Brave is much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works.


The mission

Brave is on a mission to fix the web and wants to bring the power of choice back to the users. They believe that privacy and fast unobtrusive web browsing is your right as a citizen of the Digital world.


Brave is much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works.



The problem


Currently, the web is filled with lots of advertisements and 3rd party trackers that follow you across the Web. All this can be annoying, breaches your privacy and it also makes the websites load slower (which you might even see on your mobile data bill).


Benefits of the Brave browser.


What happens when you solve the problems above?


  1. Up to 8x faster load time than Chrome or Safari.

  2. Save on your bill - no more mobile data charges for unwanted content like Ads, etc.

  3. Keep your privacy - Blocking unwanted ads and trackers by default, faster than any Browser extension.

  4. Earn rewards and give back to your favorite creators

Join the revolution here.


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Introducing zkSENSE: How do we solve the worlds bot problem?

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  Hello Crowdholders,    In case you’re not familiar with Brave browser, it is much more than just a browser. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web. If you have not tried it, please do. You can install it directly from the Brave website.    Some of the most recognizable bot prevention mechanism has been brought to you by CAPTCHA systems which have been widely used to block fraudulent bot traffic. However, these solutions are beginning to be bypassed by bots.    Back in 2013, it was discovered that botnet, known as Chameleon, had in fact harvested around 6 million USD from advertisers. There is a growing concern that more botnets are abusing applications as we speak.     Current solutions, such as Google’s reCAPTCHA v2 requires user additional actions (e.g. image or textual quizzes) which has been increasing user friction. In addition, invisible reCAPTCHA v3 monitors the user's behavior, thus raising privacy concerns.    The Introduction to zkSENSE is Brave’s goal to solve this ongoing problem through “touch events.” When a human touches a mobile display the system triggers a device movement captured by an embedded IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit sensors). Bots generally use software simulated touches, however using an IMU there will likely be no noticeable change in the sensor outputs, thus can prevent such simulated touches.   Please watch this 1 minute video to see how zkSENSE works.    Modern smartphones are equipped with computing software, that allows this to be possible. However, to ensure data integrity/privacy with using this trusted hardware it's important to hash the outputs of the sensor and generate a digital signature over the hash and current timestamp. This allows the detection of bot attacks while staying private for the user.    Pretty cool huh?   Some questions to ponder for your comments.    What are your thoughts on this new invention?   What other solutions have you heard about or ideas to prevent bot attacks?  May the feedback begin!      
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Tipping model: Past trials shows a different story for a use case

  Hello Brave enthusiasts,    First, if you haven’t used Brave, you can download it here and support CH and give it a try!   Now onto the task:    Brave is continuously trying to expand their tipping function, with the latest on Reddit & Vimeo. It sounds like a positive approach to a working function that is scaling. But is it?    The idea of tipping is not new. In fact was tried out in the past, which failed to get enough traction.        Both Reddit & Vimeo have tried to create a tipping functionality before. In 2012, Vimeo rolled out their Tip Jar where the content creators can receive donations. But they shut down this function to focus on “pay to view” model in 2015, clearly showing that creators were not earning enough from the tipping model.     In 2013 Reddit allowed tipping using BTC from a tipping bot, which was shut down followed by the company Changetip going live in 2014. Changetip showed some progress growing for the next two years to 100K users and 350K tips. However, they also had to shut down as their costs to maintain the system and servers had them lose money. It also didn’t help employees of their team were bought out by AirBnB.    So what is working?   It seems tipping, where the creator then takes an action after user tips, could be the approach. Although this brings more similarities to the “pay to view” option. Humorously, where a model of tipping works is seen in the Porn Industry, where sex entertainers take an action for being tipped by the viewers.    Although it’s hard to know stats, potentially Brave solution is working, but only time will tell regarding cost efficiency.    Now onto questions:   Are or would you tip frequently as a Brave user?   Do you see past market failures as positive or negative for Brave?    What ideas do you have that can have Brave achieve success with a tipping model?   Look forward to the feedback!
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Learn about P3A: Will this help Brave solve the lack of data to make improvements?

Note: If you have not downloaded the Brave browser, please do. You can do it here, and participate in future Brave tasks on CH.   Coming from Brave recently is their new P3A feature which you can read about here from their blog. In short, the P3A is a private product analytics feature which keeps the identity of the user hidden but gives Brave insights of various features being used.    Today’s centralized companies analyze their data in order to improve functionality for their users. This has been a common practice, but with Brave’s system of having this data hidden only for the user, it can create problems for Brave to see where functionality is not working. Potentially P3A can solve this issue in order to make the best product.    How does P3A work?    P3A stands for Privacy-Preserving Product Analytics. And will work in two phases. The P3A will be available under the Security and Privacy settings to have on or off. Phase 1 will send a single answer to a single question, one at a time. Allowing you to answer quickly via multiple choice. For example:    Question: Number of open tabs Answers: 0-1 2-5 6-10 11-50   You can view the questions here that are planning to be used.    Phase 2 is a more complicated solution. Phase 1 allows Brave to identify straight forward answers but doesn’t allow combined answer solutions. As Brave put it,   “We can count how many people completed onboarding, and we can count how many people imported their bookmarks, but we don’t know how many of the people who completed onboarding also imported bookmarks.”    Phase 2 allows a protocol to identify these stats by using, oblivious shuffling. This means the software combines individual answers into batches and other software running on the same machine (i.e., Brave) can’t work out which inputs correspond to which outputs. Thus can identify the combined answers, without knowing the identity of the user data.    The timeline for this feature are the following dates:    August 2019 – Phase 1 of the P3A implementation is released into nightly channel on the desktop browser.   September 2019 – Phase 1 of P3A enters beta. Phase 2 is merged down to nightly. October 2019 – Phase 1 of P3A enters general release.  Phase 2 enters beta. October – November 2019 – Phase 2 of P3A enters general release. After November 2019 – As part of continual product improvement, Brave will gradually collect new measurements.       Questions for this Task:    Without knowing real stats for Brave usage because of protecting users data/identity, does this fully solve the issue?    What else could Brave do to solve this?   One word answer notifications are used by other IT companies, do you find yourself voluntarily answering such questions?     Thank you!
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Mad at ads? Be Brave and switch!

Hello Crowdholders! There has been a rather interesting turn of events in both Brave’s and Google’s development department that we think is worth your attention. Let’s kick things off with the changes Google is planning to implement. Under the guise of security improvement, Google is changing the API based upon which extensions receive web content. While a pretty noble concept, it also means that ad blockers are going to be affected. Many of the popular blockers, such as uBlock or Ghostery are depending on this API. While Adblock Plus is fine, it has an ad whitelisting option that companies can pay for to go around its blocking capabilities that Google seems fond of using. On the other hand, as per the previous task, Brave puts the ‘AD’ into ‘ADvance’, pushes privacy of its users above everything else and tries to make the ad-experience as painless as possible. Their new browser engine built in Rust is almost 70 times faster at ad blocking than ever before! It is ready to download via Brave’s dev channel and it also uses a newer and more effective ad blocking algorithm. Sometimes it feels quite creepy that the thing you were searching for is 5 minutes later promoted in ads. Luckily, with Brave browser on your side, you make those ads non-existent or receive BAT token for turning them on. Either way, it is your choice, as it should be. Questions for you: Do you use an adblocker on your default browser? What was the weirdest targeted ad that you have received? Did an ad ever made you go and buy the product? Still haven’t given Brave a try? Support CH and download it here.  We look forward to your thoughts! Cheers,  Crowdholding Team 
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The tipping function in Brave

Hi guys, Let's explore and introduce the tipping function today. As you might know, there is an auto-contribution in Brave that you can set-up to happen every month. The ammount of rewards is in your control. This rewards the websites that you visit based on how much time you spent on it. You can also see a checkmark next to the website or Publishers that are already verified. You can also delete the sites from the above list or while you're browsing a particular website you can choose what you don't want to contribute to.   Tipping It is also possible to send manual tips. This can be useful if you think a certain Publishers deserves a higher reward. This can be done as a one-time payment as well as a regular contribution. The tips are sent automatically to the verified Publishers.   Questions What do you think of the automatic contribution? How would you improve it? What do you think of the tipping functionality? What would make you use these features? Any other thoughts?   Exchange BATs for Yups As we'd also love you to test out the tipping functionality we have a sweet deal for you. If you Tip Crowdholding with BAT we tip you (send you) Yups. And to make the deal sweeter, we send you more Yups then the value of the BAT. Here's the exchange rate we'll use: 1 BAT (around 0.35) USD == 500 Yups (around 0.7 USD) Value will be adjusted to this ratio in case values increase higher/lower* In order to prove that you did it, please fill in the survey below put the screenshot that proves you tipped us.   Screenshot rules Must contain the full screen Must show your reward panel (brave://rewards/) Must show that you tipped us and your Supported sites It should show your wallet balance (displayed when you click on the BAT logo in the toolbar)   For other active tasks, check out our Brave addons and Grammarly task.
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Brave Addons - Install Grammarly extension (200 Yups per install)

Dear Crowdholders, Today we'd like you to test out the Extension installation for the Brave browser.   Did you know that you can use any Chrome extension with your Brave browser? As Chrome extension store is the largest, this opens up unlimited possibilities of improving the way you use and work with your browser. From installing password managers, tab and session managers, time trackers or even extensions that check your grammar each time you type. And we'd like you to install one of these grammar checking extensions, namely Grammarly. Grammarly helps you to compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. And Grammarly can be useful even here at Crowdholding.   Instructions Download and install Brave Go to this link and install Grammarly Sign up with Grammarly Type in your Crowdholding username into the comment box Make a screenshot of you having Grammarly installed and upload it to the survey below for confirmation.   Also, tell us what you think about a tool like Grammarly?   Reward 200 Yups for completion Upvotes for comments Here's an example screenshot. Though you can take the whole screen so we can see that the Brave browser is running as well as your username written down :).   Happy installing and having even better answers with this extension :).   All the best.
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Brave Ads - Get paid for your attention [+ Survey]

Let’s talk about something controversial - Ads. Whether we like them or not, one thing is for sure, they enabled us to have free internet and access to many free products and services. However, Brave believes that the advertising model is broken and in dire need of change. So let’s talk about the way Brave is reinventing Ads. Brave Ads Old Advertising model works on you paying with your attention and your precious private data that are sent to advertisers.This is not the case with Brave Ads.   Brave Ads for users Respect your privacy by storing your private data in your Browser and you choose if you want to receive targeted (relevant) ads. In any case, your data is never shared with anyone and stays on your device. The ads are presented separately from your web content so you’re not disturbed by billion Ad banners that are just trying to distract you from the content you’re enjoying. You are in control of how many Ads you want to see and even when you want to see them. You get rewarded with 70% of the Ad revenue that is received from the Advertiser.   Brave Ads do not replace the current web Ads that are embedded in the content. These Ads are still blocked by Brave because they are intrusive to your web-browsing experience and your privacy.   Your task Fill in a short survey about Ads Answer the questions in the comments below What do you think of Ads in general? What do you like and don’t like about them? What do you think of the Brave ads model? What would you improve?   Rewards 100 Yups for filling the survey Rewards from upvotes for your comments   And if you haven’t yet, download Brave or learn more about it in our Introductory task.   Brave just launched their ad feature! You can check out their press release here.   Thank you for participating and good luck.
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Introducing Brave - The Ultimate Crypto Web Browser

  Dear Crowdholders, Today we would like to introduce to you a Crypto project that has similar values and goals as Crowdholding - Let’s give a warm welcome to The Brave Browser.   The mission   Brave is on a mission to fix the web and wants to bring the power of choice back to the users. They believe that privacy and fast unobtrusive web browsing is your basic right as a citizen of the Digital world. Brave is much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works.   The problem   Currently, the web is bursting at the seams with advertisements and 3rd party trackers that follow you across the Web. All of this can be annoying, breaches your privacy and it also makes the websites load slower (which you might even see on your mobile data bill).   Benefits of the Brave browser.   Brave combats the problems above by: Having up to 8x faster loading times than Chrome or Safari. Allow you to save on your bill - no more mobile data charges for unwanted content like Ads, etc. Keep your privacy - Blocking unwanted ads and trackers by default, faster than any Browser extension. Earn rewards and give back to your favorite creators What are your impressions of the Brave initiative and mission? Have you used Brave before? If not, download it here and give it a go.   What’s coming next?   We’re planning big things for this campaign and for you to use Brave more and learn more about the benefits. So stay tuned for more tasks by following this project. There will be even some Brave specific content so we recommend you to start playing with it now.     We’re looking forward to bringing you more Brave content.    
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