Month of October Update: Growth stats and News

Month of October Update: Growth stats and News


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Month of October Update: Growth stats and News


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Hi Crowdholders!


Welcome to the monthly update where we will go over dividend stats, including some recent news. Without further ado:


Growth Stats: 


Our Alexa Ranking rose from 178,326 on October 1st to now at 129,803. A third month in a row with growth. 



We had a total of 479 signups in the month of September averaging to 15.45 a day. 


Our active returning users also took a small jump upward as showcased from Analytics below, from the previous month of 2,537 to 2,825 weekly active users (ie. commenters, voters and readers). A nice jump with an additional 288 weekly returning users. 



Placement of Adshares Ad on Mobile  


Now on mobile, we have placed an ad on the newsfeed. From our testing, we noticed that we do not get many impressions even though our traffic numbers are good. This has to do with people using block ads or using Brave. We will test this more and see how numbers respond with the ad on mobile. As a reminder, once we have some decent revenue from ads, we will purchase YUP to support volume. 



Dividend Results: 


Our total YUP rewards given for the month was 135,100, thus 6,755 were given out in Dividends.


Results are the following:


Top 20 Leaderboard & 50K+ YUP holders: 14.7 YUP 

250K YUP holders: 58.8.88 YUP

1M YUP holders: 294 YUP 


Results were smaller this month due to the fact we had fewer tasks. We will push to increase these numbers with more tasks and publishers for the month of November.


In addition, we will make sure to display these results each month, but have decided to shoot out dividends every two months now. Thus next dividend distribution will be January. 


CrowdClick working closer with Matic.Network & has been accepted in Aeternity’s Starfleet Accelerator 


As you know from our last update Ethan and his development team won a track at the Hacktothemoon Hackathon sponsored by Binance. CrowdClick in a way is the little brother to Crowdholding where we plan to combine the efforts potentially through API’s or other forms of product integration. We are collaborating with closely for affordable transaction costs using ETH in their side chain as part of their Grant program. In addition, we were accepted in Aeternity’s Starfleet Accelerator being selected in the top 15 out of 145 applicants. The week of November 4th - 10th we will be participating in Genesis Week, which is where they choose the top 8 teams to participate in their 4 week program. They then select the top 4 to receive investments. Wish us luck!



Thanks for reading and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram



Crowdholding Team 


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1 week ago

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1 week ago

dr dent18 expert

wonderful. Good to see this project take off. Great job by the team.

1 week ago

Important project , i am sure it has a great future and i am happy to participate. 

1 week ago

Thanks for the update. So far so good. It's impressive.

1 week ago

Cool beans. Happy to hear you got into the accellerator program.

How do you see CC and CH interacting?

1 week ago

E Yizzy expert

The monthly reports are important, especially for those who may be considering large YUP orders in the future (such as myself). Progress is really solid. Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep up the great work. 

1 week ago

Karen M guru

I love reading the monthly update. Continued growth is a plus for all of us. Nice work with Aeternity. Best of luck during Genesis week! I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes.....

1 week ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

All the best in Genesis week! I believe Crowdclick has the potential to secure that bag of investment.

1 week ago

Sam BTC senior

Just a common Crypto enthusiast.. Wait crypto is not common it's special :)

It's good to see the number of users rising consistently.

I recently published on Publish0x site an article to create more awareness about crowdholding. I hope it brings more users in the future-


1 week ago