Introducing Paramountdax

Introducing Paramountdax



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Introducing Paramountdax


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Hello Crowdholders,

Today we would love to introduce to our project Paramountdax.

Currently, we are early stage and we can't wait to work more with you to improve our product.

You are curious about who we are So let us tell you about our platform and business plan:

ParamountDax is a Fully - Developed from the scratch, ready-to-use product implemented as a modern-age crypto trading exchange. It aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by serving as an ideal platform for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading while also solving the issues faced by today’s crypto industry. ParamountDax aims to provide a sophisticated trading platform that really caters to the needs of the crypto community by offering intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support and by enabling seamless, secure and riskfree trading opportunity at a minimal fee.


👉 What is your first impression 
Go to our website to learn more about us, visit our MVP (link below 👇🏼) and let us know your thought regarding UI, design and how visual our Platform appeals to you.


Note: ⛔️ This is a staging environment so expect bugs, missing features, constant changes, and improvements. Do not transfer real funds!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Your Paramountdax team


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Rapheal Ngene expert

trading systems are very cool these days because they tend to reduce the stress of moving your coin, token or currecny to and fro, they help to organise it ad also help  in it;s exchange. I will say that since this project is trying to put and extra effort in this i will say that this will go a long in helping others and also reducing stress. But i will like to read the part about data usage policy and also users data proccessing but a very nice app.

1 year ago

Have tried to go through paramountdax website several times and have found out several developments and features that make it differ and exclusive than many exchanges out there. I want to first appreciate extra miles that the team has gone to get licensed before launching of the exchange, over the counter (OTC) services is another added benefit on the part of the exchange and people around the community, 46% daily profit share though how it's going to be shared not explained but it is obvious that it will help a lot of people to depart from HYIP programs that promises particular daily returns. Even if you can't trade by investing your money you will get returns from your investment. Another thing that I see here about paramountdax exchange is number of rating that the exchange got from over 20 ICO review sites and the grades they allocated to Paramountdax and I think this has to be in relation to success they have recorded in licensing of the exchange and number of tokens available for the distribution,when there is minimal number of tokens supply and distribution it usually shows that the token will have a quick value increase because of demand.

It's obvious that Paramountdax exchange will attract a lot of investors and it will help investors to make good money in a short time,for sure I will go into this because a lot of advantages are hidden in this exchange if well managed, and I hope that the team will be able to do manage it well.

However I observed that security has not been put on the exchange though staging website, I will advised that this should be done along whatever process you are staging for people to see. Also,kindly consider using your token as trading and withdraw fees in fact if possible make it 70% for any service rendered on the exchange with discount in order to increase its usage and invariably the price.

I wish you success.

1 year ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

I suppose my intitial response was "oh not another crypto exchange!" but upon close inspection i think that you have some nice ideas. Im not convinced there is anything truly unique in there but a combination of the issues you claim you will try to address might just give you an advantage over the other, numerous, crypto exchanges that are opening on a monthly basis. I like the layout of the website and the presentation is good. It is well written as well which is surrisingly uncommon in the projects that we review on Crowdholding these days so Kudos for that.I think the big sellers here are the proft share which seems reasonable for people who have quite a large investment of your tokens but will only really make a big difference when you start getting yur user volume up to the higher levels and also the instant liquidity. Adding your order book to the collective poolwith other exchanges should provide solid liquidity, assuming the other exchanges have the longevity and the volume to suport this on a log term basis.

If you can truly offer good customer support that would also be of benefit, so many exchanges, particularly the big ones have really bad customer service and i have heard numerous reports of people waiting weeks or months for a response if they get one at all. I mean, surely a big exchange can invest in a tea of customer servcie reps to enhance the user experience? so i do think having this at the heart of what you do could give the big bys a run for their money or at the very least give them pause to rethink what they are doing in that regard.

Your website UI looks fairly straightforward from what i can see in the pictures on your website but,if i might say, not particuarly different from many of the other exchanges out there and it might be nice to really see what it is that you guys offer in terms of uI features that is new or innovative. I shall look forward to looking at those in more detail i the next tasks :)

The 3 level inite program is also quite interesting. I am not aware of any other exchange that offers earning not only from those you invite but also a reduced amount from the people that you have invited invite. This should go a long way to get people raising awareness and referring friends, colleagues etc to your site. 

I wish you the best of luck and i look forward to looking at the exchange when it is ready.

1 year ago

Igor Silverio senior

Looks interesting and I think it has potential. It's nice to see a new project which has a genuinely new and novel product and an innovative approach to solving real problems. Replacing the way the web works is obviously a hugely ambitious undertaking and because of that this project is way more likely to fail that to succeed, but the other side of that same coin is that it could be really huge if it makes any signficiant headway towards that goal. The price of the token at the moment doesn't seem too high so if you have money you are willing to lock up for a long time and take a big risk with then this looks to me like a good punt which could pay off massively.

1 year ago

The first impression for Paramount Dax was the orderly UI. Everything can be found on the home page and is very simple to navigate. Next I tried roaming around on the website and I was very impressed. Somethings that need work while the pictures used on the website are sharp the ones used for the ICO information are a poor contrast to the simple background and some are rather ugly, I would change this as to not interrupt the flow of the website.

1 year ago

This was a promising currency for the crypto platform they uses crypto for energy it will give a big impact for everbody. Good job for the for making a great project for community.

The venus project was great for the face of large-scale environmental pollution environment and  it offers good alternative way for energy.

Extraction of cryptocurrency using electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. What is a symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "Way to a Green World"  and a well-built financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income for all depositors.

1 year ago

I like the UI, design, and visual on the platform because there was not a single background color use which is good and distinguished between the different blocks.

You have done ICO rating on my platform which is good to know and everyone can follow the link from there.

The only thing I did not like is the Daily profit chart, according to that the min you need to have 9000 PRDX coins in your wallet to get the daily profit which means $1350 (if the rate per PRDX is $ 0.15)of investment and only then someone can take part in your daily reward project.

The videos are being introduced which is a good thing but I think the Italian version should also be uploaded through the sites youtube channel.


1 year ago

Vu Huu Hoang expert

First of all, because failure projects are similar to CH, we should consider selling CH in a way that distinguishes us from failed projects and tells them why we believe we will be more successful than project and opponent failed.
For death exchange with YUP, the time frame that can be set for the full withdrawal of YUP is derived from the swap over a period of time a participant in the Crowdkeeping community. So, assuming you earn 100 YUP after changing your death amount, you won't be able to withdraw that YUP until a year or 15 months later. However, all YUPs must not be contributed by the person on the platform to be his / her to keep any other Crowdholder. Kucoin exchange has been very successful with a similar method. On their platform, any of their token holders, Kucoin Shares, will receive a portion of the company's revenue based on the number of tokens they have. However, they cannot withdraw money until a specific period of time passes. I can adjust but their system has worked well with this method.
I will not tell it or not. I suggest moving through a strategic internal process to make that call. Based on your decision about logic and the best information you can collect whether it is a strategic step or not.

1 year ago

Karen M guru

I'm catching up on some reading of posts and I think you posted the same message on two different tasks. If so, that's really not helping the creators.

1 year ago

simple efficient websit, easy for use. Nice project , I wish you luckk

1 year ago

First impression... Oh it's another exchange coming up. Each exchange offer different ideas or slogan to attract investor and traders in order to be successful Paramountdax are no different from others. But to stay active to compete with the big boys are tough. 

The website are great and not too complicated but needs more tips or guidance for newcomers in crypto. Certainly that is a boost as not all exchange had the tutorial to teach new trader to trade. 

1 year ago

Karen M guru

I agree there are so many exchanges
I think some of the smaller ones should combine to become bigger & have a better chance at survival and success

1 year ago

I like this great idea great project

1 year ago

I love the site and since much of what I would have said by way of deatils have been said by others I will not bore you with details. I love the profit share bit , the intention to scale up your speed later, the obvious inclusion of institutional investors in your target for patronage etc, I am in, KYC already done and hope to do some good business on your site.

1 year ago

the website looks great,neat and elegant. The profit sharing will also bring about new users and day traders. Need to add more trading pairs.

1 year ago

I think that the website is simple, yet efficient. I personally would condense the introduction, and perhaps add a video on the features, interviews and community links for greater interaction with the users. 

1 year ago

Starting with the visual appeal, since that is the first impression, the landing page is very professional looking without being overwhelming. All of the information is visible and easily broken into digestible sections. The color scheme is very calming. Nothing too bright to be hard to read or off-putting. On the other hand, the clickable tabs are bright enough to be highly visible and draw attention and not over done. The design is very functional. Graphs and charts are front and center with the clicker crawler drawing one's eye down but not distracting. The signup/ sign in key is dead center for anyone coming into the room this minimizes searching. The browse tab is visible and also stands out to the background. The placement seems a tab off. Top right just feels a little clumsy after the ease of the sign in tab. Possibly a more ergonomic design would be move the 2 graph/chart widgets next to one another. Place the sing in tab centered above the 2 and the browse tab center under the 2. Clicking on the tabs takes up precisely where they are labeled. There is nothing more annoying than tabs that meander before getting to the chosen destination. The login/sign up page may be a bit bright. We go from a grey background to a bright white. It is a bit harsh on the eyes. Otherwise, well done.

1 year ago

Lily Panter expert

I'm sugar, spice and everything nice

The UI and Color theme is cool and very user-friendly. It's also easy to navigate through different sections and pages without any glitch.

I love the ideas the business plans seek to implement and establish this platform as not just a common trading platform.

The part about 46% daily profit sharing had me sold in favor. 

There's the issue of privacy and transparency which I would like to see how you handle. 


1 year ago

interesting coin exchange place, elegant look, why not make a program for tokens so that maximum sales can be achieved, I think it can be a big & famous buying and selling place

1 year ago

I have to say it looks great but my favorite aspect of the exchage/trade platform is that PRDX Coin will be sold to supporters of the ParamountDax Exchange, while giving them Daily profits for HODLing PRDX Coin. And paying 46% of all said Trading Fee's charged by the ParamountDax platform as Bonus reward to the PRDX HODLers is more than reasonable, it's exciting. This is an absolute win-win for all involved. ☆

1 year ago

Rui Crypto expert

The website look's good.

It seems that you are proposing a real DAX. Very interesting that you already have the license and comply to do it with no problems by authorities. 

As I saw you have very tools that we are familiar with traditional exchanges but no so common in DAX that are already in the market, that's good.

1 year ago

Matt Noodin new user

Hi guys, I think your website looks very clean and professional and my first impressions of the UI images/staging environment are very positive. I really like the colour themes you used, and the overall layout looks very functional. I do a very large amount of cryptocurrency trading and so have quite a bit of experience with different exchanges - although I have not yet used a decentralized one I have been looking forward to things heading in that direction and getting a chance to use one. Most of the exchanges right now have their own unique issues and none are perfect (in fact, really, the majority I have used are currently really stagnant with respect to any developments and changes to the platforms past their initial development). I actually just had my first experience with a new, small exchange today that offered real-time chat support which blew my mind. I have been overly frustrated at times with the customer support provided by exchanges, varying from downright rude to non-existent. This is very important to me - if there is issue with my money and I can't get support and answer I am not going to be a very happy customer. I love this idea that you guys will offer real-time support too. Keeping fees to a minimum are also a high point for me. Having used Bitmex (though not really an exchange, so much as a futures gambling casino) their fees can be insanely prohibitive at times without very careful planning of trades (which should be done anyways, but either way, I don't like high fees and I'm sure pretty much everyone could agree with me there). Another strong point I like about decentralized exchanges are the security - I have been fortunate enough to have not been involved in any of the big hacks and exit scams through crypto's history so far (sometimes just by chance of moving my funds a day or two before elsewhere before things went down), so not having to really ever have to consider something like that happening will be a huge weight off for a lot of people, and will really help strengthen the public's view of crypto not just being the wild west where "anything goes" and robberies/losing everything to a scam or hack are very real possibilities. A couple suggestions I have might be: 1. You offer a percentage buy option in fixed amounts. I don't really ever use this, but I can see some would, you could maybe add the functionality to use a custom percentage. 2. Order types. I find that most exchanges really don't have much in the way of different types besides the standard limit buy/sell, market, stop-limit and stop market. I have seen a few exchanges that offer some different ones such as: -laddered entries (placing a certain amount of limit orders at several different levels at once, or increasing the amount of each order placed by some amount for each level, like 300 tokens at $50, 400 at $55, 500 at $60, etc. -Trailing stop losses that you can set an initial price difference for the stop to be placed from the current price that will follow and update as price moves (only in whatever direction the price is going, so eventually you will get stopped out when price swings). -Some ability to adjust orders based on a trendline. What I mean by that is sometimes I'm relying on price to eventually connect with a trendline, but I don't know exactly when, and it would be really great to have it update my orders to the value at that trendline dependent on time. I haven't seen that before but there have been many times where I wished that it was possible. 3. I like the charts - they seem quite smooth for something that isn't using a tradingview plugin (or maybe it is - they seem nice overall and not frustrating like *cough* Bittrex *cough*). Something that is very important, especially in crypto, is the ability to use logarithmic price. It just is far too volatile over such large price ranges to really understand what is going on using a basic linear price scale. I guess to go along with my trendline-stop above, adding charting tools would be great also, such as trendlines and Fibonacci ratios. If you do add Fib ratios, something that is really, really important that companies like Tradingview refuse to acknowledge and add to their platform is displaying Fibs/trendlines/channels/basically anything on log scale, so that they scale correctly, otherwise they really are totally useless. I think you guys are moving in the right direction and I'm excited to see how things go with ParamountDAX. Hopefully some of my comments are useful and I'd be more than happy to give more feedback or suggestions on anything if you'd like in the future - I have a pretty long wishlist of what I'd like to see in an ideal exchange and really haven't come across one that invites and is receptive to client feedback at all. Good luck guys!

1 year ago

Paramountdax's first impression is a very neat and well-organized. Looking at the pictures for computer and mobile app, it means paramountdax is a lot ready. And MVP ( also give a good feeling to use and very well organized with 

1 year ago

Mr Yuvraj new user

Website looks good. It does look exactly like every website that has to do with a new crypto products. I hope the finished product will break the mold and be different from other exchanges. Would like to give it a try when it is perfectly ready to go.

1 year ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

I have to say it looks great but my favorite aspect of the exchage/trade platform is that PRDX Coin will be sold to supporters of the ParamountDax Exchange, while giving them Daily profits for HODLing PRDX Coin. And paying 46% of all said Trading Fee's charged by the ParamountDax platform as Bonus reward to the PRDX HODLers is more than reasonable, it's exciting. This is an absolute win-win for all involved. 

I'm definitely in. No second thoughts about it. Great concept and strategy.

5-Stars ☆☆☆☆☆

1 year ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

This is a great project for everyone out there, it is more reliable and easy to use with a good features for exchange platform. It was one of the great project with a future in their hand. Good job for the team for making it this far 👍. More project to come and make this a good exchange than any other exchange out there. I'm inrerested to be part of yours.

1 year ago


As with this new project all what we are asking are a couple of things to fully make most friendly for us to use.

1. Completely risk free trade.

2. The security that is associated with our data.

3. The ease of use of the website and app.

4. is there a money back system.

5. What is the referal method like.

These are some questions that i will like to be answered, since we need to use the best.

1 year ago

Good to see a new Coin exchange warming up for trade is a good thing in cryptp industry and this will give more people opportunity to get closer to the industry and to involves in global transfer to digital world.

I want to advise that you add more features to your exchange in order to distinguish yourself in already flooded industry, something like profit sharing to traders who hold particular amount of your token(staking) and probably community stake holding and profit distribution and so on. Wishing you Best

1 year ago

I have checked your website, watched your videos and examine your team on linkedin. Everything seems fine and legit and it means you are on the right path. Also you have some good partners i did check them too. 

As far as i understand your users will have daily profits with their memberships levels and this is very interesting. After i check your reviews on ICO review sites i really got into your project. Specially i trust in ICO Bench which is greatest ICO reviews site, gave you 4.9 points and i added your website link to my favorites and will check you every week. Also i could invest some ETH to your project but if you sell your coins on some good exchanges. As we all know the ICO sales frightened everyone in last 1 year. So plase think about to have IEO on some good exchange. I think you would have great ammount of sales if you do that..

1 year ago

I liked the design of your website, it looks quite professional, also first time i have seen the "Middlecap"  in any project that was very first time for me. I have tried to check your social media accounts, found twitter and facebook which accounts looks quite good but i couldn't find the telegram which is most important one for me. If i want to ask question about a project i directly go to the projects telegram channel and ask my question there online to the admins. So i believe that you should open telegram channel for theParamountdax, i am sure many people would ask questions about the project. You can gain trust with telegram channel ofcourse you need to have wise admins there as well..


1 year ago

Oxu Remini guru

There are some basic features a stock exchange should have;

  • Language support
  • Provide 24/7 customer support (I want this to be alive within the platform)
  • Continuous trade (prior notification of maintenance work)
  • Safe and risk-free trade,
  • Liquidity,
  • Stop-Limit operations,
  • Keeping the necessary security measures at the highest level and making all necessary updates over time.

What is written above is everyone's expectations from a stock exchange. I'm sure you will provide them.
Your website design is simple but I didn't like the word sizes on the top bar.
But basically I was able to navigate your website very smoothly and clearly. The promises of the referral program will attract many more users to the platform.

I can say that your MVP part is fast and there is no stuck in opening the graphics. As the number of users of the platform and site visits increase, this will become clearer. It is not nice that the graphics remain the same when switching from day view to night view. In this mode, the entire page needs to switch to night mode. the account creation section should be at the top of the page.
(For simplicity)

I wish you success in your project.

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

Do you have any relationship with paramount pictures? I love the home page. All the webpages are neatly incorporated and the UX is commendable. The video also explains "how it works" very well. Considering how small your team is I think a lot of work has been put in to bring out a very solid project and the team members are very efficient. 

I also checked all your social media handles and they are working out fine. However, I didn't see any link or webpage for FAQs. There sure are lots of questions bothering the minds of visitors to your website. You can come up with a few of them and create a webpage for it even though there is a message box for asking any question pertaining to Paramountdax.

1 year ago

mike dmann expert

I am excited about the future of all crypto currency.

Website looks good. It does look exactly like every website that has to do with a new crypto products. I hope the finished product will break the mold and be different from other exchanges. Would like to give it a try when it is perfectly ready to go.

1 year ago

Anto puljic new user

First impression: Great! Every button works look quite good (nothing special more like "good copied") good structure. More in-depth: I don´t like the Team Member pictures. They look so random. One of the pictures looks like from a wedding and one of the others is looking like he is on the toilette. => Tell them to make new pictures like "everybody should be standing(!) in front of a white Wall". Would look more professional and more serious. Now it looks like 10 random guys and not as a team. Another thing are the partners. Why is there no hyperlink on the pictures?

1 year ago

Artur Artur new user

Классно то что минимальная комиссия!

1 year ago

Mubashir Ahmed expert

Sometimes, thoughts could taste like dark chocolate

To me ... It looks almost perfect. Color of logo needs improvement, either it should be changed or make it a little bit rich. Rest are wonderful (Visually).

Operationally talking ... when I tried to register, it gave me the message, "Something went wrong. Please try again later", even after trying many times. I hope, this would be resolved soon.

Thanks & Wish you a smooth developement.

1 year ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

This is a very good development and as much as we can see we can use. I will say that I find the website and also the staging area very good and seems easy to move around. From the little above I will say that the most caching there was providing risk-free trade, I don't think if there is really anything like risk-free trade, but I will be looking forward to this. expecting more from here and also looking forward to a better tomorrow.

1 year ago

It is a nice website. Loved the colours. It makes you unique. I wasn't woowed like I expected. I registered and the site couldn't draw my attention to the fact that the passwords didn't match. I think when that measure is implemented, it will save time. Besides that, the registration process was smooth. I am eagerly waiting for the launch. I hope you surprise me. I will give you a 8/10 rating.

1 year ago

Karen M guru

I actually like the colors on your site. I see many before me said it looked outdated.I disagree. Your colors aren't used very often which makes it nice. Remember 'everything old is new again'. I also like the background graphics. It makes me think of another universe and really, crypto is a whole new world! There are many exchanges out there, so in order to compete & succeed, you need to be different or better. The instant liquidity & real time customer support may be what sets you apart from the others.

1 year ago

Abyssal Drain new user

My first impression was really bland at first, the logo is really dark. Almost reminds me of a video game logo. It needs some work but hearing you wanna do real time customer support seems interesting. The questions I have are what else is there to offer when joining this. I’d like to have something catching my eye and also something that has nice join incentives. Anyway, whatever you choose to do with this, I hope it goes well!

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

The 46% daily profit is a catcher.

1 year ago

Don't know why but to me the UI reminded me of a late 80's, early 90's game. I personally would prefer a more modern look. A very nice exchage design you can use as reference is kucoin. 

Would I use it? That's the big question:

With all the exchanges to choose from, combined with the horror stories of people losing funds through hacks and just bad management I'm extremely reluctant to try new things. So to me the exchange would have to offer something that I simply have no choice if I wanted to use "that something". To be very honest; I currently see no immidiate feature that would motivate me strong enough to do that. Obviously might change in the future. 

During my testing I encountered the following error:

  • "Maximum update depth exceeded. This can happen when a component repeatedly calls setState inside componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate. React limits the number of nested updates to prevent infinite loops."
  • I also noticed the website is "not secure" - message on top of the website next to the browser search bar.

Best of luck!!


1 year ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

This looks good.

I'm not rich enough to care about OTC trading, but there are some other interesting features that I am curious about like the dedicated trade indiccator. The 46% profit share looks very generous and the referral program looks good.

The design also looks very good and I could see myself being comfortable using an exchange like that. The only negative I would say is that there are already so many exchanges around that for me personally I need a very good reason to open an account with yet another one. Usually I only do it to trade a coin which either isn't on other exchanges or doesn't have enough volume on them.

1 year ago

This shade of green is not attractive. Probably why it isn't used so much. Rounded buttons is circa 2000. The small font at the very top menu is not good. Too small. On a positive note, there is a lot of information that is presented. The flash at the top is beautiful and the rest of the site is very well-done!

1 year ago

Lester Paler senior

I always try to be as knowledgeable and as honest as possible.

Wow, there so many trading platforms out there. However, if you can pull of the instant liquidity and real-time customer support, I'm sure you'll have great success.  l also love that you'll be sharing the 40% of trading fees to the holders of your coin. That's giving back to the community, and in crypto, the supporting community is really what matters most. So great job there, I hope that everything would be sustainable.

As per your question, I think UI, design and overall visual was great. I loved the animated background, I love that the information presented was easy to understand, yet also concise and thorough enough at the same time. I also love that there is a help chat at the lower right corner of the screen already. Now I for one am using mobile phone, so I'm glad that it's optimized well to the mobile platform. I've seen a lot of exchanges and trading platforms that don't look good on mobile but this one does. The only problem I observed is the long pull-up time of the page. It took about 8-10 seconds before it fully showed the page, and I doubt it's because of my connection. However, other than that, everything looks great already. Overall, stylish and professional.

I wish you success and I'll definitely keep a look out on your project.

1 year ago

Sertan Ala guru

First of all my first imression on you ICO web site is very good because its very simple designed and easy to understand.You already got licensed which is a perfect way to start. As we all know nowadays most of the bigger exchanges still struggeling with regulations. On the other hand there must be more calculation on you acceptances. Daily Profit calculation must be more detailed as an investor ı need to konow how much risk i have to get.

I also like your MPV keep it as simple as it is now. Just additional advice  I really like the start up promations on oceanex exchanges and I think it is very succesfull. You must take care a good, clever idea for securing your exchange users. First make them happy to stay on your exchange, then they will make you happ with higher trading volumes which means more profit for you.

1 year ago

Hmm. As a former UX-designer and the current Front-end developer, I can say that this Web-Application is made perfectly on React, but there is one thing that falls short of a high level - Retina Ready Layout. I really like the 3 Level Invitee system, and the content of the site itself. So, I give 9.5/10!

1 year ago