Read our new 3-minute post on Medium about API security and give feedback.

Read our new 3-minute post on Medium about API security and give feedback.


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Read our new 3-minute post on Medium about API security and give feedback.


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Hey Everyone, 

We have just posted a new 3-minute read on Medium.com, and we would LOVE your feedback... 

This is post we would like to improve over time and perhaps spin new content from.



Thank you, 

The Yanda Team.  

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This is a nice article because it is straight forward and it went straight to the point. The idea of the APl is very nice and will improve the way things are done. :D

5 hours ago

It is a good article because of 2 reason 

  1. It was short
  2. Up to the point

Nowadays people are writing a longer article on medium and they are mostly boring at the end and the reader stop reading because the reader can't find the reason to get to his point for which he started reading. 

I think it would have been great if a paragraph would have been added at the start that explains what API is and how it benefits you, and then the whole article. Also, it would be great if you have added the reason why transactions overlap transaction can occur using different platforms and how they can be encountered( It shouldn't be in detail but a little inside would be great ).

1 day ago

I think it's a great idea to create u Api for the platform. perhaps done less than a few possible cases of use are specified with the data with which the data will be able to be accessed and under what conditions the use of the data will be allowed.

Payment, approval ....

2 days ago

The post on medium was a detailed one . The amazing thing is the API keys can function on multiple platforms . Here many like me have concerns like transactions over lap as mentioned . So what needs to be assured that overlapping doesn't occur . That security measure must be ensured. Overall i am excited to try this feature.

2 days ago

I read you article and I have to say it was a great read! I will say at first I thought you were talking about a person but soon realized it was a company. You provided detailed facts along with links to back them up which I think is important in today's age of misinformation. Overall I think more articles like this would be a great idea and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future! I'm a IT Professional so I love articles like this.

3 days ago


This is a great article and putting it on medium also makes it more better, i read this article and liked it so much, since we are all talking about the security of various projects, telling us about this in details is a very good and transperent way to grow. By telling your customer about the related security matters you give them more confidende in using your services and also in telling others. I will say that if things are alwyas done the way they are been thought about things would have become better, so i will say that the greatest milestone that is crossed here is fully implementing your idea to the world. Nice work there.

4 days ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

Liked and shared your article. I found it quite interesting but if i could offer a few thoughts which might have made it a bit better. Firstly, you assume a depth of knowledge in the reader. I would have started with a brief description of what an API key was, how it was used to fix authentication issues in the Https protocol and and how this relates to blockchain technology. 

'“There are big security risks involved with storing customers’ API Keys and the combined technology of Ethereum and MultiChain will help Yanda (and all of its competitors) solve that problem."

I would have left the part about your competitors out, this gives the impression that Yanda.io is aheadof the game and works as a form of subtle advertising. Seemed a bit like you were helping to promote your customers when it would seem sensible to set yourselves apart at this early stage, why is Yanda beter? more secure?

Other than that i thought the article was great. It would be great to read one about the Yanda.io project, how the automated trading works and a bit more infomation about the project in general for the next one.

4 days ago

Educating the average person in online security is necessary and your article does an excellent job of explaining your roll in that process.

5 days ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

I read your medium it was great for system security for.your customers. This is a project were everyone wants to be with because of its security interferance. Good job for the team for making it more trustful and reliable.

5 days ago

From a general rule of thumb, the best security company is the one that goes unmentioned. And for one reason, they keep all infrastructure and Data low-key to prevent premeditated Cyber attacks. How do you penetrate a network which you don't understand? With todays society and growing technology development. These companies are the front line

5 days ago

I have read your Medium post, you have explained very well about the concern for the storing your customer API Keys and i am sure that no one will have problem with that anymore. We all know the safety is the most important think in blockchain world and who reads this article would understand that Yanda is safe! Yanda could have great rise if the administration keep works in this perfect way. 


5 days ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

I feel that it all boils down to what we have been saying and what everyone is most cautious about, which is "security", I will say that if this company with this project can be able to provide the most perfect solution to this problem I will say that they should keep it solely within themselves, because if they make it public person will still be able to go around it and create more problems. Security of data, the security of funds, security of investments is what we need because this will go a long way in bringing more investors into the crypto systems, and in the long run making life easy for all.

6 days ago

Abyssal Drain new user

Honestly I find this quite fascinating. You’re catering to everyone’s safety with security while they can use Eth blockchain is quite astonishing. This is very important and I feel as if this should be heard a lot more since I know a lot of people who either was a victim of identity theft or attempted identity theft. It’s so easy to be caught up in it these days with such good technology and lots of smart people who use their smarts for Ill will. This is definitely a way to go.

6 days ago

Fund, Security is The Main problem for 2019, so it should be much more secure Really interesting

1 week ago

The combination with the use of Eth blockchain will be a powerful extra security factor to attract more people and big investments, definitively, Yanda is following right path imho

1 week ago

Individual storage is one reaction to inhibit the trade of my personal data. In the 5th paragraph pace is spelt 'pace'.

1 week ago

mike dmann expert

I am excited about the future of all crypto currency.

Amazed at all the flaws in API. Glad Yanda is doing something about it. Using blockchain to solve problems i just learned existed blows my mind. 

1 week ago

When the issue that related to security of trading exchange or platform comes to mind,one wait a while to read what the writer(s) is about to say. API keys for keep by Yanda should be discussed and understand better,in the sense that how  do you keep these keys that will not lead to another issue of security bridge or leak,for example I bought a token on an acclaimed secure platform in 2017 and it happened later that one of the staff in connivance with some hackers used tokens buyers information to fraud the buyers before they could figure the whole issue out the thieves has already successfully launch email to the hundred of thousands of innocent people in an attempt to fraud them but thank God for those that vigilant that discovered anomalies in the message sent.

In a nutshell keeping ÀPI keys is good but in a script compliance to the law of technology.

Thanks for this observation

1 week ago

Done... Thank you for information...

1 week ago

Security is big concern, asking for API keys using multi-chain technology blockchain to minimize risk is a good idea.

A reader can easily follow what the issue is and understand what YAnda offers and the benefits.

Protection of customer data is very important and companies need to stop fighting for customers API keys and the storing of them because it is a security risk.

1 week ago

Mas Edi

earn money to online

The idea of ​​not asking for API keys using multi-chain technology and ethereum blockchain to minimize risk is a good idea

1 week ago

I love to see crypto offering better security, It really has never came to mind when thinking about who has my API information. Good read, straight to the point for a small article.

1 week ago

Brilliant read never really thought about how many sites have my API keys to access information

1 week ago

I love to read your article and get so much information through your blog and learn new thing about blogging https://kissmanga.today/sozai-saishuka-no-isekai-ryokouki

1 week ago

Why not simply store the keys behind a distributed storage? An additional layer could make the work harder for the hacker. 

1 week ago

I like to see this...crypto companies accepting the honus of better security. There is really no telling how much time I spend loggin in, providing I'm, "Me," etc. It gets tiresome. But, it's two-sided because I also acknowledge the importance of security.

1 week ago

stephen black new user

Good read on APIs and how the integration of other crypto chains will help overlap of repeatedly asking for keys by different platforms. Safety is always an issue and concern and this looks to hopefully increase all miners safety. Lookingbfirward to stayimg on top.of their tech in use.

1 week ago

CrowdCube acredito no publico e investidores sem duvida vai ter grande susseço

1 week ago

Artur Artur new user

Безусловно это шаг вперед для лучшей безопасности API ключей!!!

1 week ago

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1 week ago

Lily Panter expert

I'm sugar, spice and everything nice

The article is well written and edited. It goes straight to the point on the information being conveyed. A reader can easily follow what the issue is and understand what YAnda offers and the benefits. 

Protection of customer data is very important and companies need to stop fighting for customers API keys and the storing of them because it is a security risk. 

1 week ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

I can appreciate pointing out the flaws in API protocol but I have to say the way this was written or unedited was a bit shocking to me. Just a wink wink to double or triple check your work before publishing it on a global platform!


1 - Star ☆ yikes....

1 week ago

clapped and shared on my facebook timeline , i hope it helps the promotions 

1 week ago

Changing the way we store API Keys means a lot for me and for the crypto community because in past years we had many problems about it. As far as i can see that the Yanda is trying to make big impact in this area and aims to enhance its transparency of traders’ API usage by combining the Multichain and Ethereum Blockchain technologies. If they have success, one of the biggest problem (security) would solve in our world.

1 week ago


It was incredibly awkward to read:

  • Strange sentence constructions

  • Weird perspective shifts

  • Incoherent text

Suggestion for structure:

1.Introduction - Say what you are going to talk about:

API and it’s possible flaws / security issues + How Yanda will solve it.

2.Say what you wanted to say:

2.1. Explain what you will be talking about in a way your targeted audience will understand.


Application programming interfaces or API’s as they’re better known are used for…..

API’s allow…..to easily...

2.2. Explain the current situation / the problem Yanda will solve:


A major issue with using API’s is that…...

2.3. Explain how Yanda will solve this:


Through our innovative approach Yanda solves the issue of ….. and …. through …..

2.4. Optional -  Delve deeper into the solution.

3.Say what you talked about

4. Optional: You can add some information about what’s in store for the future.


1 week ago

Oh, Funds security is one of the most meaningful problems And all these errors with transactions is really annoying A wanna see final product so i can say more But it sounds great And low treshhold for investors good as well so we all can start investing!

1 week ago

Thanks for listing all the ways API are flawed. Really interesting read and all in 3 mins

1 week ago

Oh, Funds security is one of the most meaningful problems And all these errors with transactions is really annoying Nice

1 week ago

I agree that Crypto trading with APIs is becoming increasingly dangerous day by day. I appreciate Yanda's efforts to find of solution ablut these security issues and hope to find a solution for investors in very near future.

1 week ago

Fund, Security is The Main problem for 2019, so it should be much more secure

1 week ago

Security is the most important thing to me. And it will be to all newbies to crypto when they dont get the hint and that fateful day comes where they learn the hard way! 

1 week ago

Oh, Funds security is one of the most meaningful problems
And all these errors with transactions is really annoying
A wanna see final product so i can say more
But it sounds great
And low treshhold for investors good as well so we all can start investing!

1 week ago

kit williams new user

You need to elaborate more because reading your article your really not saying much if anything at all. Yes it is a cause for concern when you store customer keys but you don't say how Yanda is going to fix it, you only say that Yanda has a solution to the problem, you never explain the solution. Instead you go into another thought, You wrote "Yanda is making great moves in this area and aims to enhance its transparency of traders’ API usage by combining the Multichain and Ethereum Blockchain technologies. The aim is to not ask users to provide API keys anymore so that multiple platforms overlapping of API calls can be avoided.", what does this mean? You make a blanket statement and then never elaborate on it. You instead switch thoughts into how great the automated trading industry is doing great these past years. Who cares how the automated trading industry is going! I clicked on your article to learn if i should be concerned about the storing of my API keys from automated traders and how Yanda is going to fix this problem. Instead i get none of that. Final tips, though is to stay focused on what your writing, your writing about concerns over API storage not about how great automated traders are doing right now, expand more on how Yanda is going to fix this problem, and finally you've got a lot of just filler. I keep going back to your writing about how great automated traders are doing but I'm doing that so because it makes no sense in the context of your article. It's fine if you don't actually have a lot to say about the topic but you don't need to mindlessly add filler to it. These are my thoughts hope they help. Kit

1 week ago

Deyner López guru

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

I think is a good thing you, as newcomer to crypto trade world, get concerned about security when using APIs.

There is not doubt that the use of APIs to trade is a very risky process for everyone: they can be lost, stolen or even forgotten. I think new ways to connect exchanges with trading bots are needed...that's for sure so that's why community will give a huge welcome hug to new techniques allowing this while gets concerned about security and privacy.

The exchange industry has becoming growing faster and faster every time and new products gets focused on provide quick solutions without worrying about security...and that's a mistake.

I am glad to see you get real concern about security at all and you will be a successful product if you achieve what Yanda has propposed till now plus give a security level above levels provided by most common exchanges right now.

Hope you got it!! Good luck and keep it up!!!



1 week ago

Im not sure on what there platform is offering

1 week ago

Arzun Pathak expert

Don't listen to me, listen to the data and research.

Read your article that's good that you guys are working for tighten security. Let us know more how your platform is going to serve us better than the existing platform.

1 week ago

I am not sure if you are talking about the keys to the crypto or not.  If so could it be hacked where the crypro is gone.  Multichain could probably be expanded or reworfded because I have no clue as to what that is   explaining to me like I'm a novice would probably make it seem more trust worthy.

1 week ago

There is no doubt that the security problem is growing every year, with very few projects and products that are truly concerned about the situation and are trying to do something in this area to correct the situation. Security must evolve alongside technology. I welcome the initiatives of BmyBit LTD and wish it success on this difficult path.

1 week ago

I don't exactly know how to "clap" on your article, but I definitely would. Lots of companies now a days fail to deliver especially when it comes to privacy. The more companies we can get who are on board with customer security and privacy, the better. I've heard stories of people who have lost so much money due to a company they supported and used not having their security tight enough, so I think I'd support this if it can prevent against those horrible cases.

1 week ago

Karen M guru

At the bottom of the article, on the left is an icon of hands & it says clap. Just click it

1 week ago

I literally didn't get a clear understanding, but of course im new to this so.. But other than that Its something I think I would be interested in learning more about.

1 week ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

This looks really interesting and it is great that you are looking for innovative solutions to such issues.

But I wasn't entirely clear from reading the article what your solution actually does. You just say combining Ethereum blockchain and multichain. I don't know what multichain is and I don't know what the combination produces, so I was left feeling that although I like the initiative I don't really know whether your solution is good or not because I don't know what it is. 

I understand that you perhaps don't want to get into too much technical stuff in an article like this but a sentence or two from a very high level perspective may help the uninitiated such as myself understand what you are doing.

The article itself is very good apart from that and it was still interesting to read and gave me a positive impression of what you are doing.

1 week ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

I am positively surprised by the idea of combining the Multichain and Ethereum Blockchain technologies to enhance the transparency of traders’ API usage. From the way you state it, it seems it's not far from being done. Then again, I think it will lead to some wonderful uses other than security. Think about it. Just look at the uses of the ethereum blockchain only - then combining it with Multichain as well. Don't you think it will do more than providing security?

Anyway, you seem to be so keen on automated trading but like you said, the industry has been growing at a fast pace. Some of us are oblivious of what is really happening and to be honest, your updates, articles and tasks provide more information than you think it does. Also, I like the fact that even though you're spearheading the prevention of the storage of customers' API, you have all your competitors in mind - acknowledging the fact that it goes to help them as well. Lest I forget, you've really done well with interspersing your article with enough links for verification.

With every task you post, the more convinced I am of how solid your project is. Is the storing of customer API Keys in 2019 a cause for concern? Your article definitely makes me believe so. 

1 week ago

Karen M guru

Security is super important. There are always going to be scammers and dishonest people. As a company, you need to never quit. Whatever you can create, they can hack. You need to be two steps ahead. I applaud you for coming up with a better way for all of us. I(and gave your article a bunch of claps!) I hope you and your competitors continue working together to keep crypto as secure as possible. Collaboration is key.

1 week ago

The idea of not asking for API keys anymore has pros and cons to it. I would vote for it as it would be safer from scams and such. The article was written well with good information and will most likely lead to many new accounts for the cousin app "medium". Unsure how to clap yet

1 week ago

NIce, well-written post. I am very conscious of my security and you did justice in the post explaining how important it was to end users. Yanda is a great initiative that I believe will bring risk to the barest minimum. I believe Yanda will reduce the risk factor associated with trading.

1 week ago

ahmed musa expert

The idea of not asking for API keys using multichain and ethereum blockchain technology to minimize risk is a great idea by Yanda.io. One of the factors I always consider as far as blockchain is concerned. As long as it will improve security, kudos to the developers "Yanda team".

1 week ago

Mubashir Ahmed expert

Sometimes, thoughts could taste like dark chocolate

Interesting. Very well written post. It compel the reader to visit Yanda.io and know more about it and its process.

Followed the medium account. Loved the post so clapped to maximum number.

Wish you lots of success.

Have a nice day.

1 week ago