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Feedback on our website



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Feedback on our website


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Hello Crowdholders,

Thank you so much ❤️ for your feedback to our 1st task, we are immensely grateful for that.

For today we want to hear your opinion about our 💻 web-page.


Instructions 👇

Visit our web-page here, check out 🧐🧐 the landing page, marketplace and leave a comment below regarding your first impressions on the new website. Please cover the following points:


  1. Design and UI

  2. If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10

  3. Other suggestions and improvements


Rules 👇

  • Your submission must be unique and original.

  • No copy-paste or “good luck” comments allowed.

  • Must answer in English.



The afrocenchix team


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Web is taking easy and that means a lot in our crazy rythm life Minimalistic images i like so much I takes not like "go buy our product, fast, we need your money" Its more like i walking on the beach and see what i wanna see You telling your story and its more like a friendship, not just a sell-buy relationships My score is 9/10 But stiil i got a feelling something is missing Maybe cause a lot of empty space

3 days ago

Donald Hairston new user

Ithought the design was on point,first look my thought was fruit is always a good overall score would be a 8.5 overall.

4 days ago

Deyner López expert

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

1- Design and UI

Nice desing as i said in 1st task already. Great color combination mixed with simplicity catching visitors eye redirecting navigation flow to most interesting sections of website: Shop, Blog and Ingredients.

I think web footer need a little more work in desing because i think there is a lot of space unused in here an social icons are tiny in web desktop version of afrochenix webpage.

The Market section is quite simple and has a very good desing too....that's all it needs to succeed, having a filter product sub section too according to user needs. GREAT!!!

2-  If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10

I´ll give it 8 points...simply as that!!!

3- Other suggestions and improvements

Keep working hard to improve yourselves...your project has future indeed!!!! Good luck and keep it up!!!

5 days ago

Rich Forever new user

I think the site is very aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it an 8 as it stands out from most sites. I would have your pop ups for signing up smaller then covering half the page at least on mobile.

5 days ago

hidaia alassouli new user

Very interesting project that I believe has a lot of merit to its work. Looking forward to following your project

5 days ago

Eva Williams new user

What I love is its simplicity. The design is ok, no unnecessary animation(s) and the filter option in the shop section would make it easy to search for product of choice with ease. This is all me, if there is room for improvement please do so. I'd give it 9/10

6 days ago

辉 李 new user

The picture is fresh and natural, very in line with the characteristics of cosmetics, this is very good. If I score, I'll play eight points very well. Can add some buyers show, in our country in the Internet to buy things to see, others bought how to use, other people's comments, will go to buy. Of course, this is my point of view, I do not know what the British concept is like

6 days ago

Hamza Bouajaj new user

I really like face website but I'd give this site 7/10. You can improve the site thank you

1 week ago

vuu phung senior

1- I really like the interface of afrocenchix because I like white.  Easy to nail and beautiful.  

2- If on a 10-point scale, I rate afrocenchix's website as 9/10.  

3- should develop more about the image of the product and the buyer's comments create future development

1 week ago

Very interesting site and I like that it sells natural hair products that are relevant to me. The overall design of the site is clear and bright and easy to read and understand.

I'd give this site 8/10.

I'd like to see more information regarding the different types of products they sell and it's uses and where these products would be available to buy.

1 week ago

Hemant Sharma new user

1. Design and UI - it's good. 2. I'll give 8 from 10. 3. In Events section last event Date is 21 Feb 2018. You do not think it's too old for almost a year nothing new.

1 week ago

Primoz Obolnar new user

Crypto enthusiast and in love with travelling

I like the layout and general look of the web page. It looks clean and is easy to navigate. I especially like the instructional videos which are beside some products. If i would review the site I would give it 8 out of 10. I also checked the mobile site and it worked well for me (Android phone). Suggestion would be to include video with more products in the shop itself. There is not much products on the site, so it could be done. It adds some value if users see the product in action and how it can be used.

1 week ago

good luck

1 week ago

- I like the user interface of the web page. The web page has very attractive colours and is also user friendly. All the links to the other afrocenchix blogs, products and contacts are carefully interwoven and displayed. There are no ads which is a big plus. Kudos on that! There are also your social media handles which make it easy to contact you on other platforms considering not everybody would like to access your info on your website. - Again the landing page that greeted me upon first accessing the web page wasn't too intrusive because it didn't appear in the centre of the web page but at the bottom left of the page. This is very important since it gives the users of the website the impression that you aren't "too needy" for their info. - I would give this website a 9/10 if I were to review it. Also, I'm accessing it from my laptop (but not my phone) and so my ratings might be different if i accessed it using my phone or an iPad. - One thing I recommend to the afrocenchix team is for them to increase the font size of the various blogs a little. Just a little.

1 week ago


I like the usability design in Desktop format but I think the experience in mobile is not so good. In mobile gives me the impression of too much text and not inivta to its reading in this type of devices. I think you should face a first thought mobile design As a score, I give it 7 because in some cases I do not think the information in the home is very hierarchical, as it moves the scroll downwards of a feeling that is a bit overwhelming in terms of the amount of content. At the level of best proposals, it would give more space between the texts and not overload them once the home and inside pages. I think you can play more with the typographies of the product at the design level

1 week ago

Arzun Pathak senior

Don't listen to me, listen to the data and research.

Website looks good, it looks good in mobile devices as well.


Here are some UI flaws that I have come across

In below image you can found the font color as black on your home page, which is looks annoying, changing it to white color and see the impact.


In below image instead of puting logos of these featured sites put a link to them such that people can go and visit your featurung this will build trust and authority for both customer and search engines. This doens't look good in mobile devices as it looks very smaller, unreadable, it's need to be fixed for mobile devices.


In below image call to action is placed at top which doesn't looks good, make it centred aligned or bottom aligned, which will look better than current version.

In below image, at left corner that tool annoys user to explore your website, remove it and keep these logos fixed in your footer and there is lot of space to let them expand.


Overall, your website is good and you can make it more better by improving its SEO factors and look and feel.




1 week ago

New design is impressive and also user-friendly. We can access website easily. Great job done by designer

1 week ago

b p expert

Appealing natural design.
I would give a 6 out of 10
I would add a bit more color to it especially on the shop section, feels a bit odd with the floating products

1 week ago

1. Design is good. Not awesome. 2. Socre: 6 3. You should change header color. Orange color distracts when entering. Page body

1 week ago

1. Design and UI - is light and simple. No useless info - it's good. 

2. I'll give 7.5 from 10.

3. It would be great that section with "featured in" be scroll and clickable. Adding your logo in header would be good. Add some hover effect on header buttons (Login, Create account, Cart).

1 week ago

  1. Design and UI are good. The implementation is correct and user-friendly

  2. If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10: 7

  3. Other suggestions and improvements: I think that the product prices should be in different coins or maybe it should have a conversion to pounds in order to know what is the price in euros, dollars, etc.


1 week ago

  1. Design and UI are good. The implementation is correct and user-friendly

  2. If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10: 7

  3. Other suggestions and improvements: I think that the product prices should be in different coins or maybe it should have a conversion to pounds in order to know what is the price in euros, dollars, etc.

1 week ago

  1. Design and UI

It is an easy and simple design but I would say that the site looks more like a blog rather than a website, but as you said It is a new site so I am sure it will be great in future.

  1. If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10

In some page of your site like in shop ad ingredient that gape between the top menu and the and the rest of the page is too much it needed to be reduced as when I was navigating in your site and visited the shop for a second I thought that the page is not responding but when then after the gape I realized that it is working and functioning only that the there is a lot of margin gap between the article and the menu. 

In the bottom right of the page, I like the fact that the address, certificate, and money back guarantee is visible all the time and It will be really good for the publicity of your products.

If i want to give the score I would give 7 because the site is neat and clean but little bit more effort will be more appreciated.

  1. Other suggestions and improvements

  • No logo of your brand is in the site not even on the main page.
  • When you open the site the title part of the site look very empty and as I said before maybe that is because of the logo that I can't see.
  • At the bottom of the page, there is just one category with "Pages" I think it will be great if you categorize it
  • I dont think you need a shop drop down menu as there is a filter in side the shop page it will be more better to add those feature there instead of separate pages.

1 week ago

This review is detailed, especially the suggestions. Not many recognise that.

1 week ago

Candra Acil new user

your website interface very simple, and that's good. no need changed anything at all except the background contrast it should be choose little bit dark color. 8 out of 10 for me.

1 week ago

Rane Samuel new user

The web page design simple and easy to navigate. The color gradient of the website is also good. I noticed two major things which need to be redesigned 1. The small icon bar like SSL, Location etc...should be place somewhere else or made smaller because there are annoying when look for Products menu. 2. "Join our community" tab... I don't simply get it. It should be removed from the product listing page and would be better if it is placed in Intro-page itself, no needs to be smaller. I would rate 6/10, because there are a lot of stuffs left to take care. Remaining stuffs are okay.

1 week ago

I love simple design of the page,it's simply describes what you sell and the ingredients. Using of cookies is a great way to hold and trace the potential buyers,your sale page is another great ideas that I usually incorporate whenever I designed website for email marketing. I think all in all you have done well but you can still do more and better.

I will score you 8. 

I think you can uploads different products separately and show What make up each of them, the benefits and the reasons to choose Afrocenchix than others in the same categories. Then possibly you make a pack of different selected products from your company.

2 weeks ago

Yep..Some points made

1 week ago

Oxu Remini guru

  • The sections at the bottom of the web page should be divided into groups.

  • the bottom tab is too large.

  • The sections in the upper tab should be arranged to appeal to the eye.

  • The support phone on the top left corner of the page should be removed.The 'Contact Us' section already exists.

  • The resulting popup message should typically exit the right corner.

  • In general it has a very plain design. I think it should stay in this state.

A clean page will reflect the products sold. (My vote is 7/10)

2 weeks ago

In my opinion, the design is very good, bright and nice to see Score for web 8 because no animation only photo & product Give blink blink animation

2 weeks ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

1. The design is very good, the colours and pictures of fruit give it a bright fresh look and work together well. It seemed to load fast and isn't too cluttered making it easy to use.

2. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

3. My suggestion would be to include some featured products or a 'best sellers' section somewhere on the homepage.

2 weeks ago

I think it looks really good! My only recommendation is to remix the video in the "Our Story" section so your voices are a bit louder and the background music is a bit softer. Maybe also consider moving the "Featured In" bar further down the page? 8.5/10

2 weeks ago

The website is fine, simple to understand interface, well equipped with product information which is essentially important.

For a website or product to be successful it needs more advertising with is now shortened at Afrocenchix. This to really globalise it will be a tremendous boost

2 weeks ago

Great website design. On my Phone its working well, The ui its awesome. As a note 8 Will be great. no suggestions from my side

2 weeks ago

Great website.
Awesome UI
acutually give you a 9

no suggestions. All good with me

2 weeks ago

1) colours work well with product, on mobile the ui is not the best because all of the icons in the corner are persistent and take up screen space especially on smaller screens, also the email signup is very large and covered almost my entire iphone X screen 2) 7.5 3) i would change the icon in the bottom corner which shows the location for your headquarters (i assume) because when i looked at it i saw something about location tracking in my mind.

2 weeks ago

Tom B.

I've built out and overhauled world class brands.

1) The overall design is a start, but needs a lot of love. The header is much too large. Show me some beautiful photography above the fold. Or at least present the intro copy in a way that draws me in. As it is, it barely fits on screen at page load. You could really use a logo. Your current presentation is far too generic At the VERY least, introduce your 4-color band thing at top of the page. What I'm seeing at the moment is not very ownable, beyond a difficult to figure out name. There's a fine line between clean and sterile. This is near pharmaceutical, and I get it, this is healthy. But I'm sorry to say, it has zero imagination. Judging by your designers strong sense of clean order, I can tell they can do better. 2) I'd give this a 4 in its current state. It's neat, and it's clean, but it's still hollow. It needs character. 3) I've integrated most of my suggestions for improveement with my answers above. My only additions would be, take a closer look at your sites responsiveness. The integrated type and photo treatments load very small on mobile. And the table on the Ingredients page displays badly. Also, the write-ups are very verbose. (A lot like my feedback. ;-) Consider hiding some of the extensive linguistic detail behind a "click to view."

2 weeks ago

4/10 is a harsh mark to assign to a website like that but since you have experience in building world-class brands I accept it any way.

1 week ago

In general, the site looks good, good design and appearance, simple and intuitive. But I do not like it when only the picture is shown in the "featured in" block. In my opinion, this site block should be clickable and point to the official links of companies (screenshot 1 (Screenshot 2

2 weeks ago

My site rating is 7.5 / 10

2 weeks ago

adam bothamley new user

1) The design is crisp, clear and intuitive. The one criticism I have is that the shopping interface seems like there are too many options for how to categorize products with an underwhelming number of products to put in said categories. Left me with a vague feeling I was using the site wrong, but then I realized there are sometimes just a single product per category. 2) 8/10, just because the shopping part is strange. The blog, backstory, ect. is all on point 3)This might be a personal thing but when I check out a "contact us" page and it has stuff for me to fill out and not information regarding who runs the business and where it is run out of I am slightly put off. Like, I may be trying to find out more about you, and you give me a form asking more about me? Why are you collecting info on me and being secretive yourself? I don't know, maybe that is just me.

2 weeks ago

Eric Dexter expert

I like the website.  I think I would try to give the product more distribution outlets such as eBay or Amazon.  

2 weeks ago

Eric Dexter expert

I give the site a 9.

2 weeks ago

Wellminator Z new user

1. Simpotichny design 2. My rating is 7 out of 10 In general, the site is beautiful and convenient.

2 weeks ago

luna luna new user

Your website is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward for your future success

2 weeks ago

Ramy Net senior

Having more than 5 years of crypto experience!

1.The design and UI both are good in general, the web page looks simple and easy to use generally, and user friendly.

2.I give 8/10 as a score.

3.I suggest that you use another color for the background.

2 weeks ago

Good & easy UI , smooth website & but the ad was some what distrub, you said your products were not tested by animals & also made with natural products that was really great , congrats :) 

2 weeks ago

First impression of design is crisp & clean. Exactly what consumers want in products The UI is easy to follow and products are described in an easy to understand way. I would rate this site 9 out of 10. I suggest you add plants/leaves to the pictures with the citrus fruit to depict those ingredients.

2 weeks ago

  1. Design and UI
    Looks very good and attractive, but try to get the letters bigger and Bold.

  2. If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10

  3. Other suggestions and improvements
    Live chat will be helpful for people who need to get quick brief from the site.

2 weeks ago

1. Both design and UI look veru smart and cool. However, some letters are not clear and the size of the text is small.

2. I will score 8.5 out of 10 points.

3. My suggestion is that the contents of the "Feature In" field should b more clear, or should be adjusted more simply.

2 weeks ago

Ejay Dario expert

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

The Design and UI of this site was great. Good job for the team for making a wonderful project like this, I'll give a 9 points for this site. Job well done guys 👍

2 weeks ago

Chris Files new user

Truly amazing website like this is very much appreciated. I love it, More project in the future

2 weeks ago

Thomas Hobbs new user

Website is nice and quick. Not sure on the map, lock and other icons in the lower right corner. Don't match with the design and look out of pleace

2 weeks ago

Design and UI: - Quick loading, both on PC and android. - Good contrast in color. Rating: - 7 out of 10 Suggestions: - Try to introduce the product more - Perhaps different background color?

2 weeks ago

Toheed Saeed senior

I am a Crypto Trader, Reviewer on YouTube @CryptoMinati

Design and UI

Ans:  Design is quit ordinary have to work on it. Website is running smoothly!

If you were to review website what score would you give it out of 10

Ans: I give fair ratings of 5/10.

Other suggestions and improvements

Ans: First have to improve website design hire professional website designer to make it cool. 

2 weeks ago

The design are simple and informative which is great and easy to understand. Website still needs to improve on product related item and adds more info about it. 

It will be a 8 rating for this one and further improvement will be a bonus 

2 weeks ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

i find the website very intersting and also very nice, the color combination is nice. And the landing page looks quite scanty and the items there are very big compare to the message that they try to potray. The pictures looks a little blur so making it somehow dull. adding more animation to the page might make it better and more appeling. nice one. i give it a 7 score.

2 weeks ago

Design and UI ------------------- I found a very interesting design in aspects like color and layout, I tested in two browsers: Opera and Firefox. In the first one with an addon for switching views I experienced some inconsistencies in the landing page. There are some spacing lines that makes feel like there's too much to see. However this is normal in a very first beginning of the site Natural Hair Care Products. About marketplace, I definitely upvote for more sites that promotes inclusion for non usual markets, I love the line: "Our natural and organic, ethical afro hair care product range" Score --------- I would give it a 9 out of 10. Other suggestions and improvements --------------------------------------------------- Icon sizes are kind of big Business Site Address Main header I think something like SMALLCAPS in menu would look better. Thank you so much for reading my comment, wish you all the best of luck in this project.

2 weeks ago

Ahmad Fz expert

Crypto Addicted

The website is cool with the shopping chart that is fastly loaded. I think you need to add payment button using cryptocurrency. It is score 8 

2 weeks ago

H Q expert

Design is good and simple, but cluttered specially on small screen. I would suggest to remove the icons (SSL, address etc) and either put them in the footer or remove them. Every modern browser informs if the site is not secure. 

In the market place is nice, but customer reviews and details are all on left side and right side under the image is completly empty, it looks like something is suppose to load there.

I love the text, its simple and readable. Moreover it is linespaced perfectly. 

I will give it 7 out of 10. 

-1 for the icons floating on the page, gives the feeling of dark web, scam website. 

-1 for the footer, all the pages are listed like old times blogger template.

-1 for market place product page. 

Overall its good. Best of luck!

2 weeks ago

yosep novia new user



2 weeks ago

1. The website is simple. Easy to navigate. Nothing complicated. Great design and UI. Love the colour combination. I lobe the inclusion of the blog, because I saw a lot of educational stuff. I was really impressed.

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give it an 8.

3. I think the website doesn't explain the uniqueness of each products. For example: You have Sheen, Smooth, Soothe, Seal, etc. What makes them different from the other? The packages almost look the same apart from the seal and the soothe. To compete with existing businesses, I think you should up your game in that regard. Nice pictures taking of the products but what is the African print doing there. I have to check the URL to make sure I was still in the same site. If there are other products apart from the hair products, I think it should be categorized. Lastly, it's obvious you are in the UK but I didn't see any address. Be it an office address or store address. I think you should have one.

2 weeks ago