Bitcoin wallet In WhatsApp

Starting now, you can send, receive and earn bitcoin and litecoin on Whatsapp.

The giant messaging platform aims to lower the entry barrier for the average person to use cryptocurrencies.

Potentially, this could grow into the easiest way to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Send LTC and BTC on WhatsApp

A Swiss-based crypto messaging platform called Lite.IM developed a tool to simply receive and send BTC via WhatsApp. Lite.Im is developed by Zulu republic, who distributed a free airdrop for their native ZTX token in 2018.

All you have to do as a user is to add the Lite.Im WhatsApp bot and follow the instructions to start using and earning virtual currencies on the app.

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Introducing Edziban Hub

Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're Edziban Hub. Edziban is the Fante name for food. Fante is a local language in Ghana.  Currently, we are at an early stage and we can't wait to work more with you to improve our product ✊ Curious about who we are and what’s our business is about?   Problem: The grocery market has been slow to adopt online sales in Ghana, but the latest trends show that it is about to change. Online shopping is on the rise, but for further adoption, it must solve several obstacles, among them the preservation and delivery challenges. Different players try to approach this challenge differently; our unique solution is the network is through a mobile market bus – MobiMarts. This model, after successful implementation and acceptance, will make it the starting point of the network we want to build in multiple cities around the world but first in our home country of Ghana.   The current grocery market is still dominated by big brick & mortar retail chains, which causes several anomalies on the market. Retailers are pushing producers to lower their prices, yet not transferring these price savings to end consumers and not participating in producer’s risks. End consumers are confronted with highly-priced convenience foods and yet they cannot influence the supply as they could if they had more direct access. This can be changed but requires a different business model for online grocery sales.   We look to disrupt the global grocery market, one of the biggest consumer markets, which is forecasted to reach $11 trillion in 2021.   Our Product: We envision a global ecosystem of consumers and producers, big and small being directly connected through a global e-commerce platform and approaching the markets locally. To build this, we want to develop an innovative online marketplace, Edziban Hub, using open source technologies plus a network of MobiMarts (buses).   Our MobiMarts will present one of the best and most appealing solutions available for any market and multiple case use scenarios, among which grocery delivery presents the biggest potential for exponential growth in upcoming years. Therefore, it is of strategic importance to further build up the network in other AU metropolises as well.   With Edziban Hub - Don’t stand in lines, Enjoy life! We bring the market to your doorstep. We know how to create a solution that benefits all parties (Farmers, Consumers and us). By using technologies, the ecosystem will be built on transparency, trust and decentralization.   End consumers will gain lower prices, diversity and high-quality fresh food, traceability of products, sale promotions offered directly by Edziban Hub on behalf of producers and convenience of delivery.   Food and grocery products will get new, direct access to end consumers at reasonable prices plus the possibility to create effective sale promotions and consumers’ feedback to improve their offer.   And with the ongoing business model developments of the envisioned ecosystem, even more, widespread acceptance of the marketplace by the general community will follow.   The global grocery market is undergoing some of the most dramatic changes in history, partly due to internal factors, such as the changes in consumer behavior and new producers entering the market, and partly due to external factors such as technology, which opens the doors to new innovative models, thus disrupting the market.   To build the e-commerce platform and further develop the ecosystem we need your support.   Questions to consider:  What is your first impression? How would you go about putting together a unique food delivery service compared to companies trying to enter this market? 👉 Support us by liking our Facebook Page, follow our CEO on Twitter and then leave your comment below.   Looking forward to hearing your feedback.   Yours, The Edziban Hub team  
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