IOS & Android App: Signup & give first impressions

IOS & Android App: Signup & give first impressions



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IOS & Android App: Signup & give first impressions


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Hello Crowdholders,

Thanks for your feedback so far regarding our desktop version we are continuously updating in preparation for public announcement release. If you haven’t participated in the task yet, feel free to do so here.

Today we are happy to announce our native IOS and Android app is now available for you to download!

For IOS, install here.

For Android, install here

After you download, now the fun part. Below are some questions we would like you to answer.  

  • How was the signup process? Any troubles?

  • First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?

  • What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?

We are excited to read your thoughts. Keep up the good work!

Cryptomood Team


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How was the signup process? Any troubles?

Easy signup. Some want to have a password verification. Since there is no private data in the app I don't see any reason for it. If you want a password request, simply don't register your Google account into your phone. At relaunch, the app open directly. Great.

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?

Yes, at first look you can catch the current mood trend instantly. Price ticker could be more readable. Hard to see witch token is selected and hard to recognise them if you are not a bit aware of them.

What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?

We have the current mood. If I understand it correctly, this is the sum of the all data collected from the beginning. I like the fact that we can go back on the live time line but why not adjust also the ratio of the mood. So we can see the evolution of the trend. Was it more positive or negative before than now?

Regarding the watchlist, I have to clic several times to add a token to it.

FYI, I have a honor 8 phone.

5 days ago

Deyner López

Crypto enthusiast!!! My opinion matters too!!!!

*How was the signup process? Any troubles?
-No trouble at all...I used my Android BLU Studio J8 LTE and was very easy to download, install and get signed in. Like other commenters, I'm wondering why no requirement to confirm password, i think this is a must.

*First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
-Absolutely..i think information shown in here is very clear and readable and very positive

*What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?
Would love to see Google Account sign in proccess and a FAQ too...Icons i think sould be a little bigger

Great App indeed, great team!!! I will support you definitely. Keep it on boys!!!!

5 days ago

Downloading on my mobile is fast and simple easy to install and problems free.

6 days ago

Downloading, installing and signup process went without any problems.
At the first look the app seems to be created for pros and leave the impression that it is hard to manage and hard to get it when in fact after you look into it for a bit it gets very simple to understand.
Adding a couple of tools will make it greater but overall the app looks professional and will provide a lot of trust in your own market activities.

1 week ago

Unfortunately in this part I can not cooperate with my help, because I can not install anything on my cell phone. Lately I was without cell phone and at the moment I am with a simple good just to use whatsapp and connection, but I hope that soon I can buy one (difficult situation at the moment, but I know that God does not leave us right) .. But by the comments of personal, seems to me to be a very suggestive and incredible application to use! And I'm sure that over time the application will look even better, because I believe a lot in the work of this wonderful you are!
VERY SUCCESS for you loved ones! <3

1 week ago

I downloaded the app. The initial landing page was slick. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to it until it went away, and then after sign up it doesn't show when opening the app any more. Would've liked to see it again to review it more thoroughly.

Since my initial viewing, the app has only opened to remain frozen on the black brand page. So my post here is based on memory of my first use. Using Moto X4 if that's of any significance.

No issues with sign up. Like other commenters, I'm wondering why no requirement to confirm password.

First look is nice. I think the cryptomood vision is coming a bit more into focus on the product, or at least I'm seeing it more clearly. As far as the information's value... I haven't really put it to use yet. However, I plan to start using it to support my Pynk Bitcoin predictions. How's that for a little crowdholding synergy?

Also, as far as the information's value, I'm wondering how strong correlation is between social sentiment and coin price. I'm assuming that's something I can get more info on from cryptomood's white paper, so I'll check that out.

Critical feedback: the coin symbols are too small on the buttons, can't make them out. For crypto noobs like myself I don't recognize all the symbols at first glance, so that's something to consider particularly on the main home page. Otherwise, something around organization of the information or navigation wasn't particularly intuitive. Maybe it would be somewhat cleaner to have a home page with main recent headlines to launch into first. Just thinking out loud (silently with text)...

Again all based on my fuzzy memory at this point. I've been trying to uninstall and reinstall the app, and hopefully will get it to work again soon.

1 week ago

No problems at all with the signup. Very simple and smooth process.

The GUI is stunning. Wow. I'm guessing that the sources list will have more depth in time, but I like the setup with a focus on sentiment rather on tickers.

I see quite a few duplicate posts from a single source. Are you pulling data based on mentions or per source? And while I enjoy the dark mode, the extraordinarily bright social and news bars at the bottom are difficult to adjust to.

Otherwise, just brilliant.

1 week ago

How was the signup process? Any troubles? Strange ... I use a OnePlus 6T and the text within the buttons did not fully show. I have screenshots to show you so you can see what the problem was. It happened throughout the signup process. I had to guess which button was signup or signin. Where can I send you the screenshots?

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you? Yes, it shows the latest news. However the tickers at the top could show more or fill the screen width.

What critical feedback do you have from your first impression? As mentioned about the signup process. Not being able to see the full text within the buttons is not good.

1 week ago

i couldnt agree more with most comments here The cryptocurrency industry is not standing still. I believe in the future of this project! Constantly learn a lot of new and interesting, I'm sure you will succeed!

1 week ago

- Very easy sign up good
- yeah i look that
- i think need more exchange

1 week ago

i still have not dowloaded the app on my phone yet but from the comments i have read ...its sounds amazing

1 week ago

How was the signup process? Any troubles?
No troubles, but I think you should need to confirm your password when signing up + confirming your mail.
First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
I dont really get what I have to do there.. What does the negative social and positive social mean? Would love to see an FAQ.
What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?
Make it a bit clearer what everything on the page means, maybe by a beginning tour

1 week ago

-How was the signup process? Any troubles?
A : in the registration process, it is relatively easy, I hope there is an option to log in using a google account instantly, and that might be more effective.

-First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
A : yes and very clear, i like it enough

-What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?
A : I hope the UI design in the application can be improved again, it's very tedious to see it.

1 week ago

How was the signup process? Any troubles?

Ans: Downloaded on my Android device Nokia 3 I would like to say It's really easy and smooth found no glitch whats so ever

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?

Ans: Very straight to the point kinda thing I really like the app layout and running quit smooth information up to the mark!

What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?

Ans: well feedback, add more features CryptoMood at his best I really like the platform and team doing really marvelous job feedback just put dark mode :)

1 week ago

first the sign up process is ok.
my first look of it that it has a nice color platform, easy to access and read.
ny feedback would be to have some other information more on crypto.

1 week ago

Ejay Dario

I'm more experience and know the circulation in this Blockchain Industry.

How was the signup process? Any troubles?
Answer: The sign up process was smooth and there's no trouble in downloading this app. So far so Good this app will have a two thumbs up for me 😊

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
Answer: The information presented on the app is very clear and readable. I suggest maybe some tools make it bigger.

What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?
Answer: This App is very informative, I will used it and I'm looking forward for more development and Usage of this App. Good Job Guys Job well done 👍👍👍

1 week ago

Second update: After using the app for few days, the Social Networks section is amazing. Though it is not updating rather constantly. Articles in trending news are also not updating often, thumbnails of the articles are not same.
The live section is working great, I tried to check it with different platforms and it is on point. But I think there should be an option to go back to specific time of the day/week to get the sentiment.

1 week ago

How was the signup process? Any troubles?
Downloading the app was very easy, unfortunately when I scrolled to the bottom of the app it never allowed me to go back to the to sign up so I closed the app and i signed by opening the app again.

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
Like the black theme, you can see the details a lot clearer.

What critical feedback do you have from your first impression?
More exchanges like binance,bibox Kucoin huobi

1 week ago

I have made my download, first of all i want to say that you have chosen the amazing color and for the some serious business you should choose the colors which bring some fun and freshness. Green, purple and orange are my favorite colors and you used them all. The app seems great and very useful. I also love the watchlist and saved posts options, i will definitely use this app! I have chosen my coins on watchlist and will check my coins price there..

1 week ago

I have dowloaded the IOS App just now. Signup process very easy and fast, in 15 seconds i could download the app in to my iphone that was pretty fast and i didn't have any troubles. In my first look i really love it, you used the right colors. Best background color would be black because there are many more colors so you made it right. Also Todays Top Topics is very good to stayin at the top, when we run the app first thing we would see the most important thinngs in the cryptocurrency world. I also love the Whale Movements which is very very important for my trades, i haven't seen tab like this one before in any app, congratz for that too. I would recommend you one thing, that when i hit the live tab at the bottom there are some news came to my screen, i choose one and hit, it took me to twitter app and it took like 15 seconds to go there. So i download the app in 15 seconds and i open 1 tweet in 15 seconds in naother app. It should be more quick like 3 seconds, you need to check it. I think i am going to check your app daily i believe that i could catch something for my trades.. Thank you.

1 week ago

Wasd Qwerty

Web developer and a big following on Crypto market development.

The signup was quick and simple, I like it.
Good quick interface and has some good designs, but could use some enhancements with navigation.
But overall, I would use the App and I support its development.

1 week ago

Diovanne Sagosoy


i downloaded and wow nice interface very interactive just a bit more tweaks and its perfect...

1 week ago

Sign up was easy. Once log in, it brings us to the news portal which is quite familiar with others. It did have some top crypto market rate.
Simple interface, easy to use but still can and will be better each time update. Should offer more varieties like game, or done poll or survey.

1 week ago

Completed download, No trouble in signup process. But i hope in full version of this apps get email verifications for sign up, because verification is very important. I am afraid some people use random email to sign up
I don't see the value of information, please give more information regarding the apps
Good apps, but i don't know the function of this apps. Need to learn

2 weeks ago

It was very easy to sign up and didn't really find any negative or positive about any of the posts

2 weeks ago

Jesse Charron

Founder of project 5TH (5thdimension) witch focus on helping USERS

its well done but seem to have missing fonction it feel empty

2 weeks ago

First of all the app has a wonderful aesthetic. The opening/loading screen is beautifully minimalist but still managed to display the logo vibrantly. sign up couldn't have been smoother. Infact I would have liked to see an email or notification of some sort to confirm I was successfully registered. It took me a moment to I find the tool bar at the bottom and until I stumbled upon it I had no idea it existed. I would put at least some indication there is a toolbar down there. The ability to bookmark articles was nice, but I would like the ability to share them on social media as well. Another function I woule have liked to see would be a quote function or the ability to cite information in the article. Thank you.

2 weeks ago

Signup process was extremely easy, no troubles.
I liked the start screen of the app, its minimalist and professional (loved it!)
I would like to see some more exchanges and coins/tokens options. Also there should be an option to change the color theme (day/night).
I'm sure as we move on there be much more improvement in the UI. But right now, it is one of the best in crypto-sphere (I'm using a lot of them). First impression is professional, something I would like to use.

2 weeks ago

My second Submission:

Facebook login and email log in now working. When I click on a news item, it takes me to web browser. It will be better if its in-app in my opinion. Besides that, I am good.

2 weeks ago

Tsk! I hope the app will be available also in Philippines.

2 weeks ago

I have sign up through my email & it is easily created but I have not get any confirmation email CryptoMood end. The over all look is good but it can make more better in first look.

2 weeks ago

Honestly the web platform looks much better

I couldn't sign in using email so I used Facebook and it was quite smooth.

Information appears to be valuable

UI is very close to horrible. Please do something the font sizes. Only thing I like is the black background. Everything else UI should be reviewed.

Good luck

2 weeks ago

This is project great...join now

2 weeks ago

i have always preferred an android app to browsing through the browser i think this will be a very great project.
the sign in process went well for me and also scrolling through the site. i really appreciate the colors that were picked for the site and also the app. good works.

2 weeks ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

This is a very great development for being the first trial I will say that this was a job well done and I will also say that so far so good for everything so good, I don't know if it was added but I will say that a little backward compatibility with older android version like android 5.0 and above should be added if it was not because some person and most especially some tablets still run on these OS, this is a great work guys.

2 weeks ago

How was the signup process? Any troubles?
THe process was very easy and smooth, no trouble at the process.

First look, do you see the value of the information presented to you?
Yes, It has very good information and very useful for all.

2 weeks ago

I'm an Android user (I always like open sources:)) I've read the app description on Google play.
I must say it was a very successful statement!
I completed the registration process with Facebook.
It was fast and smooth.

What I like about the application are:

Sliding titles in the first launch of the application, (Great!)
Visualization of the application and its visual design in use (Really congratulations.)
When you click on the crypto coins in the top tab, there is news for each
Coloring of social sensitivities and new news in red and green according to their status
Moving in this direction in the chart when we scroll up and down in the live news section
Add and remove crypto coins to the watch list

What I want to see in practice are:

Clicking on the box didn't work when I wanted to add crypto money to the watch list. I can add it by clicking on the button. I think it should be changed.
In the notification section, crypto currency alarms should be installed in the watch list.
I could not open notifications for live events under notification header?
The default exchanges should be increased
I haven't done anything about Desktop Access, help, and you to friends. I think it's going to open up in these parts in later times?
I didn't see a graphic preview? Will it happen ?
The existing social sensitivity graph should be enlarged.
A feature can be added to remove the crypto coins from the list without entering the settings. (Example: Hold down the crypto currency logo for 2 seconds)

I'm sure he'll be on his way to becoming the number one app in processing early transaction signals.

2 weeks ago

Al Wallace

Food blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

I have downloaded the app - for your information i downloaded on android via the google play store.
The registration process i completed using Facebook. Despite a few comments in the telegram group I found the process really efficient and straightforward. I hit the Facebook link and it signed me up within a few seconds and I was able to access the information within seconds. When i shut down the app, waited a few minutes and then tried to log back in I had no issues again. Similarly, when i manually logged out through the options menu I was able to log back in with no issues.

With regard to the front page: The good - i really liked the fact that the different tokens you have Introduced were tabbed along the top and that this tab was editable to remove coins that you were not interested in or add the ones you were. This process worked fine. I took a few out and put a few back in with no issues.
I also quite liked the fact that you breakdown of the feeds into categories Headlines/Social Networks and trending although i felt this could do with a little fine tuning (see below).
The twitter/social media feeds section is useful but some of the links were broken when i tried to load them up (specifically the top one "Binance - how did turkey become....")
The live section was good and a nice central point to review general sentiment on social media and news sites, in general as you scrolled down these were in chronological order although there were a few times when one quite a bit older which was the only inconsistency i noted here. Maybe I am misunderstanding or missing something but in the news and social breakdown percentages the one market news has "positive" in the red box and "Negative" in the green box?

The bad- I feel the categorization of the front page was too generic. Headlines and trending news seems too similar ad didn't necessarily tell me which one i should gravitate towards. Perhaps a more general 'Hot of the press' type of feed that specifies the most up to date news, as we all know 24hrs+ is a lifetime in crypto day trading and then a headlines or something along those lines and perhaps the ability to personalize the categories a little yourself?
The "social media"section is created entirely of twitter feeds, which could do with a little work to bring in some other sources -suggest some of the emerging blockchain based social media sites like zappl but i get that twitter is more mainstream. No sign of Facebook or Instagram though either.
The navigation bar at the bottom of the page disappears as you scroll down the page and shows when you scroll up. Which is great but I felt really it should always show when you are at the very bottom of the page but just my opinion.
I couldn't save posts when i clicked on the flag icon to review in the settings section.
the desktop access link does not currently work.
the bottom options in the "notifications"labelled "live events" none of these are currently selectable.
It would be great to see Binanace added as an option on default exchange.
Help and send to friend functions in setting also do not currently work.

All in all my initial impression was good and I am aware that this is still a work in progress so I hope you will find my feedback helpful.

2 weeks ago

I had already participated in the web version so I assumed I could sign in but I couldn't. I had to signup again. I couldn't sign in using email or facebook.
When I used facebook, I had and error message. Attached is a link of the screenshots of the error messages.
Apart from that, I am unable to see the widget like in the web. I loved the interface and design. I will keep it for a few more days and see how best I can utilize it for my benefit. Great work.

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago