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Co-create and innovate the SM@RT project and earn SM@RTZ™.

SM@RT INC is a Blockchain+Sustainability focused production and development company working to accelerate sustainability transformation globally.




Our objective is to completely mitigate the highly destructive threat of climate change and thus preserve the planet's ecology and resources for both present future generations. To mitigate climate change impact, we (individuals, businesses, organizations, governments) have to boycott fossil fuels, fully transition to renewable energy and rapidly adopt the innovative new sustainability product/service solutions being developed and introduced weekly for consumers and businesses, by startups across the globe.

To succeed, we all need to Think SM@RT, ACT Sm@rtr™. We intend to inspire, motivate and incentivize people and organizations worldwide to think smart and act smarter, through the introduction of a Blockchain/Crypto Powered Loyalty Program for the planet earth, unlike any other loyalty program in existence. Airline loyalty programs nickle and dime you then devalue your miles (loyalty currency); we do the complete opposite.


The SM@RT global Sustainabiity Loyalty Program is based on:

1. Our International Consortium of Sustainability Companies   (SM@RT DAC™)

2. Our Digital (online) + Physical (offline) Sustainability Ecosystem (SM@RT MATRIX™)

3. Our Blockchain+Sustainability Business and Lifestyle Brand (Sm@rtr™)

4. Our Planned Proof of Value™ Permissioned Blockchain Platform (SM@RT™)

5. Our Ambassador Referral Campaign & Affiliate Marketing Program (STREET SM@RTZ™)

6. Our Perpetually Appreciating Sustainability Cryptocurrency (SM@RTZ™)

Consumers begin their active engagement with SM@RT via our referral campaign and affiliate program.



PROJECT BENEFITS (For businesses and consumers)

The immediate benefits to Consumer participants, is:

a) The opportunity to travel and represent SM@RT at industry events internationally, such as conferences, trade shows and networking events like high end falily office investment summits, with all expenses paid.

b) The opportunity to acquire significant quantities of our Sustainability Loyalty/Rewards Cryptocurrency called SM@RTZ™, long before most people in the world discover it. SM@RTZ™ is the only cryptocurrency asset token in the world that is not merely "stable", but has a fixed perpetual increase/appreciation in its FIAT Redemption Value (FRV). This fixed FIAT redemption/spend value of the SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency (0.2625 USD/Yr), is valid exclusively within our blockchain+sustainability ecosystem. SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency will never be traded on crypto exchanges and is thus not subject to artificial speculation-driven valuations.

Imagine if the frequent flyer air miles you earn were to appreciate by a fixed increment each day in terms of their redemption value. That is exactly how SM@RTZ™ works, except that unlike any airline miles program, our SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency unlocks access to the most exciting and exhilarating Sustainability focused business and lifestyle experiences on the planet, curated exclusively for members of SM@RT's client/member community that cannot ever be accessed via FIAT currency purchase (branded air/ocean travel, branded accommodation, branded electric ground transportation, branded nature/social impact expeditions, etc).

SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency cannot be bought from SM@RT by individuals and can only be earned by performing actions that promote sustainability, which we call "Sm@rtActions™. Businesses can purchase SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency from SM@RT only for use in loyalty programs, with strict controls enforced.

c) The opportunity to redeem/spend our sustainability cryptocurrency on premium SM@RT products, services and experiences, as well as redeem it as partial payment for our ecosystem partners' products and services.

d) The opportunity to earn supplemental/extra FIAT commission income if you so desire, by referring sales of our partner companies' products and services as well as SM@RT's own products and services.


The key benefits to Business participants, is:

a) The opportunity to accelerate awareness and adoption of their sustainability product/service solutions.

b) The ability to generate "fractional" pre-sales of their products and services via digital voucher sales.

c) The ability to leverage fractional purchase Sm@rtVouchers™ as a lead/client acquisition strategy.

d) The ability to leverage SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency as a highly desirable reward for their own loyalty program or client acquisition incentive scheme.

e) The ability to leverage SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency to reward employee engagement and productivity.



Website and Social Media Hyperlinks.

SM@RT Corporate Website

SM@RT LinkedIn Company Profile

STREET SM@RTZ™ Campaign/Program Website


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Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We are SM@RT.  SM@RT is an acronym for "Sustainability Management @top Revolutionary Technology". Blockchain is the revolutionary technology we believe to be the best foundation upon which to build a world class sustainability management ecosystem. Founded in Q3, 2016, currently we are still in a relatively early stage with initial revenue. We look forward to work more with you to test our assumptions and improve our value propositions. No doubt you're wondering what we're all about, so let me tell you about our vision and mission. .......   WHY WE EXIST FACT #1: The extensive burning of fossil fuels (aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, coal, natural gas, etc), have been having a major negative impact on planet earth over time, greatly increasing the level of "greenhouse gases" in the earth's atmosphere, which has resulted in a significant warming of the planet, which in turn has manifested as "climate change", a major increase in the severity of the earth's weather patterns and phenomena, causing major casualties, destruction of property and nature, destruction of animal life, human homelessness, starvation, disease outbreaks and economic losses measured in the trillions of dollars. FACT #2: Plastics are one of the most pervasive materials made and used by man today. They are also harmful to our planet because plastics do not biodegrade and so stay in landfills indefinitely and greatly pollute our oceans, killing sea creatures by the tens of thousands. Again, fossil fuels are the culprit here, as plastics are made from them.  These two issues alone, seriously threaten the viability/sustainability of life on the planet earth for future generations. Those of us who care about the kind of environment (environmental, social and economic) that our children and their children will be faced with as their reality, should want to be part of the solution, and not continue to be part of the problem through old negative prctices. .......   We've set out to build an entire ecosystem of resources focused on accelerating sustainability transformation globally, by allowing small businesses, corporations, municipalities, governments, non-profits and everyday citizes, to find and obtain everything they need to implement sustainability initiatives - Talent, Technology Solutions, Research Papers, Impact Measurement Tools, and Funding. Ultimately, everything we're building is centered around using premium cryptocurrency to INCENTIVIZE and REWARD individuals and organizations for taking HUNDREDS OF PRO-SUSTAINABILITY actions that are good for the future of the planet: like buying an electric car instead of a gasoline or diesel vehicle and getting 100% CryptoCashBack™ for making that pro-sustainability purchase choice/action   like converting to solar to power your home instead of power from fossil fuels and getting 100% CryptoCashBack™ for making that pro-sustainability purchase choice/action In the end, it is all one BIG LOYALTY PROGRAM for Planet Earth, allowing people and organizations to save the planet while being empowered economically. It's somewhat like airline miles but far more valuable. We'd love to hear your initial thoughts on our venture Purpose and ecosystem/loyalty program Approach. .......   NARROW FOCUS We're not looking for feedback on our company website usability, or that of any of our platforms for this first task. Please keep your feedback focused just on the idea/concept of addressing the global sustainability and climate change problem  through A) providing a one-stop ecosystem of integrated, sustainability-focused platforms for all stakeholder groups B) building that "atop" a blockchain/cryptocurrency based loyalty program of economic incentive/rewards.   So, what are your first impressions? Looking forward to hearing your feedback. The SM@RT Team   ...................................................... SM@RT INC is a Blockchain and Sustainability Focused, Business/Economic Development Company, working to accelerate sustainability transformation globally. This is being pursued within the ambit of our corporate mandate and mission as follows: "Financing and Accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" ........................................................  
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