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Lolli - Earn Bitcoin When You Shop Online

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Dear Crowdholders, today I'd like to introduce you (or those who aren't already familiar) to "Lolli" - the crypto cash-back platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin while you shop online, by way of a browser-plug-in.  Being that you're here on CH I'm sure that you're all familiar with Bitcoin, and being that you're a human-being, even the most frugal of you, from time-to-time, need to shop.   You're also likely familiar with the concept of "cash-back" platforms.  You conduct your online shopping as you normally might, following which you receive a certain percentage of your purchase cost back as a reward.  The primary difference between Lolli, and others you might know, is that Lolli rewards its users in Bitcoin, rather than in boring old fiat.  And you can check them out HERE.   As a side note, because us Crowdholders love earning crypto - Lolli also have a pretty sweet referral program that allows users to generate and share links - that reward both parties with a bonus $5 worth of Bitcoin, as and when newly signed-up users conduct their first purchase via them  (yes, that is mine above).  ;) So what do you think Crowdholders?  Do you like the idea?  Do you, have you, or would you use Lolli?  Do you or have you used other cash-back platforms? How does Lolli compare?  Was the sign-up process easy?  What would you improve or like to see added?  And any other thoughts you might have...
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Pitch Investors Live - Shark Tank Meets Blockchain

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Dear Crowdholders - this will be my first task on Crowdholding.  And I'll be using my space here to introduce you to, and keep you up to date with, projects within the crypto-space that I myself find interesting.  Beginning with "Pitch Investors Live". If you're familiar with the television shows Shark Tank and/or Dragons' Den, you'll feel at home with the format of Pitch Investors Live - the online platform that allows start-ups and entrepreneurs to pitch investors (including Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington) in search of funding, live, while viewers the world over tune in to watch.  And you can catch a short introduction video HERE to get an idea of what the project is all about...  Which brings me to my task:  The Pitch Investors Live team recently launched their progressive web-app,   Within which users can either list their business or idea, to pitch to investors. Or simply watch pitches made by other entreprenuers.  Much in the same way as on the aforementioned television shows.  And what I would like for you to do is to go and have a quick play around, and let me know your initial thoughts.  Do you like the Web-app?  Is it something you could see yourself using, either as an entrepreneur, or as a viewer?  Are you a fan of television shows like Shark Tank?  And any other thoughts you might have...  >> Web-App <<  Thank you in advance Crowdholders - I look forward to reading your feedback. :)
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