How do you think ICOs can be incorporated into the food industry?

How do you think ICOs can be incorporated into the food industry?



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How do you think ICOs can be incorporated into the food industry?


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ICOs are the big thing at the moment and are allowing both businesses as well as supporters to make a lot of money and funding. We wanted to find out if ICOs were able to be incorporated into the food industry somehow.

Let us know your thoughts, are there other industries in which ICOs could be but aren't yet being implemented in?


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ICOs are the big thing at the moment and are allowing both businesses as well as supporters to make a lot of money and funding, yes i am agree with you.Quetta to Islamabad Flight Serene Air

6 months ago

ICOs can incorporated into the food industry using a variety of methods, and most of these best college paper writing service methods have been published here. I would love to know about some other methods.

10 months ago

There are dozens of ICO popping up on a weekly basis right now, so you might want to be very clear about the vision of your project ideas. I am under the impressions that not much has been done with the food industry in the existing list of ICOs these days. A few ideas: - Decentralised and transparent platform based on blockchain to track the origins of food products and ingredients and be informed about all related standards of the product. For the food industry, the issue of quality control is key, however, not all the time transparent. The transparency and decentralisation of block chain will be instrumental in this case. - Using block chain for delivery of finished products: the shipment industry is the one which is developing extremely fast with the introduction of blockchain technology these days. Allowing customers to track the delivery is made feasible through blockchains.

1 year ago

project promising well as can promote an area and employs the people who trained

2 years ago

Hi Mematcha; Here are some suggestions ordered by concept and subdivided into use cases: 1. ICO for a company which aims to improve the logistics of the industry: 1.1 B2B contracts / payments / management / Legal 1.2 B2C Easy webpayments / orders (e.g. a company from which people can place grocery orders and will deliver those orders / or prepare those orders to be picked up). 1.3. B2C - create a free market place where companies can bid for services of other companies. E.g. companies can bid over contracts to distribute food to a certain school, prison, army, etc. 2. ICO for a company that will focus on ethics and quality or consumer products: 2.1. By creating a transparent link from producer to customer; people will be guaranteed the quality, authenticity and ethical standards of a certain product. This ICO can market at big companies which will receive, by using their network, a marker/stamp/logo that shows the customers that the product is upheld to certain standards. (e.g. fair trade, low fat, etc etc.) This Ico would be focused on consumer-company trust. 3. ICO for a company which focus on altruistic goals. 3.1. This ICO will be a non profit organisation which tries to help people buy food, drink, other necessities. 3.2. An ICO integrated with public welfare. Blockchain technology applied to the welfare system; reducing overal cost and increasing efficiency from governmental institutions. 4. ICO for small businesses 4.1. Create a platform for "home-cooks" that will allow them to sell food to other customers. So instead of take away pizza; people can look online for what other, regular people offer, and buy some real home made food instead. The token can be used as credit, tipping, etc. 4.2. People can invest in start up companies related to the food preparing/making/selling market. 4.3. A non profit ICO where small businesses can ask for money to invest in things they need. E.g. a farmer might be in desperate need for a new stable, or a starter might be needing an initial investment to buy a foodtruck, etc. I hope some of these ideas might be of value; and or inspire better ideas. If an idea isn't clear, feel free to ask for some elaboration on the concept.

2 years ago

Baby food. I think this is one of the most promising areas!

2 years ago

ICOs these days are getting out of hands actually. As both @Anton and @woldpack have said, its not new and it depends on the purpose of the ICO. Whether it is for the initial funding for building up / internal settlement / bankroll sort of investment. The point is that the food industry needs seed money but not always the investors are aware of the parameters involved in the possible success of the food industry endeavor. So expecting them to invest in something is a bit difficult or ill-adviced (especially given that about 80% of the new restaurants fail). One good use of ICOs in food industry is to have a business supporting the food industry for the order placement, and receipts and the logs related to it. For a big food chain, storing information on the blockchain about all the different local outlets can be a really interesting way of managing the data.

2 years ago

Food industry (especially restaurants) are well known to 'always' go under its a well known fact. Plus the requirements are quite stringent and expensive for such an endeavor. Unless the team of world class Chefs and waiters is trying to build another palace, I dont think anyone will be willing to invest in Restaurants. If its just a small home made food business needing help like 'Pop's and mom's shops on etsy', I think the food industry still has a value in terms of ICOs. A much smaller investment has a potential to become quite successful so risk reward ratio is quite good. I hope my points are useful

2 years ago

Anton Koro expert

The food industry in the ICO is not new !! While there is no ICO regulation in many countries ... this industry risks becoming doomed to failure !! It all depends on ... what the Blockchain technology will be used for: - if for an internal settlement system (then not a good% of success), since even Snow is ready to sell ... attracting funds to the ICO))) - if to simplify the supply and transport logistics product (it can be) In fact, successful ICO - these are the ones that develop the technology Blockchain !!! As for your product ... - you can apply the Bonus system accrued by tokens when buying Tea

2 years ago

Some very interesting points, thank you. I like the idea of a bonus system for when you make purchases, and then you could use these tokens to buy more products.

2 years ago