Organic Ceremonial Grade MATCHA.

Here at Mematcha we provide people with the most amazing matcha tea experience. We stock our own organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea which is grown and harvested in the beautiful hills of Kyoto, Japan. Matcha was born to Japan by the Zen masters of the Kyoto temples, they would use it for ceremonial purposes to achieve a state of concentration and focus to help when meditating and going about their day. We are now bringing it to the rest of the world so that you too can experience the benefits of matcha.
Matcha powder can be used in teas, lattes, frappes or as an ingredient in cakes, cookies, ice cream, face masks and much more. Matcha is the healthiest green tea available containing 137x the antioxidants than regular green tea. It improves memory, focus, awareness, metabolism and prevents many diseases as well as having many more health benefits.
Our matcha is not only high quality ceremonial grade, but also organic certified by both USDA and JONA organisations. This means you don't need to worry about all those GMO and chemicals which we are finding more prevalent in modern day matcha. We bring you matcha as the earth intended!


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