What jobs would you like to see on CryptoTasks? What skills do you have?

What jobs would you like to see on CryptoTasks? What skills do you have?


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What jobs would you like to see on CryptoTasks? What skills do you have?


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Hello Crowdholders, 


Yesterday we wrote an article about the top 10 Freelance Jobs in Today’s Global Economy. You can read about the article here


As we prepare for launch, we would like some quick feedback where you talk about your experience and skills. In addition, what jobs personally would you like to see on CryptoTask. 


This is what we need you to do. 


  1. Make comment here on CH

  2. Copy your comment and post it on our medium article here.  

  3. Give is some claps ;) 


Please follow the steps to receive your YUPs on CH. We look forward to your thoughts. Can’t wait!




CryptoTask Team 



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I don't feel that there is anything important you are missing.

I am completely fine with it and there is nothing I would like to be changed.

Important project , i am sure it has a great future and i am happy to participate. 

13 hours ago

Primoz Obolnar expert

Crypto enthusiast and in love with travelling

I do not have any special skill myself, which would be of interest to users on CryptoTask, except for my great personality of course :P :)) 
It however saddens me how little we value the teacher's work. I have checked the list and their pay is lowest on the list. How can it be that the one from which all others on the list learn has the smallest value in salary? Make no mistake, I am not a teacher, but it seems that I am one of the few who realize how important they are and that they should be paid accordingly...

Oh well...that was little bit off the topic I guess :)) Now back to topic. I believe that Developers would be the ones among most often sought on the platform. Or maybe graphic designers. Nowadays maybe even some blockchain specialist.

One important thing for pages like that is that it would need to have reliable rating and review section for each person who would be offering its service. In that way, good users would be able to build reputation and increase their value (income) over time

17 hours ago

Sam BTC senior

Just a common Crypto enthusiast.. Wait crypto is not common it's special :)

I am a program manager for projects related to applications software. I have skills in most of the common platforms- SAP, Oracle, Java.

To ensure a successful market launch and regularly growing user base, I recommend following actions:

  • Crypto Niche- Create a special place for yourself in the market by focusing to crypto related freelance jobs. If you try to be too generic you will have tough competition from established job sites like Glassdoor, Moster, Linked and also the popular micro-task/ freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork.
  • High Demand Roles- Make sure you include the high demand skills in the crytpo space to ensure good level of involvement between job poster and freelancers. Some of the most popular requirements are for bug testers, marketing specialist, experienced journalist, translators, social media influencers.
  • Crypto Payments- Make sure the projects pay freelancers in crypto tokens. This will be easier for companies to pay in as they always reserve a part of coins for internal jobs. Also it will help increase use and adoption of the tokens. People doing crypto tasks are always looking to collect more tokens. So this way everyone will be happy.

Hope your project gets launched soon, as I want to try it out!

Posted on Medium and clapped as hard as I could :)

1 day ago

Lily Panter guru

I'm sugar, spice and everything nice

I guess a lot of research was put into creating this article. I am however a creative writer and editor but not into copyrighting. But cryptojobs integrating these options would be great since most crypto jobs usually require programming skills.

1 day ago

Hayk Harutyunyan new user

good project i like it

2 days ago

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

2 days ago

A medical advisor for Normal health problums or a quick response for a simple health related difficulties.

2 days ago

I would like to see Programming/Development jobs

My skills: Matlab, Python, Biomedical Engineering, Tech, Research...

3 days ago

I currently work as an independent contractor for multiple companies like Amazon Mechanical Turk, MicroWork, and Clickworker.

I've had years of experience answering surveys, editing or proofreading articles, voice acting, reviewing ads, product reviews, and much more.

I also have experience in content creation, advertising, data and audio transcription, video and photo editing, photography, and more. 

3 days ago

E Yizzy expert



Virtual Assistant 

Programming/Development of all sorts

Maybe include crypto bounties

Basically whatever a digital nomad can do. I would say stay off things that are regionally bound (local clients, work that requires personal meetings, whatever requires a license like law/accounting, etc). 

3 days ago

I'm programmer of embemded system. I like to be freelancer to improve my skill , meet new work partnership and get some budget. I think cryptotask is blockchain Freelancer platform that I can trust to be membership and it will gonna be cheap than another platform. I really interesting in crytotask will grow fast like a sonic.

3 days ago

At one time I was a colorist for comics and advertising Exc.  I suspect I could buy software on the speculation that I could do that again.  Seeing it listed would be awesome but unexpected

4 days ago

Karen M guru

Very cool Eric

4 days ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

The list is a very good one because it considers the top ten jobs most people search for today. However, I think you can also consider the fastest developing jobs or the jobs likely to be most searched for in about 5 years. These include blockchain developers engineers, dApp creators and crypto vlogging. On the whole, I feel all the popular jobs in the freelance world today haven't really considered all the numerous opportunities there are in crypto. With time, however, this is going to change considering the presence of platforms such as Cryptotask.

Of all the jobs posted, I think I like copy writing and teaching best. I haven't taught online before but I have a few years of experience in the teaching field - Mathematics (favorite), Physics (forgotten a lot) and Chemistry (I remember a little). I've taught English as well and it's fun to teach. I haven't worked any copywriting jobs but I have a knack for writing and I'm a bit naturally good at it so I'll definitely give that one a try. If there are options for teaching Math and English (high school level) online, I'll try that one too. But copy writing and content writing (articles, blogs, etc.) are what I'd love to do the most.

And yep, you deserve some claps for that article.

5 days ago

It is very interesting and timely article. Any job should fit his personality, but I think the need for a freelance job is becoming more important and growing because of the generation of people who are working at comfortable place.
I think bodybuilders, scribes, insurance sales, car dealers, and makeup artists are also suitable for freelance professions in these days. As all knows, IT industry such as computer is the trend, so I think that IT related programming or Java programmer is the best freelance job of the future.

5 days ago

dr dent18 expert

Nice article. Should have also mentioned experience required to get those salaries. Also area wise classification. Lawyers, doctors and teachers dont get paid much 

5 days ago

Karen M guru

I'm sure it varies by region also

3 days ago

ahmed musa expert

The article is very straightforward and precise, a good idea with great potential to become something big. Looking at the web developer part of the article, something i think i can do away with since coding is involved, although i am into the engineering field currently but it might be a good place to start.

5 days ago

Karen M guru

What type of engineering do you do?

3 days ago

Karen M guru

Very informative article. It sounds promising. I would like to see jobs that can be done remotely, on a part time basis. I'm looking for up to 10hrs/wk. Proof reading is an area of interest for me. Also,  transcribing audio into written words would be nice. I wish you the best and plan to look for work when you launch.

5 days ago


very good article and it really did contains a lot of information, but for me, I will say that there are still more that can be added and some of these are really needed now in the world, they include:

  • online media admistartor> persons that will be in charge of website forum, group chats, etc. since there are still many more [project to be done in the crypto world many of these persons will be needed so as to be able to meet up with the demanding rise in such concern.
  • content creators > I think that crowdholding for a start needs one of this also, these are persons that are usually deal with coming up with content that will be posted on a website, social handle and such these person swill be highly needed because they are the main driving force of the market.
  • designers > even though web designers are there already there will be a high need for graphic designers but those that deal with 2D design and also those that deal with 3D design.


For me, I deal with graphics and such and I know that there will be lots of stuff for me to do there. nice work is done thus far.

5 days ago

Nuno Caeiro guru

I’m software developer/team leader for 15+ years

Very concise and direct article.

All my professional career is on web/mobile development and distributed systems in different evolution stages.

Some personal concerns and obligations prevented me to move to the freelance world, as well as lack of knowledge how to start. Despite that, I thought many times to try it, and crypto space it’s one which attracts me the most.

6 days ago

Karen M guru

Cryptotask will get you there Nuno!

5 days ago

I read the article and it is great. I just hope the job includw but are not limited to the ones listed. I would also like to see social media administrator jobs (facebook, Twitter, telegram etc), Proof readers, article and report writers, translation and teaching. There loads I would love to see but let's begin with this.

6 days ago

Karen M guru

How about delivery people for agriculture?

3 days ago