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Digital learning.

What is digital learning? Digital learning uses technology to strengthen the user’s learning experiences in an engaging way.


Why is digital learning important?

Digital learning promotes deep learning to develop creativity, foster strong teamwork and accelerate learning. Trainers, managers and learners can create, publish and share content easily. No technical know-how is required. Users then access content anywhere, anytime.


What will it do tomorrow?

Digital learning facilitates effective social and collaborative learning. It unites teachers, peers and learners to create informal yet powerful learning experiences. Content creators collaborate online to share knowledge and build relevant content. Through adaptive learning users transform into agile, creative and flexible workers. These skills are vital for contemporary economy models.



This simple to use, engaging platform, allows learners to focus on active and efficient learning. 
Utilise this powerful yet user-friendly tool to help creators train, develop and engage users quickly and intuitively.

Our mission is to deliver a simple, user-friendly digital learning platform where creators and users can experience everything they need in one place

We value collaboration, competitive advantage and freedom of creativity.


Who is MySkillCamp

Made with love in Belgium, we’re also available in France and the UK. We’ve been inspired to rebel against unproductive, uninspired and unfriendly e-learning. There’s no excuse for it.


Learn about MySkillCamp on their website.

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