UPDATE: June Dividend Results

UPDATE: June Dividend Results


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UPDATE: June Dividend Results


No YUP/tokens awarded

Hello Crowdholders,

We would like to show you the results of June's dividend distribution. Here it is according to our tier system:


Tier 1 Group: >top 20 Leaderboard(June): 47.91 YUPs

Tier 2 Group: >50,000 YUP: 47.91 YUPs

Tier 3 Group: >250,000 YUP:  191.6 YUPs

Tier 4 Group: >1,000,000 YUPS: 958.33 YUPs


2019 YUP distribution results and number of tasks: 


January: 280K YUPs; 25 tasks

February: 200K YUPs; 31 tasks

March: 150K YUPs; 22 tasks

April: 500K YUPS; 32 task

May: 500K YUPs; 30 tasks

June: 380K YUPs; 27 tasks


As you see this month was lower than the previous month due to minimal sharing bounty tasks. But on a positive note, this was the first month where we created our new admin console layout to allow more autonomy to admin users. By allowing admins to BUY YUPs and place tasks on their own, it gives us the foundation for future growth. 

Don’t forget about our BUY YUP widget on the newsfeed. Price is fixed weekly from CMC so you never know when you may find a better price to purchase YUPs and can upgrade your tier! If you are interested in placing tasks as an individual, you can click here to apply.

Thanks for reading and feel free to discuss the results in the comment section below.


CH Team


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10 hours ago

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2 days ago

Igor Silverio senior

I came here to check up on some cool designs to comment on them but so far, none. It's apparent that almost all Crowdholders aren't good at graphic designing. Let's try and link some graphic designers with this project.

2 days ago

Okane Satoshi new user

Some facebook task temporary unavailable.

4 days ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

I'm just waiting for the day the YUP will hit $1. I envision 3 - 4 years from now. It's good to join the game when few people know about it. When the craze for YUP builds up, earning them will be harder because the value will be higher. I left the steemit platform because earning was so difficult, but there were people making thousands of steem dollars from a single post. Most of them were pioneers. Here, the focus isn't on the money at the moment because you know in the future, what you've earned is gonna be worth thousands of dollars. Just keep giving honest opinions and earn yourself some decent YUP.

5 days ago

Karen M guru

I'm not familiar with Steemit. How was it difficult if people were making thousands? I'm guessing you like crowdholding better right? I hope you are right about yup hitting $1 in 3-4 yrs.. I can be patient that long!

4 days ago

I am thinking about buying YUP to get dividend. I think it's worth it.

Anyway I will do my best to complete all tasks in Crowdholding if possible.

5 days ago

Karen M guru

'Minimal sharing bounty tasks'= many of us aren't on Facebook (including me), as I've learned from your task about FB Libra. Those bounty tasks' don't have an option to comment so I'm taking the opportunity to mention that here. Love the dividend program! Love crowdholding too!



5 days ago

Nuno Caeiro expert

I’m software developer/team leader for 15+ years

Hi. We need to try engaging more people. June it’s a little less than the previous ones. Nevertheless, I think you’ve been launching some interesting projects and controversy ones, which It’s great for people open their minds. 👍

5 days ago

Karen M guru

I agree. Nice variety of projects by many different users..I see new users regularly.

5 days ago

mike dmann expert

I am excited about the future of all crypto currency.

Can't wait to see YUP traded on every major exchange.

5 days ago

Karen M guru

That would be nice!

5 days ago