True Gym

Introducing True Gym: New High-end training based on AI and latest technologies

Introducing True Gym: New High-end training based on AI and latest technologies



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Introducing True Gym: New High-end training based on AI and latest technologies


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Hello Crowdholders,

Today we would love to introduce ourselves. We're True Gym 🏋🏿‍♀️ 🏋️‍♂️ 🏋🏻‍♂️

Currently we are at an early stage and we can't wait to work more with you to improve our product.

You are curious about who we are and what's our business plan?

We want to support healthy and satisfied people ⛹🏿‍♂️ 🤺 🤾‍♀️ all around the world through the True Gym mobile APP with AI workout plans for everyone. Thanks to the smart devices, which will be collecting workout data, users can earn Gymeeks for sharing data.

What are your first impression ❔

👉 Go to our website to learn more about us and then leave your comment below.


Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



The True Gym team


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Deyner López guru

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

AWESOME!!! Nice project in here!!!

I like the idea of been paid by sharing data, but only data i want to share of course. The idea behind this project is very good: an app tracking your exercises collecting data and analizing it in order to give you best workout plan.....AMAZING!!

About your website:

Nice....good color combination remarking your brand and eye catching. I think logo should be greater than are now because logo is th first thing who identifies you and people remember it for a long time...your logo in website is, at most, seems like other part of top menu at least for me.

You should consider translating website to others languajes but English and Czech...i recommend you Spanish(my mother language) since this app i assume will be downloaded by worldwide people you should consider hit a larger number of customers by translating your website and app into the most speaked languages in the world.

Final thoughts for you:

Try to include True Gym tokens in major exchanges...this allows more people to buy them or exchange them and gives strength to your project and huge credibility.

You have a great product in here. Good luck and keep it up!!!


1 year ago

The site looks clean and sophisticated so well done!

1 year ago

Vu Huu Hoang expert

Clean and simple website, looks good. One suggestion I would make is that your name sounds a lot like "ClassPass" to me, so I think that could cause some confusion with potential customers. ClassPass is a market leader in a fairly similar space to yours, so I imagine that people might understandably mix the two up, or think you are affiliated (perhaps a subsidiary) of them. I would consider a rebranding in that regard, before you grow too large. Regarding your business model, I think the base pricing is simple enough, although regarding this part: "4% processing fee when customers use card to buy your stuff" Firstly, I would suggest rewording "buy your stuff" to "make purchases", since the former sounds unprofessional. Secondly, I'm curious if those processing fees will discourage people selling through your platform, since the fees are somewhat high. Of course you can do Willingness-To-Pay surveys to determine that. Good luck!

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.


1. Great user interface (for both desktop and mobile)

2. Easy navigation around all the web pages

3. The workout plan tailored to suit all users individually through the use of AI is fantastic. After all why exercise as much as somebody when both of you don't have the same stamina?

4. I checked out the LinkedIn profiles of the team members and most of them do have credible and long-term experiences.

5. Rewards for exercising is "encouraging".

6. Great video for demonstration of the app's uses.

7. The option to join the beta app testing is very thoughtful as it gives an indication of who will or won't like to use the app.

8. The contact section is very important as it gives everyone access to the managers of True Gym



1. With regards to the goal of True Gym, teaching people how to exercise properly is very relative. How you instruct somebody to exercise does not necessarily imply that that is the best suited exercise for the person.

2. The general questions under the FAQs are few. There should be at least 20 questions in my opinion.

3. Not verybody likes surprises so the exchanges that will offer your coin must be stated. Are there any apart from Bitozz and Bitcratic? The users must know.

4. Please review some parts of the texts on the website. For example, the "app section" states "Preparing Collecting data from users rewarding with True Gym Coins, personal workout plans creation, special program for coaches and fitness centers." This can be confusing. Do you mean "Preparing the collection of data from users and rewarding them with True Gym coins....?


These are my 2 cents. And one more time, your web UI is fantasssstic!


1 year ago

Andreas Nebel new user

It is certainly a big trend to professionalize your own training to achieve more training efficiency. Nowadays, the people need to balance their long work hours with their hobbies. This app might be a reasonable solution to perform more efficiently in a limited period of time. From my point of view, this solution absolutely fits to the mindset and interest of today's population. It seems that you found the technological know-how to collect instant body data and transmit them to your app. I think the programming of the software might have not been simple and that's why, it results in a solution which might not be adapted so quickly. However, Apple as well as Android solutions already offer the benefit of performance data after workout. Therefore, your solution differentiates to its competition in the way that it provides the suitable workout programm for the current moment, but it is not unique in the sense of collecting data and providing a performance analysis. I think your solution is valid to compete with the big market players. However, it might be worth to enter into a collaboration with interested smartphone companies and take benefit from their advanced technological know-how. In terms of marketing, this solution appeals to a broad population who actively participates in sports activities. Therefore, there seems to be a good chance to make your business profitable. The reason ist that the costs will be limited to the programming of your software and this solution will be scalable without increasing the cost share.

1 year ago

Love the idea. I am concerned that there may be similar apps out there but it sounds like something I would use.

the idea of having an online services and integrated with the blockchain network is very good and a good way to help others by providing them with anonymous help without disclosing the infor of the other person. i will say that i like the idea the website looks great also and the team behind it is enormous so i think it will come out a success, just consistency that i needed to be added

1 year ago

Praveen B new user

Truegym will employ artificial intelligence to analyze a large amount of data from both exercising clients and trainers. This is to enable Truegym meet the needs of its clients on an individual basis.

1 year ago

A wonderful company, everything at the highest level, responsive staff, a reliable and promising project! I advise you to pay attention. A successful project that has not left me without attention, I believe that the company is the best offer on the market.

1 year ago

Diana Matthews new user

Hi, on your website something wrong with text content here -

1 year ago

I went through your website and I want to say that you guys are truly working but my concern is the acceptability of your project, though presale was successfully done,you are selling on exchange and so on,acceptability in the sense that there are other projects like your own that they don't stayed Long before they disappeared in fact have bought ICO from two of such scams because everybody want good health especially when it is imperative that you can decide what you want by yourselves health wise either long life or short due to whatever activities you involve in, but unfortunately this kinds of projects has really made it impossible for people to trust gym,sport bet and sport or health related projects. 

My advise  is that you have to get a  well known sport advisor or advisors who can stand for the team,person that be called up to whenever there is a challenge if any,who can be trusted,with good name. I have involved in one project that has individual sport lady with good character as an adbisor and believe me the w project is making it real good, it was even appeared at last world cup as one of the supporters.

Kindly work on this because none of the team I saw here has a big name that can push the project up except if you just want to make some money and close down the site soon.


1 year ago

Rapheal Ngene expert

the idea of having an online services and integrated with the blockchain network is very good and a good way to help others by providing them with anonymous help without disclosing the infor of the other person. i will say that i like the idea the website looks great also and the team behind it is enormous so i think it will come out a success, just consistency that i needed to be added.

1 year ago

Dime Barlak new user

All You Touch And All You See Is All Your Life Will Ever Be!

It would be awesome if the sport industry wiuld be somehow based or dependable on this kind of system but Unfortunately I think its too hard to even make impact if not impossible because sport, equipment and health industry are gigants and the people who benefit from these industries would not allow this kind of projects anywhere near their gym and facilities simply because YOUR VISION REPRESENTS TREAT to these industries I would not use it simply because If Im personal Trainer I would loose on income and 70+% percent is not better at all vs 100+% of safe income.Simply put I dont think there is near future for this kind of platform to be BOOM!. Plus as far as I understood and I researched everything you have written ... is that it works only to those who have smart devices like wrist watch or smartbelt. In Europe for example: not even 40% of the people have smart watches simply because the good ones are expensive and the low cost ones are not reliable at all (that means less coins for them) and inaccurate. But its catchy idea especially that you can buy equipment with coins that you attain by exercise. Maybe if you provide a way for people to buy smart watches and smart bracelets etc with your coins first....and then execute this plan for them to make coins with exercise with the watches you helped them buy it would be great boost for you ...Gift coins for smart watches and bracelets only for truegym...

1 year ago

Daniel Costello new user

Love the idea. I am concerned that there may be similar apps out there but it sounds like something I would use.

1 year ago

basel qarabash new user

Wow really nice idea, if you work hard an Advertising a little and let it become more popular I'm pretty sure it will become a hit. Can't wait to see the app (or is it in the store but I can't find it??)

1 year ago

Hi, we are finishing True Gym App, first will be available for beta testers registered here:

1 year ago

GYM with Artificial intelligence.. Good and interesting idea and it is unique because i haven't heard a project like this one before. Fitness wristband is very suitable while you are moving, its shape and weight seems perfect. Everyone making GYM with their smart phones, usually listening music but now we all can use it for True GYM app. too.  I have requested to joined BETA testing as well.

Health worldwide market is 118 Billion USD, huge ammount and it needs new project urgently and True GYM will help to this needs.

I wish i this project was alive in 10 years ago while i was making lots of GYM..

1 year ago

shoji shimizu new user

TRUE I read the HOME PAGE of GYM. First of all, I am not a member of GYM's work. It is an individual opinion to the last. ・ It is quite attractive to combine personal and professional fitness data with AI to create an optimal program. However, I feel like I lack the need to use this app. Isn't it possible to say that the environment in fitness is saturated now? In other words, it feels like it has all the products, facilities, APP, and supplements for it. In that, I think I want more reason to use TRUE GYM. In terms of MARKETING, famous trainers and celebrities are participating early, but different aspects such as combining with amazing technology, fitness with an emphasis on health, etc. are possible by using TRUE GYM . . . I feel like I want a strong impact. Sorry for the rude sentences.

1 year ago

I have seen some other project with health caring but there are many things which are a question mark for me.

  1. How does the app will work will it only calculate the calories that we will burn during the exercises or other parameters as well if other parameters are also taking into consideration then how they will be calculated.
  2. If someone does not want to share his data can he still earn ur tokens?
  3. As most of these kinds of app drain the battery very quickly, so Is this app will be the same as others?
  4. You have to be unique as there are many health care project apps whose are promoting there app and site by saying that they want a healthy world. 
  5. I didn't find any link for the telegram group to join and If you don't have it then I think it will be a good addition.
  6. "To motivate users to share their data, we decided to pay for it or you can just keep data for yourself without reward." Isn't this a harsh statement for those who don't want to share their data and also you should give some alternate solution so they can also earn your coin. This is how you will have a big and happy community


1 year ago

I like the idea of using 'big data' and use it for profiling. This only can work if all variables are taken in account. In fitness the most important ones are part of the "sleep, eat and repeat" cycle. What variables will be used and how are they going to be processed? What hardware is going to be supported? Is a heartrate monitor one of the specs?

1 year ago

This idea is very good but there are many projects like it, you must be unique in something more than them to take apart in the field.

1 year ago


I really like the idea of ​​being able to monetize the training data of the users. From the perspective of a possible user very well. It is not clear to me what the value of that data will be and how the company will monetize it. At the level of the business model, it has not been clear to me how your gym will increase the value of the user's counter-testing and if this does not happen it will not be an interesting incentive for the latter.

1 year ago

Ahmad Fz guru

Crypto Addicted

The previous project Gym ledger has no information about it now. Hope the project is real not pump and dump ico or token release

1 year ago

We are real, everyone can visit us in True Gym Valmez -

We have community around us, this app is for them :)

1 year ago

Primoz Obolnar new user

Crypto enthusiast and in love with travelling

Idea of AI helping with training is OK and it stands out from the crowd of similar applications, maybe you should emphasise that even more. Otherwise since there is many other apps like this out there you will really have to stand out for people to notice you. I am using MyFitnessPal for example and can compare it to that one. Maybe good idea would be to include gamification, people do like to be rewarded. Also good idea would maybe be to build strong community where people could compare results and maybe even compete with each other. Like it or not, but people (especially males) are competitive and we like to compete with others :)

1 year ago

Deepak Mathur new user

I know how things work online and how to grow digitally. Ask me anything!

Your idea is good but there are many competitors out there in market, you should have to introduce something unique which will make your different from them. I want to see something different which will make me try and become a regular user.

1 year ago

Most importantly I would love to know how the team aims to making TrueGym different from what already similar on the market and what prospects will be used to attract more people. Otherwise it is a great project.

1 year ago

the idea is great but there are several projects like true gym which are on the market. 

I would love to know how you guys are planning to get ahead of those projects. Some of them are really powerful

1 year ago

Hi! Concurent environment is healthy, we can see mistakes of similar projects and learn from them. We have plans to grow, but we cannot publish them right now, follow our project and you'll see :)

1 year ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

i like the idea and it is always fun to be engaged when what you are doing can be accessed through online means. But i am really secretive with my data and defintely wont want it to be shared online. but will try it out to see that it goes out great,

1 year ago

I will fully support this project and concept i am already using apps to workout at home but those apps are nothing but graphic and timer based apps so i am looking forward to this innovative workout project and i hope the app and the rewards will be truly global and not limited to some countries only like some other apps.

1 year ago

Beth Oz

because I am an interesting person :)

I think it is a great idea for those who works out regularly like me. I have joined beta process and can't wait to join. Welldone :)

1 year ago

I think that personal training is the future. An app can deliver access to it for more people. 

1 year ago

I love exercises everyday it feels great and best for healthy leaving

1 year ago

Davon Wright new user

Great marketer who knows how to reach target customers. Loving crypto now.

After reading the overview and checking out the website, I think True Gym is a creative idea that makes working out a bit more enjoyable by including and having it become socially connected. Not having to count reps would likely help to focus on more intensive workouts. One thing I noticed is the wording around the site, like (collect user data, supervise your clients) this might sway the user's impression when it comes to privacy. I think there are other words that can be used that don't sound as invasive to someone considering signing up. Although gentler words will likely mean the same thing, it's ideal to keep their minds on the benefits they will get from an awesome app. The site design and video are excellent. It does feel a little too crypto currency and blockchain focused considering a good amount of visitors still might now know what those words means. Overall, I think it will become a popular app, while motivating users and promoting fitness.

1 year ago

Nuno Queiroz Gil new user

I can't belive this is real. Grate oportunity to exercise.

1 year ago

This type of project is in my wheelhouse, so to speak, and so excuse me if my feedback is a bit nitpicky.

I checked out your website and read the whitepaper, and overall I love the idea and effort put into incentivizing exercise. There is a main reason for this, in addition to the figures you give the Wellness market was a US$4.2 trillion industry in 2017 ( People are getting RICH off of this trend and overall, I'm unclear if people getting healthier.

If people do get healthier, they have to be the ones to make the decision of what to change and how to do it (see "self-determination theory" for more details on why I say this). Essentially they are the ones doing "the work," and they have to pay others for the information or opportunity? Compound that with the fact that an improvement in one person's lifestyle saves their insurance payers a significant amount of money, and does that savings ever really trickle down? IMHO, this industry needs to be turned upside down.

So on to the whitepaper, your first paragraph indicates some ideas of why people stop exercise, which could be valid, but this is the entire crux of how someone will be consistent in using your product. I would beef up on the knowledge of habit change (The Power of Habit, is a good recent book), self-determination theory (Why we do What we do, another good resource here), and self-competency, as well as motivation and purpose (Life on Purpose) as drivers for successful habits. Then, I would "cook" those concepts directly into the software you're developing.

I say all this with a working concept of "social equity" in mind. In this case, public health is the most likely "social good." If we make any dent in improving public health with fitness or wellness solutions, taking an evidence-based approach is going to be most practical and effective in getting us there. I'm hoping you're taking that sort of perspective as well.

Additionally, when reading your whitepaper, I was sometimes unsure of what you're meaning when using the terms health and fitness. Those words seem to be interchanged a lot throughout the whitepaper, whether you're referring to industry or results from exercise. I would have an editor read through the whitepaper to specifically evaluate the use of those and similar words to ensure it's saying exactly what you're meaning.

I'm excited enough to try out the beta, looking forward to seeing what your have in store.


1 year ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

Let me start by saying theres a pretty great Idea behing Truegym but im afraid i have to start off by being pretty negative. I hope you will take this criticism in the spirit in which it is intended as my only wish is to help you improve <deep breath> The English on your website is not to the level i would expect on a professional site. The grammar is confusing, some of the scentence structure is back to front, some of it doesnt even make sense. There are places where i honestly am not sure what you are trying to say and places where i get what you are saying but only after re-reading a few times. There is even, and i am sorry to say a mistake that would make me close the website and never come back if i was an investor or someone wanting to use the site. It reads thus: 

"All data is secured by blockchain technology and no one can not abuse them"

this is a double negative and so the scentence can be translated by a native English speaker as Everyone can abuse your data. Its also, gramatically, all over the place. What I think you meant to say was:

"All data is secured on the blockchain to ensure noone can abuse it"

At this point i would close the website as a potential client. Data protection is so important in the blockchain industry and i'm afraid i would not trust the website. There are gramatical errors in almost every paragraph and so I really think that you should revisit this urgently.

But now for the good news! I really think the idea is great, as a person who works out 5 times a week the idea of having a constantly evolving workout that adapts as my fitness level improves and helps me analyse my data with trained professionals would be most welcome. Being able to sell back your data to help improve upon the AI is a brilliant idea and allows you to earn a small passive income just for doing the things that you would do anyway. The fact that you can then use your earning to buy supplements and other related items is quite a unique touch as well. It gives the impression of a complete eco system for the project - workout -> earn -> reinvest. I believe this will add value to the token and to the platform.

Gramattical errors aside the website looks great. It has a nice flow, the links all work well and the link to the explanatory video is good as well. The graphics are eye catching and the use of bullet points presents your product in bite sized chunks with the option to read further if you wish.

There is a big market for this kind of app. As the blockchain industry slowly starts to move mainstream the demand will only grow as well. Almost everyone in the industry is happy to find new ways to earn a passive income. As we are still in the genesis of the blockchain industry i believe you are well situated to be the origional and, hopefully, the best. Just fix the website.

1 year ago

Ah yes. Totally agree. I just completely overlooked the language assuming they used an automatic translation service. Regardless, this is highly important especially with the semantics point you raised.

1 year ago

De Gem guru

Cryptocurrency enthusiast, avid reader, rapper and SDG advocate.

Thanks for mentioning the grammatical errors. For people like me it gives serious indications of a scam although I don't think the people at True Gym intend to do that.

1 year ago

Wow! this is incredible, getting paid for exercising and sharing your data. This will encourage more people to exercise. My only reservation is securing the data of users, if this can be guaranteed then you are good to go. Also you guys can put a disclaimer when recommending exercise to users, or there should be some form of assessment or health check before this is done, so you will not give the right procedure to a wrong user.

1 year ago

Tim Prior guru

Crypto / Blockchain enthusiast and investor.

It's an interesting idea.  And presented well, with a good website, and enjoyable introductory video.  As others have mentioned, I have also seen a good number of projects working towards much the same goal.  But presumably that means a lot of people see a lot of potential within this particular space.  To the victor, the spoils.  

I don't personally use apps or tech when I work out (I just stop when I'm tired).  But I have a few friends who swear by them - the apps at least.  Not sure if they also use smart-devices currently.  But the tech does look interesting.  I'll be sure to forward them to your website to see if it's somethig they might be interested.  As at least one is also into crypto.  

The concept of being able to sell your workout data is also fascinating.  Now that we're all aware that big companies like Google and Facebook have been making stacks of cash selling off our personal-data, it's definitely past time that we as users started to get our fair cut.  :D

Good luck with the project!  

1 year ago

Rui Crypto expert

The website is nice and easy to walkthrough. Not a new idea, i already saw more project with similar ideas.

I'll be watching your project to see what will you do differently to stand out and achieve mass adoption.

Good luck

1 year ago

Oxu Remini guru

It is a good idea to collect data from users in the True Gym network with the AI system and therefore reward them.
It is very nice to reach these data when it is requested that these collected data be continuously analyzed and stored in the blockchain network.

Conducting personalized exercise or sporting activities with the analyzes to be made here will enable athletes to reach the target in a more disciplined way.

By the way, I have a suggestion;
I want my mobile application information to be accessible on the website.

Good luck.

1 year ago

It looks very good and clean because True Gym website was made easy to understand.
It is said tha the user can exchange useful data with other users and he can also get some coin, which does not seem to have enough information about what data and what rules for exchange. I think you need more clarification on how to use the app and data exchange.

1 year ago

Wow. Good concept. We get reward for doing exercise.

1 year ago

Jc Rodriguez senior

Interesting project.
The number of people who join the physical training, use gym and practice exercises, is increasing. The world wants to be healthier.
It is good to attack that target of inemdiato. There are similar applications, but this one is better, because it is based on blockchain and the possibility that people can earn crypto while exercising.
Good luck !

1 year ago

I'm hoping your business grows like an arrow! Nice inovative technology to practice sports

1 year ago

First time i have seen an idea like True Gym, it is quite clever because it is became an unique project. If you make something first you would win it is obvious. You are doing that and the success will come for you i am sure. Asyou mentioned that the "Health worldwide market is 118 Billion USD" and it is anormous kind of money. I wasn't aware about that. So you have huge market and with True Gym app you can make a good fortune and also we learn lots of things from you about gym, sports and health.

I liked your website, i can see that it came from the professional hands, congratz for that.

"Get rewarded for the exercise" slogan would bring you many users and the people would love this idea. Who doesn't? While you make gym you can make coins! Great idea..

I have joined the beta app testing and waiting your reply. I would like to work and help for your project because i really liked it.

I only can say that you need a telegram channel urgently, because if i want to ask or learn something about your projects i would go to your telegram channel and ask my questions there to admins online.. It is very very important for all of visitors.

1 year ago

Avi Syed expert

Too good to see such type of project, I really like and hope its help to increase or motivate all .

1 year ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

I like the sound of AI created workout plans. I have no idea how original that is but I haven't heard of it myself. I guess it really depends how good the AI is but I think that has some potential to give more personalized plans than off-the-shelf programs but maybe with lower cost than a personal trainer.

In relation to Gymeeks and earning rewards for sharing data, I think it could be appealing but my initial thoughts without knowing more would be that I would get a very tiny value's worth of tokens, and that there would be very few things to use said tokens for. The problem with data and sharing its value is that it is only considered valuable because of the companies who have access to data from million's of people. An individual person's data is not really that valuable I think. That makes it a tough sell even for people already interested in cryptocurrency (because keeping track of hundreds of different tokens can be a hassle) and probably would not at all appeal to people who aren't already into cryptocurrency. But if you can get enough related partners to accept the tokens and / or if the value of what users can earn is enough then maybe it could be really good.

1 year ago

I quite like this idea as there is similar apps like this such as sweatcoin but what this does differently to those apps is that it is supported with Blockchain technology so I'll be able to earn as I train, which is always great. The smart technology being used will be able to tailor your workouts for optimum performance and results. So overall I find this particular idea very interesting.

1 year ago

Simple and user frendly, that is more important and its something what users looking for. I support everything abought healt.

1 year ago

b p expert

cool, another fitness watch what an inovativeidea, sorry for the sarcasm but it doesnt appeal me at all. Big big pass for me. sorry

1 year ago

It's a great token for gymners, i like'd

1 year ago

hidaia alassouli new user

Very interesting project that I believe has a lot of merit to its work. Looking forward to following your project I wish to list your token soon in good exchange such as mercatox

1 year ago

H Q guru

So basically modern day data mining. Idea is great but as many have pointed out that, there are many others doing it. Beside that, website is great, clean and simple. Putting it on blockchain is an efficient way (but not necessary). 
Health industry is huge and it's not going anywhere, atleast people will have a chance to sell their data in the form of tokens. 

1 year ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

It's a great idea but I've seen similar ideas and operating platforms over the past 12 months. I wish TrueGym all the best but unfortunately I think you've got a tall brick wall to climb with razorwire atop and hopefully you'll make it over said wall without getting torn to shreds!

1 year ago

Website is interesting and user friendly. Nice work done by the team. Fitness is day to day need and app will fulfill your need. Right way of gym or training is nice ideas. 

I think with proper gym instruction proper diet should be added. 

1 year ago

"and no one can not abuse them" should be rephrased.  Overall it seems like a good concept.  Software is always a little scary so partnerships or whatever would increase the trust factor.

1 year ago


I find the work to be very interesting, this is the second gym project i am encontering in a short while and i will say that i find all the work very worthwhile. 
The only concern i have is about sharing data with the public some person might not be so comfortable with this, so other means has to be added so as others can earn also.

But a really great work guys.

1 year ago

Hi Tom, the data won't and cannot be publicly shared due to GDPR.

1 year ago

The website was nice and clean. All info were straight to the point. Has a great User interface. I saw "established since 2016". I would like to know if its an existing business looking to apply A.I. 

Project from what I read is going to be a success.

1 year ago

Hi, we are now in "data gathering" phase, then we'll be able to use machine learning on it.

1 year ago

Great work ! It is a truly revolutionary work but I don't agree that there is no other project similar to it. Your project reminds me of the SRcoin project which in my opinion does a similar thing with its intelligent massage chair. Please note that this is not in any way to say that both cannot co-exist. As somebody has already noted, you are to be commended for both offering opportunity for users to trade their data and offering them opportunity to choose to not do so i.e respect for their right to privacy. If this project attains mass adoption as I expect it would, you will also be contributing to creating a new frontier in the aggregation of data , breaking new grounds in sheer mass and geographical spread of data source. This should greatly aid research in the first instance and health delivery in the long run. Overall, the project holds great promise for making blockchain relevant to our lives and creating a new era in health and fitness management. I look forward to an opportunity to be part of it and contribute to its success.

1 year ago

Hello, thank you, I didn't know SRcoin!

1 year ago

Eva Williams new user

To me its a great idea, although am still trying to understand how the all AI thing is going to work and help the app users but if it works out, trust me it going to be super coal. Looking forward to it.

1 year ago

Hello, when we'll have really big amount of data, we'll be able to use machine learning in cooperation with coaches, who use our app.

1 year ago

Wow, this is great idea with great benefits and the site is very easy to navigate and smooothly, good work for you.

1 year ago

Karen M guru

My first impression is that this is a great idea! New and different. Nice that you have the option to share data or not. There are a few grammatical errors that need correcting but the overall layout of the site is clean & easy to navigate. Good work!

1 year ago

First of all its a new gym coming up but this one is different, it equip with AI technology. But the truth is how AI going to fit in gym! 

Also it something rather new in the market and hopefully there will be more information regarding it for us to understand more

1 year ago

Ejay Dario guru

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

My first impression was great good feature and program for this community Good job for the team behind this project.

1 year ago

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1 year ago