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Wiwildo is a language learning app where you can learn a foreign language with advanced AI tools that analyse subtitles and extracts grammatical knowledge from quality video content. 


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Introducing wiwildo: Language Learning App

So you want to learn a new language? Millions of people are researching every day to find an app or a place to learn a new language. Various apps supply approaches to getting vocabulary repetitions and provide an understanding of tenses, conjugations and how vocabulary is applied. The main issues or struggles come when these features become too repetitive, the sense of progress is fading away and the leap into active practice of conversation is not taken.   The Kaizen Theory It’s hard to be consistent when you have a long-time project like learning a foreign language but yet this is the key to success, which is why we keep stressing Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word which can be translated as “Continuous Improvement”. The best way to reach your goal is to start using a better and more efficient method paired with exciting content and thoughtful assessments.   wiwildo’s unique features: Offline dictionaries - Our real-time lookup automates word definitions and saves you time. Focused verb conjugation - Ah, those tricky conjugations. Don’t worry we give you a great overview and repetition will make you a champion fast. Matching interesting content - Broad selection of interesting topics. Always something inspiring to watch which makes you memorize learnings. No stress zone - Watching great informative content will kill two birds with one stone.     👉  What’s your first impression of wiwildo? Let us know in the comments. Check our website for additional information, and click here to be notified of our launch and get 1 month for free!
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