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Blockchain Hub Prague is a cooperative, blockchain-focused startup incubator. We all share a stimulating office space where we collaborate, sharing knowledge and resources.

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Many companies, many solutions. What would you build?

In our last two tasks we have gave you an introduction of our Hub, our company members and showcased you our website for feedback. This new task will involve some critical thinking on your part. As you already know Blockchain Hub has both in house members and virtual members. This time we want to only concentrate on in house members.   Below we have a description of each company and website link for you to analyze:   Intelligent Trading Foundation website link Intelligent Trading Foundation provides you with concise cryptocurrency trading insights so you can make the right trading decision. Take advantage of upside movement, and manage downside risk. Aerum website link Disrupting the FinTech industry, by introducing free, real-time transactions, highly/affordable scalable smart contract protocol, optimized for tokenization and trustless financial operations, while being compatible with any blockchain on the market. Zcoin website link Private financial transactions, enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol. With Zcoin’s Zerocoin Technology, you can “mint” a coin found on the public ledger into a private coin. Crowdholding (us!) Crowdholding drives crowd innovation by allowing micro reward transaction to public communities who follow, support and work for the business as a whole.   Now for the challenge: How would you combine our projects into one single product? If we were to join forces what would you build?   Think of an idea could compliment these businesses to work closer and achieving an outcome benefiting us and the market. We look forward to your feedback.  
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Introducing Blockchain Hub Prague: Earn TUSD!

Hello Crowdholders, On behalf of half of Blockchain Hub Prague (BHP), greetings! BHP is the first only blockchain incubator in the heart of Prague.   Blockchainhub was established in November 2017 by Tom Counsell and Ethan Clime. The main idea was to connect all Blockchain/crypto associated businesses together and develop them under one single roof. Currently, blockchain hub combines/incubates several projects some of which you may have already met on our platform: Crowdholding Intelligent trading foundation Aerum Cryptomood New life Zcoin Blocknify Balehu Blockchain Hub currently counts 5 in house members, with the 6th joining in February, all sharing a co-working space in the Karlin District of Prague ,  We are already seeing synergies between the companies collaborating bringing in new dynamics to help lead to success.Our fundamental philosophy is to co-create with each other in order to innovate, while consolidating our position in the flourishing ecoystem that was enabled by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.. With the bitcoin market taking a downturn in 2018, collaboration is  more important than ever. So to better serve more projects, we opened up a virtual memberships for free that select startups and projects can apply to. Virtual memberships come with free access to our events, VC connections, and some extra hot desks at the office. Enough about us, it’s now about you. We just recently updated and launched our new website. First task (with more to come) is to visit our web-page and give your feedback. Can talk about layout, design or any ideas about what we can add regarding our Hub. We are also the first project to offer a stable coin as the reward. Makes it interesting :) We look forward to your feedback!   Signing off, Blockchain Hub Prague Team
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