off the project again.

The default medium for such programs can be used, and the tokens can be further used as a means to increase the spread of the information, media outlets such as medium, Reddit, twitter, linkedin, facebook can be used to get more users and persons to the projects.

The prices I will say will be dependent on the turn-up, since cryptocurrencies are very dynamic and very volatile putting a fixed price ,might be a wrong way to go about it, rather a minimum and a maximum price (exchange rate per se) can be added to make sure that the whole systems are regulated at every point in time.

But using this medium is and will be a very good way to go about it.

1 year ago

Baje Mirah new user

Menurut saya proyek ini harus di perkenalkan lebih luas lagi kemasyarakat dengan cara airdrop ataupun dengan cara promosi ke semua media sosial

1 year ago

First of all, since the failed projects are in a way similar to CH, we should consider selling CH in a way that differentiates us from the failed projects and let them know why we believe we will be successful than the failed projects and competitors.

Secondly, the channels to used should be telegram, twitter and facebook. but the most important should be articles on medium and reddit showing comparisons between CH and the other projects with a focus on the benefits of CH.

The perks should be the exchange of their tokens for YUP but it should be cautiously done to avoid dumping.

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

I think Quora is one platform that hasn't  been explored at all. First of all, Crowdholding doesn't have a very active Quora account. The Crowdholding account on Quora seems not to ask any relevant questions that will improve the user base of the Crowdholding community. Presently, it has only 31 followers which is not a positive sign at all. 

Quora has an estimated 300 million monthly active users. Now let's assume only 1% of the Quora community are cryptocurrency enthusiasts. That means 3,000,000 people are into crypto related activities. Again let's assume only 1% of this number have dead coins sitting somewhere in their abandoned wallets. That's 30,000 people with redundant coins all on Quora.

Now considering the fact that Quora is a question and answer website, series of questions can be asked pertaining to failed competitor projects in order to draw viewers/readers to Crowdholding. The more questions you ask the more answers you are likely to get and the more people you are likely to reach finally leading to more people that are likely to join the Crowdholding community . Mind you, the 30,000 people I have estimated (which is a small number compared to the actual number of people on Quora with dead coins) only form a fraction of the people that can potentially join the Crowdholding platform. Have you considered the remaining 2,970,000 crypto enthusiasts who are yet to know more about Crowdholding?

Now remember the analysis was based on only 1% of the Quora community. What of the other 99%? There are a lot of cryptocurrency influencers on Quora just like there are on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. These influencers can also be contacted to speed up the process. I don't know how you see it but Quora is a gold mine for Crowdholding. We can leverage it to do so much for the community.

As to exchanging dead coins with YUP, a time frame can be set for the withdrawal of all YUP obtained from the swap according to the time a person joined the Crowdholding community. So let's say you make 100 YUP after exchanging your dead coins, you won't be able to withdraw that YUP until one year or 15 months later. However, all YUP ontained by that person from contributing on the platform will be his/hers to keep just like any other Crowdholder. Kucoin Exchange has been very succesful with a similar method. On their platform, any holder of their token, Kucoin Shares, gets to receive a part of the company's revenue based on the number of tokens they have. However, they can't withdraw it until a specific period of time has passed. I am subject to correction but their system has worked fine with this method.

Just like others have suggested, influencers on facebook, twitter, medium, instagram, youtube and bitcointalk can all be contacted and partnered with to also spreead this info and increase the user base of the Crowdholding platform.

1 year ago

I strongly support the idea of ​​Crowdholding to increase CH community.
Although Yup's price fall down in the short term, it will greatly increase Crowdholding subscribers, which will be a big profit in the long run. And the way to do that is to exchange the dead token with Yup, and the exchange rate should be within a range that does not harm the price of yup. That would be crowdholding's decision. Above all, I think that it is the best way to increase the price and awareness of yup that the number of owners of Yup should increase in the long term.
The perk that brings the dead token holders is to exchange a token with Yup at a certain rate with the purchase of Yup within a certain amount.

1 year ago

This is a great idea that I will give all my support, but as it is it will or may cost more YUPs as expected, except research is carried out to find out exact number of fail projects tokens holders otherwise the originators of such a failed projects that ate scammers will just show up and swap good numbers of their failed project for Yups and dumps it at every points whenever Yups is risen eventually they get more than what they bring, fall the markets price, becomes a whale and eventually discouraged other Yups holders and some will believe its CH holders reaping them off.

Another thing is that you will need more YouTube and telegram informations to convince many buyers of those failed projects that you are not the initiator of those failed project and for many to trust you,you will that to clear their doubting minds.

Personally my view is not to encourage such but if we are to gain these crowds we will need to employ several YouTube news,telegram,advert and talks to discrete scams and fraud,and then introduce them to a better platform as in CH and let them know that it's token (Yups) is already listed though at a cheaper price, then introduced how they can get the tokens free by been a member of CH and take up some tasks. I think getting this for free will be an enthusiasm news and propelled some(not all albinitio) of them to join us and in fact this will surge the price upwards and add more people to platform which  will create market liquidity and will avoid dumping because you need to work a while to acquire sizable number of Yups except you buy it before you can dump.

1 year ago

Alliine Alvez new user

I think yup should become a vip currency of the community, in which, for all other currencies, they have 50% discounts on transactions. So, everyone would depend on having yup in their portfolio or acquiring it. Example: If I want to trade CIF currency for some other, having yup saved will have low conversion, withdrawal and exchange rate.

ps:I think I explained it better now

1 year ago

Alliine Alvez new user

I think that yup should become a vip currency of the community, in which, for all other exchanges, they have 50% discounts. Then everyone would depend on having yup in their portfolio, or acquiring it.

1 year ago

Karen M guru

I think anyone who has worthless CFI would welcome the idea of exchanging it for YUP! To attract them to crowdholding, you need to reach out on as many platforms as possible. Reddit, Facebook, PublishOx, Twitter, Brave community etc. A nice perk would be to offer bonus yup to anyone who gets a CFI holder as a new user to crowdholding (using a referral code or link). Then once they sign up, they could get the bonus by bringing more CFI holders.

1 year ago

Tim Prior guru

Crypto / Blockchain enthusiast and investor.

It's an interesting idea that I can see some merit in.  With certain stipulations such as those others have mentioned, that might require new users from those dead project community's to be active on the platform - such as the swap feature becoming unlocked once a certain level had been reached by the user.   

I suppose the easiest places to reach out to those communities would be their Telegram, Reddit, BitcoinTalk channels, Facebook groups etc.  if they still exist.   And some Twitter activity/promotion utilising their hash/cash tags - possibly using your own Twitter/Facebook share-bounty features to spread the word.  

Another way might be to track down who the biggest "influencers" for those projects were - which YouTubers, Twitter accounts, etc. were "shilling" it hard.  They and/or their followers might still be left holding the tokens.  And it might also offer them a slight face-saving opportunity to be able to present a small ray of sunshine for an otherwise dead project that they themselves promoted.  

My main point of concern with this is that Crowdholding seems to be gaining users in a fairly steady fashion anyway.  It's getting paying projects to use the platform that seems to be the biggest challenge.  More quality users will ultimately attract more projects.  But implementing and co-ordinating something like this could be more effort than it's worth - when team/community resources could be better spent attempting to attract projects to CH instead.  Another angle might be to use those YUP to seed YouTube/Twitter crypto influencers to come and try the user task function to promote their channels, groups, etc. instead.  If you can capture the influencers, their followers may come close behind them... 

1 year ago

Wholeheartedly agree with your suggested approach:

*Holders of dead tokens need to reach a certain activity level to receive a reward.
*Focus a marketing effort on Reddit, telegram, etc.
*Reach out to youtubers who promoted them.

Some suggestions for consideration to the crowdholding team:

*Could it be interesting as a marketing stunt to generalize this idea and open this opportunity to all failed projects? I know this sounds insane and is extremely risky; but there might be a pay off. The way I'd go about it is to try to offset the cost of on-boarding with the value gained. I.e. My budget would be equal to (perhaps a little bit over) the additional revenue that's created through that stunt. (For example; some websites give the users a discount for a product; the cost of which is offset by the estimated amount of people buying the product later on.)

*In general I'd focus my marketing towards motivating word of mouth (This is the best marketing one can get) and "native marketing" tactics -> posting answers on all social media related to similar platforms crypto and non-crypto related.

*Reach out to all crypto-influencers and news websites; but wouldn't pay a cent to publish for the simple reason that what you would be offering is newsworthy and the budget is better spent on the people. But I'd definitely provide the crypto influencers with a concise summary of what crowdholding is trying to do. and provide news websites with a well written short article.

General remark:

I still feel the Yup token is in need of a better use case. While the addition of donating a % as a dividend is a huge step forward; it still fails to capture real value. Raising the minimum amount of yup bounties for companies could be a way to improve this. Crowdholding could correlate the amount spent on tasks to the position of the company on the platform. Or Crowdholding could try to convince businesses to accept yup as "payment" (but in reality the company would donate it, and the yups spent would be burned).

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

Some really good points to take note of.

1 year ago

Very interesting idea. I'd propose a 3 part strategy with a decision point at each phase: 1) Research, 2) Empathy, 3) Outreach strategy.

Research: Being still a crypto novice, my first question would be, "Has this been done before?" So, I'd want to start with some research of past projects' attempts to try something similar and evaluate outcomes. What research has CH done to evaluate the risk reward. If there was a positive outcome, what worked? If not a positive outcome, why not? This will provide a much stronger cost / benefit analysis case.

Empathy: My second thought would be to get in touch with the perspective of former members of the other communities. Does the CH community know people that were involved? Interview them about their experience and how they feel now that has gone under. Get a sense of how they still feel about the business idea. For it or against it? Have they "moved on"? What are they interested in now? If a majority of past members of aren't enthusiastic about that business strategy it might be best to scratch it. If they are, this knowledge will directly feed the outreach strategy, next.

Outreach strategy: Formulate a strategy to outreach to those members. Is there an email list somewhere where you can contact directly, or would it require a scattershot approach of posting across various forums? How many productivity hours will it take to effectively reach those people? Will that detract from generating new business? Can you use the CH community as support in that outreach? If everything is green from this and the above two steps, generate some messages appealing directly to the empathy you learned from step 2. 

I'm not going to say go for it or don't. I suggest move through a strategic internal process to make that call. Base your decision on logic and the best information you can gather of whether it would be a strategic move.

1 year ago

This is a very interesting idea indeed. However since CH lives and breathes mostly from the cumunity and their active involvement on the platform, I would not simply exchange YUP's for the CFI's. I would encourage first, the CFI hodlers to register on CH, and like in a bounty reward them with YUP's. Let's say if one registers on CH, then he/she gets for example 1 YUP for 1 CFI. If active in a task, the for the first 5-10 tasks, rewards in YUP are multiplied by CFI holding, eventually taking into account some multiplier ratio or a capping, for not paying out insane rewards. Lets assume that cofound hodlers are have similar interests as the CH comunity, this could potentially be a very interesting initiative both for us and them.

1 year ago

Sertan Ala guru

Hello Crowdholding Family;

Im am really imressed that team catching up the things on right time. Bigger community will give us more utility but before that we need to fix some more important issues.

Before giving big amount of swap tokens or giveaways we have to be sure that YUP daiy trading volume is enough to compansate these freetokens. I know its not good but in current market condition best marketing for any project is Hype. Crowdholdinh have already creat utulity for YUP token but when we check its prize we are not even on the half way. You can see my suggestions before deciding any giveaway or swap for community;

1) We need to be list a centralized exchange it does not need to be a most popular ones but it needs to be secure and well designed.

2) Microtask  payments must be greather as we all know best marketing is keep attracing peoples friends. If i can earn good amount of money its easye to refer any of my friends to use the platform. (I do not care about how many yup we gonna get, we must care about real market prize of yup, we can have half amount of YUP but YUP must be 5x more in prize)

3) After enough volume and better payments are sustained we can do giveaways, swaps, refferal campaigns etc.


1 year ago

Jeffrey T new user

Ultimately the best way to attract the investors would be to copy the targeted failed projects advertising method. Presumably some of the people who saw them the first time may see it again. Social media is good, could try a press release since it’s interesting idea. 

Youd need to give them something for joining. But I think $10 usd is probably to much. Many failed projects have bounty programs, which is what likely tanked the token price. The hunters just wanted to make money and didn’t care about the project. So be careful which coin you target. If you offer yup for a dead token, any hunters still holding will take the yup then dump them immediately. It’s free money if they didn’t care about the project. 

1 year ago

It is probably easy to use the names of these failed projects in advertising.  Just use the name in a post somewhere and it will show up in Google.  Bount0x will even pay you to post it.  

Search engine is one tool I would use.  I would research where they are and then try to use the tools they were using if they where public.

If there was some asset or Tek left that you could gain from a token takeover then an exchange could be useful.  I am not sure why they would be better than any other group of people if you can't get the asset also.  Maybe there is a way to oppression into crypto adds or something that could monitise everyone.

1 year ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

Its a good idea for a strategy.

I don't know if this is possible or if it would get too complicated but if you want to avoid giving these people something for nothing which they may just dump you could offer to match all earnings on the platform for people who either send you their tokens or maybe even just link a wallet with those tokens in. This way they would have to get involved and participate on the site to get anything, but by doing so they could double their earnings for a certain window of time. Also their extra earnings wouldn't all come at once to perhaps this would help allay fears of a sudden dumping event with lots of people selling all the free tokens at once.

It would be nice to also create a task for lessons that can be learned from failed competitors if any of the people who followed them have any insight into why they failed and what could have been done better. Another idea may be to make this task for CFI token holders only so instead of $10 for everyone they could get more or less depending on their willingness to make an effort to particpate on the task.


1 year ago