Release 2.2.3: What do you think of our new transaction section plus UI improvements?

Release 2.2.3: What do you think of our new transaction section plus UI improvements?


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Release 2.2.3: What do you think of our new transaction section plus UI improvements?


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We just put out a new release where we added our transaction feature showcasing the biggest transactions of each coin minute by minute. In addition, we made some important UI improvements. What we need from you, is to download our app from (if you haven’t). Next play with it, give us your first impressions of the new transaction feature, plus feedback on the new UI.

Here is a quick screenshot of the new feature!



We look forward to hearing from you!


Cryptomood Team     



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comparing this project from the last tme that i participated here i will say you guys have really done a lot in bringing the project this far, i have tested the feature on the app and i find ths very interesting because everything seem s to be working just fine. But some check needs to be done on the text and the writing because i noticed some grammatical errors while using app. great work guys.

4 hours ago

Arzun Pathak senior

Don't listen to me, listen to the data and research.

All looks good to me, still checking more, will update my comment if encounter anything. Great work, looking for more stats to flow.

21 hours ago

Burak Serdar expert

Looks great, i also download the Cryptomood application, actually it is open in my hand right now. I want to say that i love your colors, specially the your logo. Now i am checking headlines and reading some interesting news. I have downloaded your app 20 days ago and when i stuck somewhere i usually open your app and spending my time in there for search and learn. Specially when i stuck in traffic and when im in toilet i always open Cryptomood app :) I think you can move the Trending news section one step up in front of social networks, it would be better. 

Also i want to ask that why you don't show all coins price? There should be some section at the top of the page and we should reach for check the coins prices. Also you can add some investment tips or you can make some videos about the latetest cryptocurrency forecasts.

1 day ago

Downloaded the CryptoMood app yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Tracking the largest trades of my assets is helpful but time consuming. The app reports the largest trades with the transaction data from blockcypher. This is a useful tool but there are a few changes that might improve this section. Would it be possible for the user to set transaction sizes to be reported? Example BTC see transactions above 100 btc. Certain exchanges are known to be "bad actors" in the crypto world with wash trading and tether... Can the user specify which exchanges he/she wants to get transaction data from? Example Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance only It would be helpful if the largest transactions had a chart function attached. I keep my trade view charts open but it would be nice if a chart with maybe an arrow highlighting the large transaction was available. Overall, the app has promise and I will continue to use. It will be interesting to follow the UI and its sentiment gauge(s). The social graph is interesting and I so want to tweek the time frame. Can we set to see the daily sentiment over a larger time?

1 day ago

Jaja Blessing new user

The interface is catchy, makes it easy to get around easily

3 days ago

Everytime you start a new task i can see the cryptomood is improving, alwasy adding more features. As a cryptomood user i follow you and every new day i open my app from my phone and check that what could be useful for me. As a daily trader i would like to see all your trading decisions and want to have some profits.

To see the largest transactions or some info like this one would help me to find a way for profit as well. Large transaction means that i should follow that coin because if there is large transaction there should be something big..

For the color you should use the green and more white together, whiter colors should be background, it would be more fresh with the green.. Black and yellow not looking pretty i believe.. (Check the changelly website)

4 days ago

辉 李 new user

你好: 屏幕的颜色不需要这么深,这样会很伤眼睛👀应该色彩稍微调柔和一点,适合夜间模式。如果是白天的话,黑色的屏幕不是很合适,在阳光照耀下,手机上出现这个屏幕,字就会看的不清楚。你们可以实验一下,白天的话,白色或者其他浅色屏幕会比较好一点。

6 days ago

Louay Jeroudiah new user

I prefer if the background was lighter and the colors are less as well. For me such app should have white background to be nicer.

6 days ago

Wow, this UI is amazing I like this colors pretty much Transactions takes so easy and there is so much synergy with iOS I think Steve Jobs cold be proud of you!!!

1 week ago

Thew Jomaco expert

The updates are leagues above what I remember seeing in the previous version. It also seems to have fixed the bug that caused Cryptomood to freeze on the spash page on my Android.

As far as the transactions addition, it looks nice. It took me a few looks to more fully understand some of the features (color coding, the bar next to the currency symbol) of the transactions section, which partly might be a lack of experience on my part. 

It's a great idea also to correlate transactions with sentiment. The way that it's implemented here though doesn't quite demonstrate Cryptomood's brand identity. What is the transactions section saying about the media tone related to the market? Is there correlation? Maybe there is, maybe not but currently it isn't crystal clear.

I am also curious why trades aren't included in the transactions section. Would this be a more effective way of demonstrating any correlation between mood and transactions, if there is any? Seemingly, if the media mood is correlated with any relativity to the market, it would reflect or influence trades across currencies. Regardless of reflecting trades or transactions to and from exchanges or wallets, demonstrating correlation between transactions and mood will ensure the transactions section adequately expresses Cryptomood's brand identity.

Additional suggestions on the UX: The mood graph looks good, but I am still trying to figure out how to interpret it. Some scale or numerical value along the y-axis would help, as well as a timeline. The timeline would help those interested in finding the posts published at the same time of a peak, valley or mood shift.

Please excuse the verbose response, but one more thing: I would love it if every link opens an internal browser in the cryptomood app, instead of opening to chrome or my browser options. It seems some do and some don't, but I get taken on tangents when I'm taken away from the app that I'm using into chrome.

As I mentioned, already light years above the previous release. I am sure you already have enhancements in the works that go above and beyond my suggestions. I'll look forward to seeing the progress.

1 week ago

The UI exceed expectations in its design and structure. Being well organized. Stationing the coins in an ordered positioning. The night mode provided a more convinient eye presentable manner for readers I also believe adding the functionality of displaying the coins in a grid and list view will also be nice for dedicated devices like Android wrist watch. Thanks

1 week ago

Pete Richards new user

Clear, precise and to the point, great user interface, well done team.

1 week ago

adam bothamley new user

That is really intuitive. I love having an additional tool to help me keep on top of the market. Can you set notifications if there is a movement over a certain number? I would love to have an alert when a whale makes a big splash.

1 week ago

I think this a good aplication with good UI. I can identification cryptocurrency with this app. I need this app.

1 week ago

Y. Hadi Laksono new user

awesome , hope this great for future and very useful

1 week ago

vuu phung senior

great  With this new feature of cryptomood, participants will easily identify cryptomood's growth and popularity with community participants.

1 week ago

I've been using this app and this new UI is very smooth and responsive. Information available is always up to the minute and detailed and I like that they provide useful news updates regarding cryptocurrency. Nice to see this project is growing and improving.

1 week ago

Candra Acil new user

from the quick screen shot i believe cryptomood will usefull for every trader. it's very important to help trader make decission to sell or buy some coin/token to invest for big profit in the future

1 week ago

PoP Proof new user

I Hope that with this flatporm , The world is in my handset . Great & Good job

1 week ago

Deepak Naik

Im a student and i have lot of ideas and thoughts in my mind to work on it.

As i can see in screenshot the UI is improved and more optimized for quick pick. And i would suggest developer should put a dark theme for the app because some people may have difficulties reading during night time or people who don't like white themes. Overall app is really good and helpful. I hope it will be more awesome in future updates.

1 week ago

Станислав Ефимович new user

homo homini lupus est

This project developing each day, indicates positive outcomes. Along these lines it very well may be a decent venture on the off chance that you are searching for venture with incredible potential!

1 week ago

Look very nice ui, more easier for user to do transaction, gr8 job all team

1 week ago

Get Crypo new user

good project.

1 week ago

md sobirul hoque new user

great, I hope useful for everyone.

1 week ago

Mikael Clausen new user

I like you can clearly see that currency you are on and what your exchange rate is. I love the black background makes it so mutch easyer to see whats one the screen and not have the very bright screen that light up the entier room :D

1 week ago

Very interesting project.

1 week ago

I just love UI very nice job

1 week ago

beautifull UI

1 week ago

big project and I'm sure this project will be successful, and useful for everyone

1 week ago


1 week ago

Jonas Tabuena new user

This project is quite interesting, this has a huge potential, very brilliant.

1 week ago

Ekshop new user


1 week ago

Personally i'm not sure if I'd be hugely interested in any of those categories, they all seem quite serious to me and if you want to keep the learning process engaging and also fun i would suggest lightening the catergories up a little bit. but here are some of my suggestions:

1 week ago

Ejay Dario expert

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

Your update was great, It is nice and good feature. Good job for the team for making it a great project. Because of this people may use it easily and make them to understand the platform well.

1 week ago

It seems to me that the new update has greatly improved the utility of the follow-up of each of the currencies. It seems to me that if the app continues to improve it can be very good. It has improved a lot in design and usability but sometimes there are problems with some typefaces and font sizes.

1 week ago

Oxu Remini guru

  • Now we have a beautiful UI. It is very nice to add social sensitivity (negative-positive) on the coins.

  • It's great that we're now seeing the mobility of whale wallets for Bitcoin.


  1.   In the development of the interface I have also mentioned under the other topic: I see bug while browsing through application pages.

  2. I got an application error once. (Automatic exit from application )

  3. As you can see in the picture below, only Bitcoinde graphics do not open. There is no problem in other crypto coins.

  4. I did not see the current USD value of the Bitcoin-Ethereum-..  You must add.

  5. I still can't see the graph of these cryptocurrencys

1 week ago

Latest update is excelent but both design are great and perfect. Overall a good feature have been added

1 week ago

Latest update is excellent transaction feature showcasing the biggest transactions of each coin minute by minute. The transaction feature is great, its showing transactions in every currency tab. People can easily track the volume and big transactions and an opportunity to earn

1 week ago

I think both design and UI are much better than your first version by adding market tap and other function. 

Above all, I am sure transaction feature gives a sense of smart because it is easy for everyone to understand.

1 week ago

It is really good feature that have been added and i liked that there were many function that were not functioning in the past but with the lastest update they started working.

In transaction section there is an over lap of transaction values so i think it will need some re allignment.

1 week ago

I liked the app and its concept from the very first time. It gives good prespective about the market. Most of UI/UX bugs has been resolved too from the last release. The transaction feature is great, its showing transactions in every currency tab. People can easily track the volume and big transactions and an opportunity to get on the band wagon.

1 week ago

b p expert

Great immprovment, its always good to see how the coin is trading and how are the big transactions influencing the market

1 week ago

Toheed Saeed senior

I am a Crypto Trader, Reviewer on YouTube @CryptoMinati

Well CryptoMood UI is really improved now I really Like it personally the design and smoothy look is awsome! CryptoMood really trying hard to make a space in crypto world. Team is look like quit professional in this field. More Cryptocurrency and fiat should be added to make CryptoMood a all rounder. 

1 week ago

I have been using crytomood for weeks and I can say its very good. The design and UI are great compared to the first version. I believe things are starting to take shape and we are actually beginning to see the real product and vision of the developers. I was excited with the transaction section because it gives a lot of information about the markets and how specific coins are trading or being moved. It used to run quite slow on my device but it doesn't anymore. Great work guys

1 week ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

This has been the most promising project i ahve seen so far. i like the color combination of the app and also the way the sections are structured very easy to use, The description for the different functions should try and be added for more functions to avoid confusion when using the app.

1 week ago

H Q expert

I liked the app and its concept from the very first time. It gives good prespective about the market. Most of UI/UX bugs has been resolved too from the last release. 

The transaction feature is great, its showing transactions in every currency tab. People can easily track the volume and big transactions and an opportunity to get on the band wagon. 

I would like to see more fiat currency feature (like € etc), it gives better perespective to users in different fiat zones.

Overall great job! 

1 week ago

Al Wallace guru

Food and cryptocurrency blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

Ive been Playing around with the new version of the app now off and on for a few hours and i think it is shaping up really well.It really is almost unrecognisable from the very first viewing that we saw when we first started BETA testing. I really like the addition of the market tab but in particular i like the whale wallet movement section, which i believe is a bit of a game changer! using this could really help traders make more informed choices and try to buy in just as we are about to see a pump in certain coin, or jump out before a serious dump occurs.  I did get a couple of "sorry, nothing here"in this section Under BCH and Dash, possibly not yet added?.

The layout is cleaner, much more attractive and the UI is better too. One thing on this, just my personal opinion but the indiviual token logos could possibly do with a border of some kind? they look pretty 1 dimensional, possibly a thin outline of some description. Just a minor thing though.

Everything seems to flow quite well and switching from page to page is responsive. Clicking on the twitter feeds takes you to the right page and i didnt notice any links to spam or trash pages, so thats a great improvement.To be honest, Im kinda struggling to find something to criticize not becuase i want to be unnecissarily critical but because i want to help make the app as good as it can be but to be honest it's pretty close!


1 week ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

I think the design is excellent, really liked it. The quick 'at a glance' icons at the top saying whether sentiment is positive neutral or negative are very good. The layout is easy to use and easy on the eye. Although this isn't news related the selection of both news and social media stories seems to have improved to me.

The transactions feature is also a good addition. I very much like to see the 24 hour volume going to and from exchanges - that's really great and fits nicely within the app as it does show sentiment. The actual individual transactions are kind of interesting but I'm not sure I will end up paying any attention to it after the initial curiosity factor wears off. I just don't know what I would use it for or why I would be interested in seeing random anonymous payments.

I see it as more likely that I will become a regular user following this update.

1 week ago

Dean Walsh guru

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

*I meant 'although it isn't design related' in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

1 week ago