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On September 28th & 29th is a moment in our history where the Crowdclick team was formed. A group of four people came together with a skill set of business, design, backend-frontend & blockchain to participate in a unique hackathon. The hackathon, Hacktothenmoon, was sponsored by Binance X, Rockaway Ventures, TOP Network, Oasis Labs and Matic Network.  Crowdclick captured the minds of the event, and was the winning team for the Matic Network track. Our first achievement to recognize a use case for the product. 


So what is Crowdclick?


Crowdclick allows publishers to reward participants in ETH by having them go to their website, view it within a 10 to 30 second timeframe counter, followed by answering one multiple choice question on what they learned. The user then gets instantly rewarded in ETH from their actions which brings traffic, quantitative data & brand recognition to the publisher.


The user’s process is simple: 


  1. Click website link 


  1. Stay on for a time duration countdown


  1. Answer multiple choice questions


  1. Receive ETH as the reward!


Fast easy set up for the publisher:


  1. Place your website URL, page title & page description


  1. Set reward per click  


  1. Set time duration to stay on your site: 


  1. Place multiple choice question:


What inspired this concept? 


Inspiration came from the success of the Telegram bot. Dogeclick has attracted a massive audience from their click to view model. And in fact show better results when tested than from traditional advertising methods in the crypto scene. This has to do with the niche usage. By getting the user to become a wallet holder, they get converted and become a crypto user participants. Therefore projects within the blockchain scene get their correct audience. 


What makes us stand out over Dogeclick?


We first will target ETH connectivity which currently isn’t available with Dogeclick. Rather than just having a telegram Bot, Crowdclick will be both a Telegram bot and a Progressive Web app simultaneously connected as one decentralized product. Lastly, instead of just bringing traffic with a countdown (dogeclick’s model) we added a crowdsourcing element to it by ending the viewing with a question. Therefore a publisher can gain traffic, potential users, and quantitative data to improve their call to actions. Getting people’s attention to your project has never been easier!

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What’s New? Go through our Mockups and give feedback

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  Hello Crowdholders,    Some good news! After participating in Starfleet’s Genesis Week, CrowdClick was accepted into the Starfleet Accelerator’s 4-week mentorship program. You can check out the article from AE where CrowdClick is mentioned. Feel free to watch the presentation (2:01:42 of the stream), for which Ethan gave on the final day of the program.   We envision a token toggle where you as a user can select which token to earn. As you know we are working with’s sidechain for using ETH in the system. From us participating in Starfleet, we can potentially add AE as the second listed token on the application. As you may recall from our revenue model task, by adding more tokens we can add a listing fee and even brand the website colors representing those tokens. A way to bring “purchasing power” to cryptocurrencies in the scene.     Now what we need from you:    Play around with our mockup here. Place yourself in the shoes of a user and a publisher and click the appropriate buttons to navigate. Keep in mind this is desktop only, and the UX/UI will be responsive to mobile in the future application. You can zoom in or out to adjust the screen appropriate to fit your desktop.    Questions to consider:    Was the flow simple and understandable?    Anything important you feel we are missing?   Is there anything you would like changed?    Important:  After you place your comment, copy it and paste it as a comment on our Medium article here. This gives us more exposure from the content of this task. Also, don't forget to give us claps! :)    We look forward to your feedback!   Cheers,    CrowdClick Team
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What revenue streams should we incorporate?

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  Hello Crowdholders,    Crowdclick is in day 3 of the Starfleet accelerator. You can also read Starfleet’s most recent article where Crowdclick is featured. So far it’s been a great experience and has had us dive deeply in our business model. From that we have come up with some revenue models.    In case this is your first time hearing about Crowdclick. Make sure to watch our two videos explaining about the product. You can view them here on our Youtube channel.   So let's dive into them:    Our core revenue model:   We take a 10% cut for when a publisher deposits ETH    Why: simplistic action to receive revenue within the publisher flow How: 10% cut coded in the smart contract    Recent ideas of additional revenue stream spurred from the accelerator workshops:    Monetization with ads (Brave ads)   Why: Brave rewards can be selected off or on to see ads (convenience for user) and they earn as well from the ad viewership. How: when Brave ads become available in our region we sign up as an advertiser    Sponsored tasks (pushed to the top) for an additional fee   Why: Publisher gets more visibility  How: shows up as top task/s in the task feed   Listing fee for companies that want to add their token in the system:   Why: Token will receive “purchasing power” for publishers that want to use it and users will signup to a wallet of that blockchain to join the network How: Erc20 will be built in, but development on Crowdclick’s side would need to happen for integrating a new blockchain   So there you have it. Now questions for your consideration:    1) What do you think of the revenue stream ideas that could be put forth in the future?   2) Do you have anything to add or you disagree with?   3) Do you have any additional ideas for a revenue stream?   Thanks! We look forward to seeing your comments!   Cheers,    CrowdClick Team
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