Genesis supply chain platform

ERP 3.0 - A blockchain backed supply chain management software for business automation. GSC Platform provides a blockchain solution combined with an IT platform that uses advanced technologies dedicated to supply chain professionals.

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Introducing GSC Platform: Supply chain management software for business automation

Hello Crowdholders, We are GSC, a company based in France with a worldwide team of professionals in the fields of IoT, blockchain and supply chain, and today we are happy to introduce you our project. The goal of GSC Platform is to simplify the processes involved in managing the supply chain in some sensitive industries such as aviation or rail by tackling problems like lack of transparency, speed, security, and automation. It leverages both a permissionless blockchain (ETH) and a permissioned one (Hyperledger).   GSC has 3 key features which together form the GSC ERP 3.0: IT Platform - a set of tools dedicated to SMEs Smart purchases  -  purchase orders information and transactions are secured into the blockchain. Part traceability - tamper-proof data/part certificates implemented into the blockchain guarantee that the parts are not counterfeited.   Answer the following questions in the comments: What is your first impression of our project? Check out our FAQs, how clearly do you understand our solution? (1-10) Do you have any unanswered questions? How likely are you to invest in the GSC token sale? (1-10)   Rules: You need to answer all questions to obtain the reward. No copy-paste or “good luck” comments allowed   Before giving us feedback please visit our web-page and check GSC’s whitepaper out. We can't wait to hear your opinion about our concept.   Thanks, GSC team
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