People Powered Investment

Pynk is building a new model for retail investment, that directs capital into emerging projects that the Pynk community determine to be worthy of supporting. And we’ve designed Pynk to be the world's most inclusive fund. Regardless of your wealth, race or religion - Pynk is financially inclusive and is the platform where socially conscious digital natives can help shape a better future for all.

Many investors are tired of their money being put into outdated, self – serving, harmful businesses that have a sole objective of delivering financial returns. As the global population continues to grow at exponential rates – more pressure is put on finite resources. And with rampant ‘corporatism’ feeding increasing levels of inequality in developed markets - we at Pynk believe new financial, economic and political models are needed. That’s why we’re building an investment platform that gives a voice to the new generation of investors - so they may have a say in their future.

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