[1,000,000 YUP] CryptoMood Community Ambassador Gold Round

[1,000,000 YUP] CryptoMood Community Ambassador Gold Round



[1,000,000 YUP] CryptoMood Community Ambassador Gold Round

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CryptoMood would like to invite all community members to become our social media ambassadors. Help us spreading ideas, and earn YUPs


This Ambassador program involves 6 social media channels - Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Medium.


Campaign period:

07.04.2019 - 08.05.2019


Campaign reward:

MAX 1,000,000 YUP


Campaign instructions:

  1. Follow CryptoMood on Medium ( = 1 stake;

  2. Follow CryptoMood on Instagram ( = 1stake;

  3. Subscribe CryptoMood Youtube channel ( = 1stake;

  4. Join CrytpoMood Telegram group ( = 1 stake;

  5. Invite 1 friend to CryptoMood Telegram group = 1 stake (You can invite as many friends as you wish);

  6. Like and follow CryptoMood Facebook page ( = 1 stake;

  7. Share 1 CryptoMood post = 1 stake (maximum 5 shares per week & maximum 2 shares per day);

  8. Follow CryptoMood on Twitter ( = 1 stake;

  9. Tweet 1 CryptoMood Tweet with #CryptoMood #crypto #analysis = 1 stake (maximum 5 tweets per week & maximum 2 tweets per day);

  10. Submit your results to this FORM (


Campaign rules:

- Participants will be rewarded in YUP tokens.

- Each reward will be paid to an ambassador depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. The limits of a stake will be 1,000 YUPs.

- Participants must use a Google account to register and to submit progress into this FORM.

- Participants can re-edit the FORM with the same Google account for adjusting and updating information.

- People who participated in the first round of CryptoMood bounty will not be rewarded for joining CryptoMood Telegram group.


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Task done! Thank you CryptoMood for sharing:) My gmail account:

1 year ago

to die earn new user

I felt very happy while reading this site. This was a really very informative site for me. I really liked it. This was really a cordial post. Thanks a lot!

1 year ago

Tasks completed successfully

1 year ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Entrepreneur

I have done the best i can and i think i did every task that is there, looking ahad for a better tomorrow for crowldholding, for cryptomood and for the crypto global community. success to all.

1 year ago

Felipe Fortes expert

WONDERFUL! Tasks completed successfully! By the way, I have a question ... For future posts, I'll need to return the form and edit to include new shares, right?

1 year ago

Diovanne Sagosoy senior


i done all task and complete it..

1 year ago

Vu Huu Hoang expert

This is a potential project, I hope for the future of it. Good luck!

1 year ago


wow this seems to be very nice i just hope that i will be able to persevere to the end of it all a lot of thing to do here.

1 year ago

I have completed all task.

1 year ago

Black Parallax new user

Is there a referral link for each campaign? How do I refer people to a particular campaign rather than all Crowd Holding?

1 year ago

Callum Roxburgh

I'm an Entrepreneur who writes about, invests in and advises ICO's and startups.

Fulfilled all your requirements. Please note that the link you included for subscribing to your youtube channel directs you to the "Elrond Channel". I thought that might be an error so I also subscribed to the Cryptomood Official channel.

1 year ago

Anuar Ali senior

Done most of it..

1 year ago

All task completed..

1 year ago

All done, thank you and good luck with the project.

1 year ago

I have finished participating in this bounty.

1 year ago

i dont think this kinda promotion going to work last . ...

1 year ago

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1 year ago